Jul 8, 2020 at 3:50 PM
  • CURRENT MAP - June 27TH, 2020

    Minecraft version: 1.8 (1.7 to 1.15+ clients can join but gameplay is based off of 1.8)

    Server Info
    • 2 Second cannons (at all Y levels)
    • Auto Cannons allowed
    • 25 Chunk Buffers
    • 2 Chunk Oceans
    • 10x10 max base size (35 Chunks in total including chunk buffers)
    • 40 man roster
    • 30 faction size
    • APs or Anti-Patches are NOT ALLOWED
    • All worlds 3k x 3k
    • Wall removers NOT allowed
    • 32 Wall cannon box
    • 200 Chunk shooting limit
    • Cannons must have less than 4k dispensers
    F-TOP Rewards
    The F-TOP Prizes will be paid out weekly!
    The weekly payout amounts are:
    • 1st Place: $1000 Cash to the Faction PayPal Email
    • 2nd Place: $200 Cash to the Faction PayPal Email
    • 3rd Place: $150 Cash to the Faction PayPal Email
    Total Prizes (after 2 weeks of tnt (grace/end week excluded)):
    • 1st Place: $2000 Cash to the Faction PayPal Email
    • 2nd Place: $400 Cash to the Faction PayPal Email
    • 3rd Place: $300 Cash to the Faction PayPal Email
    Winners will be determined each week at 4PM EST. Starting 1 week after grace period ends.
    Type /f setpaypal <email address> and make sure your faction's PayPal email is setup before the F-TOP prizes are distributed.

    F Cane Top Rewards
    This will be rewarded to the top 3 players shown on /f canetop at the end of grace period.
    • 1st Place: $50 BuyCraft Voucher + CaneGod /title
    • 2nd Place: $30 BuyCraft Voucher
    • 3rd Place: $20 BuyCraft Voucher
    Total Prize Pool: $100!
    You will receive it through /bcredits which you can redeem to spend on the server store

    Raiding Rules
    . Left and Right Shooting are ALLOWED.
    2. Reversing is allowed, Rev-nukes are NOT allowed, A one stacker with a rev attached to it is allowed so long as it only has one nuke on the Cannon. TO CLARIFY: A 255 nuke or pseudo cannot have rev on it (3 Warning Points OR instant disqualification depending on abuse of said Cannon)
    3. Redstone Checkboxes are NOT allowed. (3 Warning points and removal of box depending on severity may be instant DQ)
    4. Cannons/Lag Machines that are used to intentionally lag the server are NOT ALLOWED. (2 warning points)
    5. Spawning bosses during raids is NOT allowed. (3-day tempban will be issued to player who spawned it) + (1 Warning Point)
    6. Printer and gen patching your base/Cannon box while being raided is NOT allowed. (If caught doing multiple times in 1 raid, 1 warning point will be issued) (This includes sand bots)
    7. You must wait 30 minutes after a factions last shot to fire at a base. (If a message is sent to your faction it is not safe to shoot) (3 warning points)
    8. Multiple factions are NOT allowed to fire at a base at the same time. (The faction who started firing AFTER the other faction will be warned, if it continues it will result in a DQ)
    9. You MUST use raid claims to build a Cannon box, if you are making a new box you must unclaim the old one and destroy the cannon (Blow it up, A single block will not do). (2 warning points, does NOT apply to adj claims)
    10. Any form of wilderness patching/extending buffers on your base or a Cannon box is NOT allowed. (1 warning point)
    11. You may only fire at a base from 1 side. (3 warning points)
    12. Cannons that fire in 2 spots at the same time are NOT allowed. (Instant Disqualification)
    Allying while raiding/being raided is strictly PROHIBITED. (EX. Faction 1 tps Faction 2 to Raid/Defend against Faction 3 (This is an example, any raiding to faction 3 to help faction 1 is disallowed). 3 Warning points to BOTH factions)
    14. You may NOT claim another factions barrel. (This will result in the claims being removed and the person who claimed temp banned)
    15. Wall removers are NOT allowed. Using APs as a form of wall removing is NOT allowed. (Instant Disqualification)
    16. Countering with multiple cannons is NOT allowed. (Instant Disqualifiation)
    Cannons that shoot multiple walls in 1 shot are NOT allowed (Instant Disqualification)
    Horizontal nukes are NOT allowed. (Instant Disqualification)
    Cannons that auto adjust are NOT allowed. (Instant Disqualification)
    Blocking counters in front of a base with claims or placing blocks in wilderness/claims (a pillar/wall) to block adjusting is NOT allowed (3 Warning Points)
    21. You are only allowed 1 Cannon per raid claim (2 Warning points)
    22. Countering from behind is NOT allowed if you are using this to bypass walls in any way (Instant Disqualification)
    Cannon boxes must have a maximum of 32 walls (2 Warning points)
    24. Cannon boxes may NOT have an ocean (2 Warning points)
    25. You can NOT use an AP, attempting to bypass this will result in warning points or possible disqualification.
    26. Using counter claims to raid or shoot into base claims will result in a warning point
    27. Swapping between base counters is no longer allowed UNLESS your Cannon box is blown up. You must wait 5 minutes between when your Cannon stops and when you shoot from your other Cannon. If a base counter Cannon is blown into/up you are allowed to switch instantly (2 Warning Points)
    28. Worm technology is NOT allowed. (Instant Disqualification)
    Patching with blocks that are unbreakable is illegal. (Instant Disqualification)
    Floating your Cannon in wilderness is no longer allowed and will result in 2 warning points, you do not need to use raid/counterclaims to claimline your barrel. (Buffer counters excluded from this rule)
    31. U-Fusions/U-Barrels/Anything u-tech related is NOT allowed. (Instant Disqualification)

