Skyblock 1 & 2

Jul 24, 2020
Skyblock 1 & 2
  • CURRENT MAP - June 27TH, 2020

    Minecraft version: 1.8 (1.7 to 1.16+ clients can join but gameplay is based off of 1.8)

    Is Top Rewards
    The Is Top Prizes will be paid out monthly!
    The weekly payout amounts are:

    • 1st Place: $150 Cash to the Island PayPal Email
    • 2nd Place: $100 Cash to the Island PayPal Email
    • 3rd Place: $75 Cash to the Island PayPal Email
    Winners will be determined each month at 4PM EST.
    Type /is paypal <email address> and make sure your fislands's PayPal email is setup before the Is Top prizes are distributed.

    Cane Top Rewards

    This will be rewarded to the top 3 players shown on /is canetop at the end of each month

    • 1st Place: $25 BuyCraft Voucher + CaneGod /title
    • 2nd Place: $15 BuyCraft Voucher
    • 3rd Place: $10 BuyCraft Voucher
    Total Prize Pool: $100!
    You will receive it through /bcredits which you can redeem to spend on the server store

    What Is Skyblock?:

    Skyblock is a peaceful, Survival-like server where the goal is to create an island and expand it to its limits! You can buy tons of blocks/items to help aid you in your expansion, and even complete Skyblock challenges to help aid your quest to have the best Skyblock island on the server! There are also a tonne of features to help make your game-play more thrilling! (See Features down below)

    There are currently Three Skyblock Servers you can play on. Skyblock Spear (Skyblock1), Skyblock Bow (Skyblock2), and Skyblock Shield (OPSkyBlock). You can join these Servers by typing /server then clicking one of the grass blocks with the server name in the GUI. Or you can type /server sb1, /server sb2, /server or /server opsb depending on which Skyblock you want to join.

    Each server has a competitive aspect to it which is done through island levels. You can check your island level by using the command /is level and you can check the leaderboard with /is top. You can upgrade your island level by placing items such as iron blocks, diamond blocks, emerald blocks, etc. You can view how much each block increases your island level by with the command /is topvalues.

    Skyblock Rules:

    #1: Scamming is disallowed (including /ah scamming, shop sign scamming and Irl scamming). Cross server scamming is the only exception.
    #2: Griefing is disallowed.
    #3: Tp killing/trapping is disallowed.
    #4: Hacked clients, illegal modifications and macros are strictly disallowed, no exceptions.
    #5: Abuse of bugs or glitches is not allowed.
    #6: Inappropriate buildings are not allowed.
    #7: Inappropriately naming items is not allowed.

    • If you come across any bugs or glitches make a bug report here.
    • If you see players breaking Rules make a player report here.
    • Upon joining the network you agree to undertake the scanning process if a staff member suspects you of cheating at any point.
      Disclaimer: These are only server specific Rules, chat and behavior related Rules can be found here these Rules apply to all Servers.
    Disclaimer: These are only server specific Rules, chat and behavior related Rules can be found here these Rules apply to all Servers.

    • Server updated to Minecraft Version 1.8.
    • Uses ASkyBlock for island creation and management.
    • Now with auction house.
    • New /warps menu.
    • New /shop gui.
    • Players can now choose from 9 Skyblock starter islands. Each with a special theme/biome and difficulty.
    • Ranked players can access /warp xp.
    • Island challenges which can be viewed/completed with /challenges or /c
    • New achievements for Skyblock! View them with /achievements
    • Withdraw money into bank notes with /withdraw (amount).
    • You can put your exp in a single bottle of exp by typing /bottle (amount)
    • Public animal and mob farms for all players at /warp farm and /warp mob
    • New Skyblock tutorial warp (guide to farming/making money - /warp tutorial)
    • Quickly convert ores into blocks with /block (Using this command will turn 9 iron ingots into 1 block of iron, or any ore that has a block form)
    • Quickly convert golden nuggets into gold ingots with /ingot (Using this command will turn 9 golden nuggets into 1 gold ingot)
    • Boosters (More information here)
    • MobCoins!
    • Pouches!
    • Supply Crates!
    • Boss battles and Boss Mobs!
    • Shop sell Filter!
    • Relics and up to date Custom Enchants!
    • Heads merchant!
    • Custom Items and Wands!
    • New crates and Crate Keys!
    • Token shop additions!
    • In-game Ranks & Abilities!
    • Top Island Rewards!

