Sep 16, 2018
  • Map Number: Map 6 (2018 - PRESENT)
    Minecraft Version: 1.8 (supports 1.7-1.12 clients)

    Prison Rules:
    #1: Inappropriate buildings are disallowed.
    #2: Griefing is disallowed.
    #3: Hacked clients, illegal modifications and macros are strictly disallowed, no exceptions. (Example: Sell macros and auto mining mods).
    #4: Scamming is allowed, however, scams using Irl money or items is not allowed.
    #5: Tp Trapping is allowed.
    #6: Abuse of bugs or glitches is disallowed. (Example: Duping)

    Disclaimer: These are only server specific Rules, chat and behaviour related Rules can be found here https://www.mineheroes.net/wiki/server-rules/ these Rules apply to all Servers.

    Features and game changes:
    • There are currently 27 Ranks to unlock. In order to unlock these Ranks you’ll have to mine your way up.
    • Prison and all the other Servers have an auction system. To start an auction, do /auc hand *price*. There are more features to the auction system. Use /auc help to learn more. Alternatively, you can auction items in the auction house using /ah sell [price].
    • A new Pvp arena has been added to prison. /warp PvP to go there!
    • New /warps menu.
    • New achievements for prison.
    • Withdraw money into bank notes with /withdraw (amount).
    • Fall damage disabled.
    • New GUI system for trading items with players /trade (name). Click the glass pane to accept the trade.
    • Withdraw your experience with /bottle (amount).
    • New! Mob spawners were just added to /shop (buy with PvP tokens)
    • New! PvP tokens were just added! mine obsidian in /warp PvP and sell it for PvP Tokens
    • New! Boosters were just added as a temporary server-wide Boost! (More information here)
    • New! Removed sell signs for mines, use /sell all instead!


    • All blocks get sent directly to your inventory when mined.
    • /block - converts ingots into blocks.
    • /autoblock - converts ingots into blocks automatically whilst mining.
    • /autosmelt is available to Gyra and Manos; used to converts ores into ingots.
    • TnT can be used in mines and explodes automatically.
    • There is an inventory full notification when your inventory is full.
    • The fortune enchant applies to blocks as well.
    • Special potions can be used while mining to give you a boost! You can find the list of potions in one of the sections below.
    • New! Removed sell signs for mines, use /sell all instead!
    • New! Public Mines were removed. Players now get personal mines that they can customize. Warp to your mine using /mine. Personalize your mine with /Mine Settings (information below).

    Mine Settings:
    • View your mine settings - Where you upgrade blocks You get 20% of every block for free, then after you pay per 1%. You can Left-Click to increase and Right-Click to decrease.
    • Upgrade your mine - Increases the dimensions of your mining space
    • Change your mine theme - Mine themes are earned by ranking up, or unlocked by spending PvP-tokens or purchasing a rank on the store
    • Mine Reset Chance - This is the amount of your mine you need to mine before it resets. You can Left-Click to increase, or Right-Click to decrease.
    • Upgrade Your Crate Tier - There are 5 stages to this, with every stage you increase the amount/proportion of E-coins you will receive when mining a crate tier (enderchests)

    • New kits are unlocked every 5 Ranks, the Ranks are: Adept, Spartan, Cosmic, Alpha, Templar.
    • Each kit has the same name of the rank.
    • Kits contain 1 farmable item and/or a tool to plant and grow the farmable items which can be sold in each rank at a much higher price than the mined blocks.
    • Crops grow twice as fast as vanilla farm items.

    Farmable items:
    • Sugar cane - is found in /kit Adept and is sold in the mines Adept (5) to Assassin (9).
    • Wheat - found in /kit Spartan and is sold in the mines Spartan (10) to Celestial (14).
    • Watermelon - found in /kit Cosmic and is sold in the mines Cosmic (15) to Prime (19).
    • Cactus - found in /kit Alpha and is sold in the mines Alpha (20) to Sentinel (24).
    • Nether wart - found in /kit Templar and is sold in the mines Templar (25) to Overlord (27).

