Dec 29, 2018
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    Last updated: 27th of December, 2018
    Server IP Address:

    Currently, we have 3 boosters you can buy from
    • Sell Booster (x1.5 & x2.0)
    • Mob Drops & Cash Booster (x2.0)
    • Spawn Rate Booster (x2.0)
    These boosters last for 1 hour each.

    The boosters activate for everyone on the server of your choice.

    You can also obtain personal boosters, these contain;
    • EXP boosters, multiplies the amount of EXP received from killing mobs or mining.
    • McMMO boosters, multiplies the amount of mcMMO XP gained while active.
    • Spawner boosters, multiplies the amount of mobs that spawn from spawners near you while active.
    • Sell boosters, multiplies the sell price of items on /shop while active.
    You can use these boosters by right-clicking the item while holding it.

    The following Servers currently have boosters available for use;
    - Skyblock 1/2/OPSkyBlock
    - Factions/OPFactions
    - OPPrison
    - Survival

    More will be added in the future.

    Boosters will appear in the /server menu at the bottom:


    These boosters will also appear in chat when joining a server that has an active booster.


    Personal Boosters

    Personal boosters can be purchased from the Buycraft store and can be acquired in-game by completing various tasks. Information about personal boosters can be viewed by sending the command /pbooster in game. Additionally, personal boosters can be canceled by sending the command /pbooster cancel.

    Booster Queue

    View active boosters at and check booster queues to see when yours will run: Multiple boosters for one server can be active at the same time. Meaning Sell booster/Drops & Cash booster/Spawn Rate Booster can be running at the same time.



    Players have the option of tipping the person that activates the booster by clicking “View Queue” and then pressing “Tip”.


    The person tipping will receive 20 tokens while the person getting tipped will receive 10 tokens each time they are tipped. When getting tipped/tipping you will get a message in-game:

    Getting Tipped:
    Tipping Someone:

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