    Game mechanic changes:
    • You do not lose items if you die on an island. However, you do lose items when you are pvping at /warp pvp
    • You cannot craft hoppers and enderchests. The only way of obtaining them is by buying them from /shop or trading other players.
    • Anvils do not break at spawn.
    • Every chunk can now spawn slimes and mushroom cows if being spawned from a spawner. Slime spawners must be placed under y=40 with minimal lighting in order for them to work
    • Creeper explosions have been enabled as well as player damage (but not block damage)
    • Fiery aura enchant no longer kills mobs on other players islands
    • Mob Arena implemented.
    • Water can be placed in the nether! (This means that there is a new type of ore generator you can make in the nether)
    • Top Island Prizes!
    Top Island Rewards

    These are the Skyblock1/2 Is top rewards. They are distributed monthly.
      • #1 Island - $150 Paypal
      • #2 Island - $100 Paypal
      • #3 Island - $75 Paypal
    View the top islands with /is top

    • Rules regarding is top
    • #1 During the Island top competition, splitting your worth to try and win more than one prize is not allowed and only one island will be rewarded for every competition we have.
    • #2 Using alts to win multiple spots on Island top is not allowed.

    Island Commands:

    Skyblock offers a lot of commands to help you manage your island.

    • /is - If you do not have an island, typing this command will let you create one and even choose the type of island you want. If you currently have an island, this same command will open the island GUI.
    • /is invite - If you want to invite a friend to your island, you can invite them with this command.
    • They must accept the invitation with /is accept.
    • /is go - Teleports you to your island. You can also use /is home
    • /is sethome - Sets a spawn point for the command /is home
    • /is warps - Opens the island warp gui. You can teleport to different islands shown in the gui
    • /is warp <ign> - Teleport to a specific player's island
    • /is expel <ign> - Brings a player from your island to spawn
    • /is kick <ign> - Kicks a player from your island team
    • /is ban <ign> - Bans a player from your island, preventing them from entering
    • /is makeleader <ign> - Lets you transfer ownership of your island to another player
    • /is unban <ign> - Unbans a player from your island, allowing them to enter your island again
    • /is coop <ign> - Allows a player to temporarily build on your island and access unprotected chests. They will lose this ability when you log off or type /is uncoop [ign]
    • /is uncoop <ign> - Removes the ability for a player to build on your island
    • /is trust <ign> - Permanently gives a player to build on your island and access unprotected chests. They will lose this ability if you type the same command again
    • /is lock - Locks your island, so visitors cannot enter (unless they are cooped/trusted on your island). Type the same command again to unlock it
    • /is settings - Opens the island settings GUI. You can toggle different settings which will change what island visitors will be able to do on your island
    • /is biomes - Opens the biome GUI which allows you to change your island biome
    • /is info - List some basic information about your island
    • /is top - View the top 10 islands with the highest island level
    • /is level - Calculates the level of your island based off the blocks placed on it.
    • /is topvalues - Opens a gui which tells you how much island experience each block gives you
    • /is help - Gives you the full list of all the skyblock commands
    • /is upgrades - allows you to upgrade the size of your island border, the rates of your ore-gen, the amount of island members you can trust/invite the speed of your hoppers, the amount of hoppers you can have on your island and much more.
    You can allow players to warp to your island by placing a welcome sign where ever you want players to teleport when warping. On the first line of the sign, write [Welcome] (with the brackets), and the remaining lines can be used to write a message about your warp. If the sign is valid, [Welcome] will turn green

    Island Upgrades:

