Mar 1, 2020

    Minecraft version: 1.8 (1.7 to 1.15+ clients can join but gameplay is based off of 1.8)

    Server Info
    • 4 Second cannons
    • Auto Cannons allowed
    • 25 Chunk Buffers
    • 10x10 max base size
    • 25 man roster
    • All worlds 3kx3k
    • Claims in nether disabled
    • Wall removers NOT allowed
    • 24 Wall cannon box
    F-TOP Rewards
    The F-TOP Prizes will be paid out weekly!
    The weekly payout amounts are:
    • 1st Place: $250 Cash to the Faction PayPal Email
    • 2nd Place: $150 Cash to the Faction PayPal Email
    • 3rd Place: $100 Cash to the Faction PayPal Email
    Total Prizes (after 2 weeks of tnt (grace/end week excluded)):
    • 1st Place: $500 Cash to the Faction PayPal Email
    • 2nd Place: $300 Cash to the Faction PayPal Email
    • 3rd Place: $200 Cash to the Faction PayPal Email
    Winners will be determined each week at 4PM EST. Starting 1 week after grace period ends.

    Raiding Rules
    . Left and Right Shooting are ALLOWED.
    2. Reversing is allowed, Rev-nukes are NOT allowed, A one stacker with a rev attached to it is allowed so long as it only has one nuke on the cannon. TO CLARIFY: A 255 nuke or pseudo cannot have rev on it (3 Warning Points OR instant disqualification depending on abuse of said cannon)
    3. Redstone Checkboxes are NOT allowed. (1 Warning point and removal of box)
    4. Cannons/Lag Machines that are used to intentionally lag the server are NOT ALLOWED. (2 warning points)
    5. Spawning bosses during raids is NOT allowed. (3-day tempban will be issued to player who spawned it)
    6. Printer and gen patching your base/cannon box while being raided is NOT allowed. (If caught doing multiple times in 1 raid, 1 warning point will be issued) (This includes sand bots)
    7. You must wait 30 minutes after a factions last shot to fire at a base. (If a message is sent to your faction it is not safe to shoot) (3 warning points)
    8. Multiple factions are NOT allowed to fire at a base at the same time. (The faction who started firing AFTER the other faction will be warned, if it continues it will result in a dq)
    9. You MUST use raid claims to build a cannon box, if you are making a new box you must unclaim the old one and destroy the cannon (Blow it up, A single block will not do). (2 warning points, does NOT apply to adj claims)
    10. Any form of wilderness patching/extending buffers on your base or a cannon box is NOT allowed. (1 warning point)
    11. You may only fire at a base from 1 side. (3 warning points)
    12. Cannons that fire in 2 spots at the same time are NOT allowed. (5 warning points)
    13. Allying while raiding/being raided is strictly PROHIBITED. (EX. Faction1 tps Faction2 to Raid/Defend against Faction3 (This is an example, any raiding to faction 3 to help faction 1 is disallowed). 3 Warning points to BOTH factions)
    14. You MUST build your cannon within 100 chunks of a base, this INCLUDES the barrel.
    15. You may NOT claim another factions barrel. (This will result in the claims being removed and the person who claimed temp banned)
    16. Wall removers are NOT allowed (5 Warning Points)
    17. Countering with 2 cannons is NOT allowed. (5 warning points)
    18. Cannons that shoot multiple walls in 1 shot are NOT allowed (5 warning points)
    19. Horizontal nukes are NOT allowed. (5 Warning Points)
    20. Cannons that auto adjust are NOT allowed. (5 Warning Points)
    21. Blocking counters in front of a base with claims or placing blocks in wilderness (a pillar/wall) to block adjusting is NOT allowed (3 Warning Points)
    22. You are only allowed 1 cannon per raid claim.
    23. Countering from behind is NOT allowed (5 warning points)
    24. Cannon boxes must have a maximum of 24 walls.
    25. Cannon boxes may NOT have an ocean.

