Oct 31, 2020
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    Last updated: October 31st, 2020
    Server IP Address:

    Currently, we have 5 boosters you can buy from
    • Sell Booster (x1.5 & x2.0)
    • Mob Drops & Cash Booster (x2.0)
    • Spawn Rate Booster (x2.0)
    • Mob Coin Booster (x2.0)
    • Crop Growth Booster (x2.0)
    These boosters last for 1 hour each.

    The boosters activate for everyone on the server of your choice.

    You can also obtain personal boosters, these contain;
    • EXP boosters, multiplies the amount of EXP received from killing mobs or mining.
    • McMMO boosters, multiplies the amount of mcMMO XP gained while active.
    • Spawner boosters, multiplies the amount of mobs that spawn from spawners near you while active.
    • Sell boosters, multiplies the sell price of items on /shop while active.
    • Mob Coin boosters, multiplies the amount of mob coins earned
    You can use these boosters by right-clicking the item while holding it.

    The following Servers currently have boosters available for use;
    - Skyblock 1/2/OPSkyBlock
    - Factions
    - OPPrison
    - Survival

    More will be added in the future.

    Boosters will appear in the /server menu at the bottom:


    These boosters will also appear in chat when joining a server that has an active booster.


    Personal Boosters

    Personal boosters can be purchased from the Buycraft store and can be acquired in-game by completing various tasks. Information about personal boosters can be viewed by sending the command /pbooster in game. Additionally, personal boosters can be canceled by sending the command /pbooster cancel.


    Players have the option of tipping the person that activates the booster by typing /booster in game


    The person tipping will receive 20 tokens while the person getting tipped will receive 10 tokens each time they are tipped. When getting tipped/tipping you will get a message in-game:

    Receiving/Sending tips
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