    You can buy/unlock exciting upgrades for your island so you can continue expanding and have a great time! You can view/buy island upgrades with the command /is upgrades

    There are currently 9 things you can upgrade:
    1. Island Size - Increase the size of your island so you can build more! The default size of each island (including the nether island) is 300x300 and the maximum size is 500x500.
    2. Ore Generators - Make your ore generators more efficient/valuable with this upgrade! This will increase the chance of getting ores like redstone, lapis, iron, gold, diamonds, and emeralds.
    3. Nether Ore Generators - Make your ore generators in the nether more efficient/valuable with this upgrade! This will increase the chance of getting new materials.
    4. Team Size Cap - This will increase the number of players you can have on your island team. The default size of each Skyblock island team is 4.
    5. Trust Limit Cap - This will increase the number of players you can trust on your island. The default amount of players you have trusted on your island is 1 and the maximum is 6.
    6. Hopper Cap - This will increase the number of hoppers you can have on your island. The default amount of hoppers can have on your island is 300 and the maximum is 500.
    7. Hopper transfer Speed - Increase the hopper speeds on your island entirely. Max Speed is 50%. Available Leves: 5. Increase Hopper Speed by 10% with each upgrade.
    8. Hopper Item Transfer Amount - Increase the hopper transfer amount on your island entirely. Max Speed is 50%. Available Levels: 5. Increase Hopper transfer amount by 10% with each upgrade.
    9. Harvester Cap - This will increase the number of harvester chests you can have on your island. The default amount of harvester chests you can have on your island is 1 and the maximum is 5.
    The more you upgrade, the more costly the upgrade becomes! If you reset your island, your upgrades will reset, meaning you will have to start over.


    A new economy has been introduced to the server to encourage grinding and unlock new rewards! You can obtain MobCoins by killing mobs manually or setting up grinders.

    YES! Mob coins can even travel through hoppers and into chests.

    MobCoin Commands

      • /mobcoins balance - Check how many MobCoins you have
      • /mobcoins pay (name) (amount) - Send someone some of your mobcoins
      • /mobcoins upgrade - Open the upgrade menu to increase the amount of mobcoins you get from various mobs!
    What can you use MobCoins for?

      • Daily Reward Spins
        • You can spend the MobCoins on a daily spin to win epic prizes! You can win cash, exp, crate keys, spawners, Boosters, custom items and much more!
        • There's a daily limit that can be upgraded with your rank
        • [​IMG]
        • You can find the MobCoin Spin at spawn. Just punch to activate!
      • Pouches
        • Buy pouches for extra inventory/space
        • Upgrade your pouch capacity with MobCoins?
        • What are pouches? Check down below!!
    Which mobs drop MobCoins and how many?
    You can view all the mobs that drop MobCoins with /mobcoins upgrade. That same command can also be used to improve the amount of MobCoins dropped from each mob!


    Pouches are a new physical and trade-able backpack system to carry lots of items! Blocks broken will be sent straight to the pouch saving you a lot of space!

    You can buy pouches with MobCoins using /pouch or you can find them in /crates or Supply Crates. By default, pouches come with 9 slots/stacks (which is 9 * 64 items). You can upgrade this by left-clicking a pouch with MobCoins. The maximum amount of slots/items per pouch is 2304 items (or 36 stacks)


    To make things challenging though, we have restricted pouches to 3 tiers.

    Miner Pouch - Collects blocks that can be sold to the /shop
    Hunter Pouch - Collects mob drops that can be sold to the /shop
    Farmer Pouch - Collects farm items that can be sold to the /shop


    Pouches receive storage priority which means blocks broken or items obtained go to the pouch first, before your inventory. When the pouch is full, the items are then sent to your inventory. Selling items to the shop will also check the items in your pouch. You can drop pouches on death, so be careful.