    Factions Rules

    **Intentionally trying to bypass the Rules will result in punishment at the staff discretion**

    Factions are allowed a 25 chunk buffer max
    2. Factions are allowed a max base size of 10x10 chunks
    3. Redstone check boxes are NOT allowed
    4. Building a base next to another faction is NOT allowed. (Doing so will result in the faction with lesser value & or lesser place time being disbanded and the base being world edited out)
    5. Wealth splitting with any faction is NOT allowed. (Merging Is allowed, but the faction merging into the other faction MUST be disbanded)
    6. Scamming is allowed, however RL trading scamming is NOT. (Real life scamming will result in a perm ban)
    7. Extending buffers is NOT allowed (1 warning point and extra land unclaimed)
    8. Inappropriate factions names/titles are NOT allowed.
    9. Using any type of hacked client is NOT allowed.
    10. Raid alerts/TNT Detectors are NOT allowed (Wall reminder bots ARE allowed, if unsure make a ticket)
    11. TP Trapping is allowed.
    12. Console clients ARE allowed (Scripting with them is not allowed with the exception of reconnect scripts, any accounts caught scripting will be banned.)
    13. Insiding is strictly PROHIBITED. (Doing anything malicious towards your own faction for your personal gain or another factions gain, Faction leaders abusing f perms included) doing so will result in at least a 2 week ban)
    14. You are NOT allowed to patch outside of your buffer. (1 warning point)
    15. Knowingly playing with a blacklisted player WILL result in your factions being DQ’d or warned. (Depending on the severity of the case/Admin discretion)
    16. Changing keys to fast place is NOT allowed.
    17. Sharing TNT with other factions is NOT allowed. (Will result in a DQ to BOTH factions)
    18. Mining/blowing up spawners in ANY way while being raided is NOT allowed.
    19. You are NOT allowed to claim to check your buffers (Claims will be unclaimed, if caught doing twice 1 warning point)
    20. You are NOT allowed to have more than 1 corner (Corner will be unclaimed, if you continue to claim more than 1 you will be issued 1 warning point and a tempban)
    21. You are NOT allowed to have an alt in another faction, you must stick to one faction (If found alt will be kicked, if reinvited a 2day tempban will be issued)
    22. Allying with another faction while PvPing is NOT allowed. (2 Warning points)

    FTOP Rules

    1. ALL spawners of value MUST be put in one single base (SF, ZP, Creeper, Etc),
    2. Hiding worth is STRICTLY disallowed. (Spreading spawners in buffers, rev layers, between walls and or wilderness will result in your faction being DQ'd)
    3. Placing boxes around spawners is NOT allowed. All spawners MUST be accessible with the exception of Blaze, Zombies and Skeleton spawners. (2 warning points and the box will be removed)
    4. Spreading value out randomly across the roof is NOT allowed, spawners MUST consist of AT LEAST 5 block pillars, they must be in a grinder and close enough together to be easily raidable, this means you cannot simply spread them out across the roof in large gaps if you make a giant hopper floor (This will result in a DQ)
    5. Using an alt faction to gain worth is NOT allowed. (This will result in the alt faction being disbanded and the faction being DQ’d)
    6. If your faction reaches 5 strikes you WILL be DQ’d for the week.
    7. Abusing f shield in any way will result in a DQ on the spot (EX: Using an alt fac with shield to protect your base or cannon box)
    8. Mining or using creepers/TNT/any other method to blow up or remove all of your wealth in any way to gain an advantage will result in an instant DQ if caught
    9. Moving bases after being raided is NOT allowed. (However, you ARE allowed to move when f top points reset - Saturday 4pm ET - Sunday 4pm ET)
    10. Sharing wealth with other factions is strictly not allowed
    11. A minimum of 32 walls is required for you to qualify for FTOP

    **Rules are subjected to change at any time**

    Faction Rosters
    Rosters are limited to 30 invites per faction for the entire duration of the map. Even during grace period.

