Oct 31, 2020
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    Map Number:
    Map 8 (4th September 2020 - PRESENT)
    Minecraft Version: 1.8 (supports 1.7- 1.16.3+ clients)

    Prison Rules:
    #1: Inappropriate buildings are disallowed.
    #2: Griefing is disallowed.
    #3: Hacked clients, illegal modifications and macros are strictly disallowed, no exceptions. (Example: Sell macros and auto mining mods).
    #4: Scamming is allowed, however, scams using IRL money or items is not allowed.
    #5: TP Trapping is allowed.
    #6: Abuse of bugs or glitches is disallowed. (Example: Duping)

    Disclaimer: These are only server specific Rules, chat and behaviour related Rules can be found here these Rules apply to all Servers.

    How to play?
    MineHeroes prison allows you to choose how you want to play! The goal of this reset is to make it so that the game does not just end when you reach the highest rank or prestige. All players start at the A rank (/mine) and your first challenge is to upgrade your rank from A to Z. After that you have the option to prestige. On your journey, you will be able to create a cell for player shops and storage.

    This reset we have simplified the economy. Cash will be the primary economy and Enchant Coins will act as the secondary economy.

    Cash is the main economy and will be required to rank up!

    How do you obtain Cash?
    There are 10 ways to obtain cash:

    1. Mining and selling blocks to your rank shop
    2. Trading items with players - /trade (name)
    3. Selling items in the Auction House - /ah sell (amount)
    4. Selling items with chestshops
    5. Voting - /vote
    6. Crates - /crates
    7. Supply Crates
    8. Koths
    9. Boss Mobs
    10. Events
    To reduce chat spam, you can enable a /toggle to send sell messages to the action bar:


    Enchant Coins

    How do you obtain Enchant Coins?
    There are 10 ways to obtain Enchant Coins:

    1. Mining
    2. Ranking up
    3. Prestiges
    4. Crates - /crates
    5. Gamble Bar
    6. MineCrates
    7. Supply Crates
    8. Koths
    9. Boss Mobs
    10. Events
    What can you do with Enchant Coins?
    • Upgrade your pickaxe for better enchants and perks - /enchant
    • Buy and upgrade backpacks - /backpacks
    • Buy Armor Sets from /shop
    • Buy Armor Stand Spawners from /shop
      • [​IMG]
    Check your Enchant Coin balance with /ecoins

    Custom Enchants

    There is a new enchant GUI to upgrade your pickaxe with. Use /enchant to open this menu.


    There are heaps of NEW EPIC Custom Enchants to apply to you pickaxe to enhance your mining experience. Enchanting pickaxes will require enchant coins.

    A-Z Rank Mines and Prestiges

    We are back to the classic and easy to use Prison Mines. There are now 26 New Mines for you to smash through and unlock prestiges!


    Teleport to your mine quickly with /mine
    View all rank mines with /mines or /ranks


    When you rank up, you will receive Enchant Coins and be teleported to your next mine.
    Each mine has an NPC to sell items to.

    Updated chat layout to show your prestige and prison rank.


    There are 10 prestiges to unlock. Every time you prestige you will receive the prestige kit, a shard key and more. You will also be set back to the A rank and the price to rank up will increase with each prestige.

    Use /prestige to prestige. Prestiges will require you to have a certain amount of blocks broken to prestige. This way you can't just share money with alts/friends, which will enhance grinding.

    View ALL available prestiges and rewards with the new /prestiges command:

    Player Mines (PMines)

    These are personal private mines that you can buy from the store, /token shop or find through crates, koth or boss mobs. The sell values of Player Mines will match your current rank sell mine automatically.


    Use /pmine to teleport to your Player Mine

    Use /pmine settings to upgrade your Player Mine and change your mine theme.

    These are crates that spawn in mines randomly. They reward you with random amounts of Enchant Coins. You can increase the MineCrates spawn rate by upgrading your pickaxe with /upgrade or /enchant, or by Right Clicking your pickaxe.


    Be quick because once they spawn, anyone can claim the rewards!

    Buy and upgrade backpacks from the /backpack menu with Enchant Coins.
    Backpacks are now player bound - which means it will only work for you.

    You can also combine backpacks by clicking the anvil icon.

    You can only get backpacks by buying them from /backpacks

      • Backpacks can be purchased for 27,000 Enchant Coins using the /backpack or /bp command. Click the bottom chest to obtain a new backpack.
      • The glass panes are a feature to upgrade your current backpack, each costing more Enchant Coins.
      • The backpack has infinite upgradable space, however, due to this we also made it impossible to view the contents of the backpack.
      • To upgrade your backpack, hold it in your hand then do /backpack to access the GUI.
      • You can right click the backpack in your hand to empty its contents into your inventory.
      • When using a sell sign, the items inside the backpack sell with your inventory.
      • Cash multipliers also apply to items in backpacks.
      • It takes 4 million Enchant Coins to upgrade to a 100,000 backpack
    One of the highlights of this reset is the introduction of Cells.
    Cells will be replacing plots and bringing in more features and value to Prison!



    Cells are similar to Skyblock Islands (/is). A lot of the Skyblock features have been applied to Prison Cells! There is only 1 world or cell, there is no nether world or cell.
    • Use /cell to create your cell
    • Use /cell cp to open the cell management menu
    • Use /cell upgrade to view cell upgrades available
      • [​IMG]
    • Use /cell warps to teleport to other cells
    • Use /cell help to view ALL cell commands
    Armor Stand Spawners
    A new OP Item has been added! Armor Stand Spawners are as the name describes, Armor Stands that you can place in your Cell and they will spawn Armor for you!