    Supply Crates


    Every 2 hours, 10 Supply Crates will spawn in /warp pvp containing awesome rewards. Fight against players to grab the rare loot but watch out, not only is PvP enabled, but Bosses can spawn when opening a Supply Crate to make your life miserable! Use /sct to find out when the next Supply Crate drop will occur or check the hologram at /warp pvp

    Boss Battles & Boss Mobs

    Our own Mob Arena like event system using Boss Mobs will be introduced to the Servers for the first time! Fight against Evil Bosses that spawn every 6 hours at /warp boss and in return receive awesome prizes for your efforts. Watch out, these Bosses are very strong and often spawn minions to assist them.


    You can also find Boss Mobs in /crates, the /token shop or the store and fight them by yourself or with your friends.

    Shop Sell Filter

    Another heavily requested feature was to implement something that allowed players to toggle what they want sold to the shop with /sell all


    We've added a new sell filer which you can access with /sellfilter or click the icon in the /shop menu. Then simply go through the categories and DISABLE or ENABLE the items you want sold to the shop when you use /sell all

    Custom Enchants & Relics

    The Custom Enchants system on Survival and SkyBlock is now up to date and the same as the Factions Servers. There was a lot of suggestions to re-enable the PvP enchantments and therefore, they have been re-enabled.


    Enchantment Relics have also been added to the Servers, these are items that you can apply to tools/armor to increase the amount of Custom Enchants they can hold. Simply drag and drop to apply a relic to an item. You can find relics from /crates or supply crates

    Heads merchant

    Another big request was to implement some benefits to grinding out and collecting MOB heads with the Berserk enchant. Lucky for you, there is now a new /merchant menu to trade in MOB heads for Cash and EXP.

    Just type /merchant to access the head trading menu and begin selling those valuable heads!

    Custom Items & Wands

    This reset comes with many custom tools and items that can assist you with many trivial tasks but also enhance game-play. You can find almost ALL of these new custom items in the /shop (under misc section) or in /crates, supply crates or the /token shop

    Sell Hoe Improvements

      • Breaks entire grown stack of Sugar Cane and Cactus.
      • Can break/sell wheat at any growth size
      • Can now be used to break/sell Carrots, Potato and Netherwarts

      • SellWands - Sell items in a chest to the /shop
      • SmeltWands - Convert ores in a chest to ingots
      • BlockWands - Convert ingots in a chest to block
    Custom Items

      • Break Tracker - Track how many blocks broken on a tool
      • Kill Tracker - Track the amount of players killed by a weapon
      • Mob Tracker - Track the amount of animals/mobs killed by a weapon
      • Rename Scroll - Rename tools/armor with colors

    Auto Sell Chest

      • This is a new item that you can place in your base and will automatically sell items in it to the /shop
      • Added tax rate of 20% to Auto Sell Chests
      • [​IMG]
    Spawner Upgrader

      • Click a spawner to upgrade it quickly. Can be found in /shop or crates
    Spawner Changer

      • This new item allows you to bind a spawner type (left-click) and then quickly change spawners just by right clicking them.
      • [​IMG]
      • You will be charged the cost to change a spawner and the exp needed. Get Spawner Changer items from the /shop or crates.


    Personal Boosters work by applying boosts to you only and not the entire server. The following Boosters have been added to the Servers and are now available:

      • Shop Sell Booster - Increase sell profits to the /shop
      • McMMO Booster - Boost the amount of McMMO EXP gained
      • EXP Booster - Multiply EXP earned from killing mobs
      • Mob Spawning Booster - Increase mobs spawned from a spawner
    You can find Personal Boosters from bosses, events, /crates, the /token shop or the store

    Local Ranks:

    Helps slow down the rush of the economy, and give an incentive for players to focus towards. Every rank increases the sell prices of a few items, meaning that the more money you put in, the more money you can make.
    • There are 23 ranks in total.
    • Every 3 Ranks come with a new ability, view the ability list with /ability (or /ab).
    • Every 5 Ranks come with a new kit, preview the kits in the /kit gui and right-clicking them
    • New kits are: Adventurer, Overseer, Assassin.
    There are also unlockable perks every few Ranks, you can preview all the benefits in the /ranks gui.
    Use /rankup to level up to the next rank if you have enough money.