    • All players receive access to plots in the plot world to store items, build homes and shops or set up farms! Visit /warp plots and type /plots help for a list of commands and info about plots.
    • Plots are 50x50 blocks big and ranked members receive more plots. (Default: 1, Hero: 1, Elite: 2, Titan: 3, Legend: 4, Ultimate: 5, Supreme: 6)
    • To get a plot, do /warp plots, then /plot auto to get assigned an unclaimed plot.
    Some helpful plot commands (/plot or alias /p):
    • /p claim - claims an unclaimed plot.
    • /p merge - merges owned plots that are adjacent to each other.
    • /p unlink - unlinks merged plots.
    • /p add [username] - adds the user to the plot, so they can use/break while the plot owner is online.
    • /p trust [username] - trusts the user to the plot, so that they can use/break all the time, even when the owner is offline.
    • /p remove [username] - removes added or trusted players from the plot.
    • /p deny [username] - deny the user from your plot, /p deny * denies everyone from the plot (excluding added or trusted users).
    • /p sethome - changes the location of /p h, to the current location.
    • /p h [username] [plot number] - visits another player's plot (alias /p visit [username] [number]).
    • /p clear - clears the plot but keeps it claimed.
    • /p delete - clears and unclaims the plot.
    • /p biome [biome] - changes plot biome to the specified biome.
    To view all plotme commands and help pages, use /p help all (1 to 7)

    Enchant Coins:
    • Enchant Coins is the secondary currency on OpPrison and can be used for various features and many more to come.
    • Currently, Enchant Coins can be spent on Pickaxe Enchantments, Special Effect Potions, Backpacks and /Gamble.
    • Go to /warp info to learn more.

    How do you obtain Enchant Coins?:
    • Mining (there is a random chance rate of collecting Enchant Coins when mining).
    • Enderchests appear randomly in players mines to give them Enchant Coins. You can upgrade the chance of getting them in the /mine settings menu.
    • Supreme rank gets a 25% Enchant Coin boost.
    • Directly from the Token Store. The /token shop offers exp for purchase.

    Enchant Coins have a single form but multiple uses. You can see how much exp you have by looking at the scoreboard on the right side of your screen. You can not trade or give Enchant Coins to other players. You can obtain Enchant Coins by Mining, or buying them with tokens (/Token Shop). Spend Enchant Coins by buying a backpack (/bp) or by upgrading tools at /warp enchant.

    Pickaxe Enchants:

    This is one form of use for Enchant Coins, where players can upgrade their pickaxes to higher enhancement levels. Prison currently offers the following upgradeable enchants, but many more are coming soon, including Custom Enchants:
    • Efficiency (maximum enchant level is 500)
      • Increases the speed of mining.
      • Costs 750 Enchant Coins.
    • Fortune (maximum enchant level is 500)
      • Increases the number of blocks/items obtained from 1 item you break. This also applies to blocks in mines.
      • Costs 1000 Enchant Coins.
    • Unbreaking (maximum enchant level is 500)
      • Increases the durability of your pickaxe.
      • Costs 750 Enchant Coins.
    To upgrade your pickaxe visit, /warp enchant and click on a sign with the preferred enchant to level up.

    Special Effect Potions:

    Another great way to spend your Enchant Coins is on special effect potions that provide heroic abilities to make mining and Pvp on prison OP and exciting. There are currently 10 special effect potions, some drinkable, some splash, some are Pvp based and some mining based. You can buy them at /potions

    PvP potions:
    • Bazooka - Turns arrows into rockets. Causes explosions upon arrow impact while potion is up.(1:30)
    • Flash Bang - Give yourself an entrance! This grenade blinds your opponent for 5 seconds.
    • Glaciator - Quite literally a glacier in a bottle. Freeze your target is his place.
    • Grenade - Show them who's boss! This grenade packs quite a wallop!
    • Hulk Smash - Hulk smash! Smash players and toss them up in the air. (1:00)
    • Thor's Thunder - Move back mortals! Apply Thor's might with every swing. (1:00)

    Mining potions:
    • Dynamite - Fire in the hole! Clear out mines with this bad boy. This potion is a bit stronger than TNT.
    • Rampage - Let's go on a mining frenzy! Destroy 3x3 blocks with every swing! (1:30)
    • Nuclear Bomb - Mass destruction! this is a larger version of Dynamite.
    • Magnet - Multiply the chances of collecting EXP with every sip! (2:00)

    Chest Shop:

    All players can create their own shops to sell their items for other players to buy that might be at a cheaper price than the main shop. Chest shops cannot be opened by anyone but the owner of the chestshop and staff. We support name changing so if you change your Minecraft name your chestshop will still work.