    Use the /f roster command to view your current Faction Roster


    • New command added to check which mobs have custom spawners and their custom mob drops - /mobdrops
      • [​IMG]
    You can obtain MobCoins by killing mobs manually.

    MobCoin Commands
    • /mobcoins balance - Check how many MobCoins you have
    • /mobcoins pay (name) (amount) - Send someone some of your mobcoins
    • /mobcoins upgrade - Open the upgrade menu to increase the number of mobcoins you get from various mobs!
    Custom Items & Wands
    This reset comes with many custom tools and items that can assist you with many trivial tasks but also enhance game-play. You can find almost ALL of these new custom items in the /shop (under misc section) or in /crates, supply crates or the /token shop

    Sell Hoe Improvements
    • Breaks entire grown stack of Sugar Cane and Cactus.
    • Can break/sell wheat at any growth size
    • Can now be used to break/sell Carrots, Potato and Netherwarts
    • Sell Wand - Sell items in a chest to the /shop
    • TnT Wand - Convert Gun Powder in a chest into TnT
    • Spawner Upgrader - Upgrades spawners
    Custom Items
    • Break Tracker - Track how many blocks broken on a tool
    • Kill Tracker - Track the amount of players killed by a weapon
    • Mob Tracker - Track the amount of animals/mobs killed by a weapon
    • Rename Scroll - Rename tools/armor with colors
    Auto Sell Chest
    • This is a new item that you can place in your base and will automatically sell items in it to the /shop
    • [​IMG]
    Faction Inspect
    You can now keep track of what is going on in your faction claims! This is very useful if you believe you are being insided or betrayed. Use the command /f inspect (page) to check recent changes/interactions made to blocks/chests in your claims. Use /f inspect to toggle it from the menu as shown here and then right click any blocks you want to inspect with your fist:

    You can check for blocks broken and who took items out or put items into chests.
    Not every block is logged, only valuable and base building blocks.
    This new feature can be expanded on greatly depending on its performance impact.

    Heroic Items:
    • This is a new concept that encourages players to race around the map during SOTW and unlock AWESOME new items. When the server resets there will be enderchests scattered around the worlds (Overworld, Moon, Mars, End) containing new Heroic Items! These are super OP items that you can take advantage of such as Burst 4 (9x9 mining pickaxe), Unbreaking 6 Armor and more!
    • Holding these items will give you the Ultimate advantage however, players will be able to track the location of Heroic Items with the command /heroicitems even if they are hidden away in chests or the player is offline.
    • This will encourage others to hunt down the player holding the heroic item. Heroic Items cannot be stored in enderchests, player vaults, or /bin.

    Warzone Warrior (Warzone FFA):
    • To encourage PvP in the warzone, players will now be rewarded for staying longer in the warzone and closer to the spawn!
    • Once you kill your first player in the warzone, a timer and killstreak tracker begins to track your kills and how long you stay in the warzone. Unlock cash, exp, items and more for pvping!
    Custom Enchants:
    • To open the Custom Enchants menu use /enchanter or the NPC at /spawn. To view a list of enchants and their descriptions, type: /enchants (or /ce.) A GUI will pop up;
    Auction House:
    • Sell items to other players through a virtual auction house
    • Access the ah by typing /ah
    • Sell items by typing /ah sell (amount)

    • All effects from combat McMMO skills have been disabled to try and balance PvP
    • Obtain McMMO credits from:
      • Vote crates (/crates)
      • /token shop
      • Rank /reclaims
    • Use the command /redeem (skill) (amount) to apply credits to a skill
    • The command /credits shows the amount of points you have available to redeem (Sending credits to other players has been disabled.)
    • Use the command /mcstats to view your McMMO Stats
    • The command /mctop displays the top 10 players with the highest McMMO “power level” (The total of all McMMO skill levels)