    Server Shop:

    We have decided to condense the server shop into an organized GUI instead of using a bunch of buy and sell signs at spawn! You can access the shop using the shop NPC at spawn or by typing the command /shop.


    You can navigate through the shop by clicking the icons. You can left click the item(s) you want to buy, and right-click the item(s) you want to sell! Donators can buy items in bulk by shift-clicking the item. Since the shop is now accessible through a GUI, you can access it almost anywhere you go!


    McMMO is enabled, the following restrictions apply:
    • All skills except the ones listed below are capped at level 2500.
    • Unarmed is disabled.
    • All player combat mcmmo skills are disabled, which means all skills apply to farming or mobs (for the combat-related skills).
    Obtain McMMO credits by voting or through a rank to upgrade your mcmmo skills. Use the command /redeem <skill> <amount> to apply the credits to a skill.

    To view how many McMMO credits you have, type /credits. You cannot pay/trade other players McMMO credits

    Chest Shop:

    All players can create their own shops to sell their items for other players to buy that might be at a cheaper price than the main shop. Chest shops cannot be opened by anyone but the owner of the chestshop and staff. We support name changing so if you change your Minecraft name your chestshop will still work.

    To create a shop, place the items you want to sell in a chest. Then place a sign on top, on the chest or near it with the following:
    • Line 1- [your-name] or leave this section empty, it will fill it in automatically.
    • Line 2 - The amount of the item you want players to buy or sell at a time.
    • Line 3 - S for players to sell to your shop and the price (this will take money from you as you are paying them to sell you items which will be sent to your chest) or B for players to buy from your shop and the price for players that they will be charged (this will add money to your balance in return for items form your stock in the chest) You can also provide both options on the same sign with: B:<price>:<price> S
    • Line 4 - The name of the item to buy or sell (This is important because you can have multiple items in the same chest.)

    Right-clicking your Chest Shop sign as an owner will open up the shop. You can still add or remove items in the chests shops.

    When requesting to have a player's lockette sign or chest shop sign removed, the owner of the sign must be offline for at least 30 days before the sign can be removed by staff. This helps ensure that no items locked in these chests are stolen from active players. However, you may request a sign removal if you have changed your username or if you know for sure that nothing is in the chest.

    You can check when a player was last online with /seen [ign]


    Use lockette to protect your chests from being opened by other players or allow only people you trust to access your chest. To create protected chests with lockette, place a chest down and a sign on top or on the chest (hold shift and click the chest with a sign) and type the following:
    • Line 1 - [private]
    And then click done. Make sure to include the square brackets [ ]. Private does not have to be uppercase. To confirm that it has worked, you should receive the following message:


    To add more members to the chest protection, type /lockette <line-number-of-sign> <name> for example /lockette 3 JoshK_ (this will add JoshK_ to my chest protection and allow him to access my chest).


    You can type /lock to view all the different blocks you can protect using lockette signs!

    Spawner changes:
      • Changing spawners has been redefined, no longer can you just grab any spawner and change it to whatever you want. You have to pay for it. You pay through EXP and in-game cash (usually 10% of the spawner) - There is no longer a cooldown due to this significant change.
        • Changing spawners is done by right-clicking it. Or punching the air with the spawner.
        • Hero Ranks and up can change some spawners
        • You can go to /warp Ranks to view the types of mob spawners you can get using this feature. The higher your rank, the more spawners you will be granted access to
        • You can buy spawners in /shop and change them into different spawners
        • Iron Golem spawners can only be obtained from the /token shop or from the Platinum crates

    Lift signs:
      • New lift up and lift down signs for Hero+ Ranks. This would be commonly used to teleport between farms, buildings levels, etc.
      • All players can use the signs but only donors can create the signs.
      • Make sure to put [lift up] or [lift down] on the second line of the sign.
      • [​IMG]
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