    To create a shop, place the items you want to sell in a chest. Then place a sign on top, on the chest or near it with the following:
    • Line 1- [your-name] or leave this section empty, it will fill it in automatically.
    • Line 2 - The amount of the item you want players to buy or sell at a time.
    • Line 3 - S for players to sell to your shop and the price (this will take money from you as you are paying them to sell you items which will be sent to your chest) or B for players to buy from your shop and the price for players that they will be charged (this will add money to your balance in return for items form your stock in the chest) You can also provide both options on the same sign with: B:<price>:<price> S
    • Line 4 - The name of the item to buy or sell (This is important because you can have multiple items in the same chest.)

    Right-clicking your Chest Shop sign as an owner will open up the shop. You can still add or remove items in the chests shops.

    When requesting to have a player's lockette sign or chest shop sign removed, the owner of the sign must be offline for at least 30 days before the sign can be removed by staff. This helps ensure that no items locked in these chests are stolen from active players. However, you may request a sign removal if you have changed your username or if you know for sure that nothing is in the chest.

    You can check when a player was last online with /seen [ign]


    Use lockette to protect your chests from being opened by other players or allow only people you trust to access your chest. To create protected chests with lockette, place a chest down and a sign on top or on the chest (hold shift and click the chest with a sign) and type the following:
    • Line 1 - [private]
    And then click done. Make sure to include the square brackets [ ]. Private does not have to be uppercase. To confirm that it has worked, you should receive the following message:


    To add more members to the chest protection, type /lockette <line-number-of-sign> <name> for example /lockette 3 JoshK_ (this will add JoshK_ to my chest protection and allow him to access my chest).


    You can type /lock to view all the different blocks you can protect using lockette signs!

    • Backpacks are effectively extra inventory slots for storage while mining.
    • A backpack can be purchased for 27,000 Enchant Coins using the /backpack command. Click the bottom chest to obtain a new backpack.
    • The glass panes are a feature to upgrade your current backpack, each costing more Enchant Coins.
    • The backpack has infinite upgradable space, however, due to this we also made it impossible to view the contents of the backpack.
    • To upgrade your backpack, hold it in your hand then do /backpack to access the GUI.
    • You can right click the backpack in your hand to empty its contents into your inventory.
    • When using a sell sign, the items inside the backpack sell with your inventory.
    • Cash multipliers also apply to items in backpacks.
    • You can access the /backpack GUI with the /bp alias.
    • It takes 4million Enchant Coins to upgrade to a 100,000 backpack


    • When you get to the final prison rank (Overlord), use /prestige to restart your progress, earn a few rewards and make gameplay more difficult.
    • Some of the rewards include:
      • A free Prestige Kit
      • Access to the [Prestige] tag in /tags
      • 100k EXP
      • 300 MHEXP
    • With each prestige, Ranks will cost 2x more than they did previously.


    • The Gangs feature allows for you to easily play in groups.
    • Gangs can be created using the /gang create command.
    • Use the /gc command to toggle gang chat.
    • You can also not hurt gang members, which can assist during combat.
    • Gangs are ranked by their KDR. Do /gang top to view the top 10 gangs.
    • Use /gangs in-game to view the complete list of commands.
    • Max of 10 members per gang.

    • Left-clicking sell signs will display the items that can be sold in that mine.
    • Hovering over the items will show how much each item sells for.
    • Prices are shown for however many of the item there are, if it shows a stack of wood and says 100,000. Then 64 wood costs $100,000.