    • MineHeroes uses a virtual shop accessed by typing /shop or by left clicking the NPC at spawn
    • Items are sorted into categories
    • Left click to buy; Right Click to sell
      • As a donator your able to bulk buy 64 of a item by shift-clicking

    KOTH (King of the Hill):

    This is a mini event within Factions where factions battle against other factions to take control of a capture zone for 3 minutes and in return receive a KOTH Rewards Crate:
    • 2 KOTH maps (Built to minimize FPS lag and big enough for capping and pvping)
    • Koths are scheduled to run twice everyday at 6 PM and 6 AM EST. (Subject to change after testing). Use /koth schedule list to view the times.
    • There is faction claim (like warzone) called KOTH which disables teleporting into KOTH and setting Home in it.
    • Messages are handled through the action bar.
    • Rewards have been greatly improved. Winners now receive a KOTH Crate Chest when capping KOTH that can be opened at any location. Includes tiered cash prizes, spawners, exp, random custom enchant books, and more.
    • The Factions economy is based off farming and spawner grinding
    • How do you make money?
      • Sell items to the shop (minerals, blocks)
      • Sell farm items and spawner mob drops
      • Vote for daily rewards and cash (/vote)
      • Killing mobs rewards you with in-game cash
      • Completing daily missions - /missions
      • Opening Supply Crates, Winning KOTH
      • Auctioning items with /ah
    General Noteworthy Features:
    • CombineEXP - New command for Manos+ Ranks called /combineexp which merges EXP bottles in inventory into 1 EXP Bottle
      • [​IMG]
      • [​IMG]
    • Increased coin-flip daily limit to 5 per day
    • Implemented faction bank /f withdraw, deposit, balance
    • New perk for Manos, Gyra and Zume to display their inventory to the public
      • Type [inv], [inventory] or [brag]
      • [​IMG]
      • [​IMG]
    • All players can now use [item]
      • [​IMG]
    • New x128 Block GenBucket option
      • [​IMG]
    • With the rise in popular demand, factions can no longer mine spawners when an enemy is within 50 blocks of the player. This is to improve your chances of having a successful raid.
    • Sell items in the auction house with /ah
      • /ah sell (amount)
    • Implemented a new command; /f claims, this will allow you to view where all your faction claims are located