    You can find these through crates, /shop, supplycrates, boss mobs etc.
    You can upgrade Armor Stand Spawners for better armor!


    Click the Armor Stand to grab your armor. It will respawn in 24 hours.

    Server Auction House
    The server now has the Server Auction House /sah, every few hours a new item is added, you can bid, by the increment set. There is anti-snipe protection at 10s, if you try to snipe the item last minute, then another 10 seconds will be added to the time remaining.

    Collection Chests
    These are chests that you can place in your Cell to collect what ever falls off your cell and into the void.


    You can find these from crates, supplycrates, boss mobs etc.

    The Kits GUI has been revamped. New kits have been added - /kits
    • [​IMG]
    Crate Changes
    Crates are now virtual and can be opened with the /crates menu.
    • The rewards have been buffed and improved with all the new items!
      • [​IMG]
    • Nova Crate added - Get these from the /token shop
    • Shard Crate added - Get these by prestiging /prestige
    • Winter Crate added - Get these by winning capturing /koth
    • Winter and Summer Crates - Can be bought on /store
    PvP Arena and KoTH
    We've added a new PvP Arena and the KoTH (King of the hill) minigame.


    /warp PvP to teleport to the arena.
    Use /koth to see koth information, winning a Koth will reward you with the new KOTH Crate.
    Use /koth schedule to see when koths are scheduled.

    Supply Crates
    Supply Crates will now spawn at /warp pvp every 2 hours. Fight against other players to win epic rewards!


    Use /sct to see when the next supply crate will run!

    Boss Mobs
    Boss mobs have been added to the prison server! You can get boss mobs from crates, supply crates, koths, or the /token shop


    You can preview boss mob rewards with /boss rewards

    Boss Battle Event

    This is an event that will run at /warp boss every 6 hours. A Boss Mob will spawn in the arena and you can join others to try and defeat the Boss for rewards! You can bring your own gear but KEEP INV is enabled. This means you wont lose your items when you die.


    Use the /events menu to find out when the next Boss Event will run.

    Miscellaneous Changes
    • The scoreboard has been re-designed to show Enchant Coins, Your rank and rank-up progress.
      • [​IMG]
    • Pickaxes and Backpacks are player bound.
    • The command /potshop has been removed.
    • TNT has been removed and replaced with the Custom Enchants in /enchants
    • Fixed prestige rankup message being sent even if you don't have enough money to rankup
    • Fixed bug that caused Ranks to sometimes not apply when spamming /rankup
    • Blocked being able to craft beacons, hoppers and jukeboxes
    • Replaced PvP tokens with enchant coins
    • Disabled auto smelt to prevent issues
    • PvP mines removed
    • All drinkable potions will now stack to a max size of 4 in the inventory, this does not include splash pots
    • Custom potions removed (use the /enchant menu to receive the same effects)
    • Updated /missions and removed outdated missions.
    • Player Mine Themes are now VIP rank based. The higher your rank, the more themes you have access to - (/pmine themes)
    • Ultimate and Supreme Ranks now have /god
    • Donor Ranks now receive money with /reclaim
    • Updated auction house layout - /ah
    • Increased /lottery max ticket amount and purchase price
    • Updated /token shop layout and prices
      • [​IMG]

    Chest Shop
    All players can create their own shops to sell their items for other players to buy that might be at a cheaper price than the main shop. Chest shops cannot be opened by anyone but the owner of the chestshop and staff. We support name changing so if you change your Minecraft name your chestshop will still work.

    To create a shop, place the items you want to sell in a chest. Then place a sign on top, on the chest or near it with the following:

    • Line 1- [your-name] or leave this section empty, it will fill it in automatically.
    • Line 2 - The amount of the item you want players to buy or sell at a time.
    • Line 3 - S for players to sell to your shop and the price (this will take money from you as you are paying them to sell you items which will be sent to your chest) or B for players to buy from your shop and the price for players that they will be charged (this will add money to your balance in return for items form your stock in the chest) You can also provide both options on the same sign with: B:<price>:<price> S
    • Line 4 - The name of the item to buy or sell (This is important because you can have multiple items in the same chest.)

    Right-clicking your Chest Shop sign as an owner will open up the shop. You can still add or remove items in the chests shops.

    When requesting to have a player's lockette sign or chest shop sign removed, the owner of the sign must be offline for at least 30 days before the sign can be removed by staff. This helps ensure that no items locked in these chests are stolen from active players. However, you may request a sign removal if you have changed your username or if you know for sure that nothing is in the chest.

    You can check when a player was last online with /seen [ign]

    Use lockette to protect your chests from being opened by other players or allow only people you trust to access your chest. To create protected chests with lockette, place a chest down and a sign on top or on the chest (hold shift and click the chest with a sign) and type the following:
    • Line 1 - [private]
    And then click done. Make sure to include the square brackets [ ]. Private does not have to be uppercase. To confirm that it has worked, you should receive the following message:


    To add more members to the chest protection, type /lockette <line-number-of-sign> <name> for example /lockette 3 JoshK_ (this will add JoshK_ to my chest protection and allow him to access my chest).


    You can type /lock to view all the different blocks you can protect using lockette signs!


    • Left-clicking sell signs will display the items that can be sold in that mine.
    • Hovering over the items will show how much each item sells for.
    • Prices are shown for however many of the item there are, if it shows a stack of wood and says 100,000. Then 64 wood costs $100,000.