    • Implemented a new genbuckets menu to toggle your genbucket settings. You can open this menu by typing /genbucket
    • If your /f top value changes while you were offline you will get sent a notification noting the difference when logging in
    • Implemented a new /f perm command which allows you to further manages faction permissions
    • Implemented a new /f settings command which opens a menu that has a bunch of useful menus including faction toggles and upgrades
    • Implemented a new /f upgrades system that will allow players to get more /f warps, increase faction power, gain faction exp boosts, and get permanent haste and speed when in your claims
    • Added Faction Co-Owners - /f coowner (name) - This rank can do everything the owner can do except kick/demote owners of a faction. It can even give owner to a faction member. (Useful for when faction owners have to leave their faction and don't want to give ownership to their faction members, they can just set a Co-Owner.) (Owner prefix is now ***, and Co-Owner Prefix is now **).
    • Added a /Graceperiod command - Displays when the grace period will end and information when you try to raid other factions with Creeper Eggs/TnT
    • Type /lff to view a list of faction-less players so you can invite them to your faction
    • /supplycrates time (/sct) displays the time before the next drop of 20 randomly placed supply drops around the warzone. Supply Drops occur every 2 hours. Drops are loaded with a wide variety of items ranging from ender pearls to /kit battle armor
    Additional Server Features And General Gameplay Changes:
    • Added a cooldown to the command /f join to prevent spam
    • Added tnt vaults to factions | /f tnt <withdraw/deposit/bal> <amount> | Works alongside the new tnt fill plugin, you don’t need TNT in your inventory anymore if you have TNT in your vault.
    • You can no longer mine un-graced spawners if an enemy/neutral player is 50 blocks near you.*/kit monthly armor lowered to protection 1
    • Tripled render range at which you see players
    • Added a confirmation message to the command /f unclaimall
    • Sugarcane can no longer be pushed by pistons
    • Do /kills to view the players with the top KDR on the server
    • Custom anti-cheat added
      • Hackers will now be auto-banned!
    • Crate key rewards buffed
      • Daily Key/Crates added - /crates
    • GenBuckets now load/save on restarts!
      • Genbuckets no longer take your lava bucket, you will just be charged for it
      • GenBuckets no longer break when you leave the chunk or when a restart occurs. They will automatically restart when you re-enter the chunk
    • Beacons, Hoppers, Doors, Trap doors, and chests can now be blown up with TNT even if under water, they cannot be blown up through walls, trap doors will be unaffected in cannons
    • Ender Pearling has been re-enabled in the Warzone
    • ‘Spawner Levels’ feature has been removed
    • /warp cannon has been removed
    • /token shop buffed and improved
    • Maximum faction power is 160, minimum is 0.
    • Power increases 0.5 per minute, 3 power is lost on death.
    • Faction member limit is set to 30 members
      • You can increase the maximum players allowed in your faction with /f upgrades
    • Faction ally limit is set to 3
    • Factions can set 5 faction warps
      • Set passwords for your faction warps with /f setwarp (warp name) (warp password).
      • This max of 5 can be increased by using the /f upgrades command
    • You can now click to claim chunks from the expanded /f map command
    • TnT damage to players and knockback have been disabled
    • Coin Flips - /cf are now run in chat, this is to combat the issue with players being interrupted during PvP
      • You can toggle visibility of these messages through the /toggles menu
    • Coinflip winners are now broadcasted in chat
    • Ender Pearling into ally claims while flying is now disabled
    • New /f owner (radius) command
    • Increased max lottery tickets per person to 5 - /lotto buy 5
    • Added automatic hiding of foliage around the player (Long grass, saplings, mushrooms, etc) to remove extra client lag while in PvP
    • Explosions are no longer random, which should allow for more specific cannons to be used without issues
    • New sethome /f perm that will allow you to block who can set homes in your land
    • New ‘Home’ /f perm that will allow you to change who can teleport into your land using /Home
    • Changed /f open command to be leader only, this should prevent players from trying to open factions to all players
    • Changed the default /f home /f perm to be set to leaders and co-owners only
    • Changed the default beacon affect /f perm to allow allies to get effects
    • Implemented a better check for checking if someone is vclipping
    • A ‘anti freecamming’ plugin has been added that will block all freecams, creeper-aura and hacks that allow players to hit through walls
    • Depth strider will now work on 1.7 clients if you have the mod that allows it to work with the server
    • Added dashes ‘-’ to the list of allowed characters in faction names
    • A brand new cannon patch has been put on that should fix any issues and remove a very large amount of lag from cannons
    • Removed the combo custom enchant to make pvp fights take longer and to make them more enjoyable
    • The default tnt fill radius has been increased to 30
    • Entirely updated ‘Obsidian Destroyers’ path calculations, which would cause certain cannons to clip on blocks and not blow up the correct amount of blocks a normal explosion should blow up, here’s a screenshot of the change;
    • Updated essential messages to show relation colors as well as display the player’s name[​IMG]
    • Auto leave (Kicks any inactive faction member(s)) is set to 30 days
    • Chest can be opened in ANY territory
    • /f unclaim (radius) - Unclaims faction land by radius
    • Slime blocks cannot be pushed in faction territory
    • Added a /worldsize command
    • Entering/leaving faction territory also appears in the action bar
    • There is a length limit for player faction titles
    • Lava doesn’t flow in the warzone to prevent cobble-monstering the warzone\
    • Use /wild to teleport to a random location (15 minute cooldown)
    • Use /droptool to toggle the ability to drop certain items
    • Safely trade items using /trade to trade with other players in a safe GUI interface