    Factions Rules

    **Intentionally trying to bypass the Rules will result in punishment at the staff discretion**

    Factions are allowed a 25 chunk buffer max
    2. Factions are allowed a max base size of 10x10 chunks (35 Chunks in total including chunk buffers)
    3. Redstone check boxes are NOT allowed
    4. Building a base next to another faction is NOT allowed. (Doing so will result in the faction with lesser value & or lesser place time being disbanded and the base being world edited out)
    5. Wealth splitting with any faction is NOT allowed. (Merging Is allowed, but the faction merging into the other faction MUST be disbanded)
    6. Scamming is allowed, however RL trading scamming is NOT. (Real life scamming will result in a perm ban)
    7. Extending buffers is NOT allowed (1 warning point and extra land unclaimed)
    8. Inappropriate factions names/titles are NOT allowed.
    9. Using any type of hacked client is NOT allowed.
    10. Raid alerts/TNT Detectors are NOT allowed (Wall reminder bots ARE allowed, if unsure make a ticket)
    11. TP Trapping is allowed.
    12. Console clients ARE allowed (Scripting with them is not allowed with the exception of reconnect scripts, any accounts caught scripting will be banned.)
    13. Insiding is strictly PROHIBITED. (Doing anything malicious towards your own faction for your personal gain or another factions gain, Faction leaders abusing f perms included) doing so will result in at least a 2 week ban)
    14. You are NOT allowed to patch outside of your buffer. (1 warning point)
    15. Knowingly playing with a blacklisted player WILL result in your factions being DQ’d or warned. (Depending on the severity of the case/Admin discretion)
    16. Changing keys to fast place is NOT allowed.
    17. Sharing TNT with other factions is NOT allowed. (Will result in a DQ to BOTH factions)
    18. Mining/blowing up spawners in ANY way while being raided is NOT allowed.
    19. You are NOT allowed to claim to check your buffers (Claims will be unclaimed, if caught doing twice 1 warning point)
    20. You are NOT allowed to have more than 1 corner (Corner will be unclaimed, if you continue to claim more than 1 you will be issued 1 warning point and a tempban)
    21. You are NOT allowed to have an alt in another faction, you must stick to one faction (If found alt will be kicked, if reinvited a 2 day tempban will be issued)
    22. Anyone caught scripting cane will have their factions wealth decreased by the amount of cane they broke
    multiplied by 2, higher if caught several times.
    23. Factions may only have a max of 2 chunks of ocean.

    FTOP Rules

    1. ALL spawners of value MUST be put in one single base (SF, ZP, Creeper, Etc),
    2. Hiding worth is STRICTLY disallowed. (Spreading spawners in buffers, rev layers, between walls and or wilderness will result in your faction being DQ'd)
    3. Placing boxes around spawners is NOT allowed. All spawners MUST be accessible with the exception of Blaze, Zombies and Skeleton spawners. (2 warning points and the box will be removed)
    4. Spreading value out randomly across the roof is NOT allowed, spawners MUST consist of AT LEAST 5 block pillars, they must be in a grinder and close enough together to be easily raidable, this means you cannot simply spread them out across the roof in large gaps if you make a giant hopper floor (This will result in a DQ)
    5. Using an alt faction to gain worth is NOT allowed. (This will result in the alt faction being disbanded and the faction being DQ’d)
    6. If your faction reaches 8 warning points you WILL be DQ’d for the week.
    7. Abusing f shield in any way will result in a DQ on the spot (EX: Using an alt fac with shield to protect your base or Cannon box)
    8. Mining or using creepers/TNT/any other method to blow up or remove all of your wealth in any way to gain an advantage will result in an instant DQ if caught
    9. Moving bases after being raided is NOT allowed. (However, you ARE allowed to move when f top points reset - Saturday 4pm ET - Sunday 4pm ET)
    Sharing wealth with other factions is NOT allowed.
    11. A minimum of 60 walls is required for you to qualify for FTOP

    **Rules are subjected to change at any time**

    Must Read for New Players below**
    • Fortified Walls - This plugin was made to enforce the Cannon speed limit. The Cannon speed limit applies at ALL Y levels.
    • Creeper Eggable Blocks - There is a plugin that makes certain blocks creeper eggable even while they are submerged in water. The list is:
      • Wooden Doors/Iron Doors
      • Wooden Trapdoors/Iron Trapdoors
      • Chests
      • Spawners
      • Enchantment Tables
    • Anti Ally Raiding - There is a plugin that stops ally raiding by disallowing members who are not in the raiding faction from entering the land that is being raided. This also prevents issues like raid interference due to things such as leeching from the raid.
    • Auto Cannon Destroyer - There is a plugin that will automatically destroy most of the Cannon when it is no longer raid claimed or counter claimed after a few minutes as a preventative measure for those players who love to have tons of wilderness cannons.
    • Anti Finnster Walls - There is a plugin that prevents finnster wall defenses.
    • Rocket - Consume a use to launch yourself into the air. Useful for jumping up and using a throwable creeper egg on spawners when breaching a faction.
    • Magnet Rod - Consume a use to hook a player with the magnet rod and right click to pull them in.
    • Switcher Ball - Consume a use and hit a player with a projectile to swap places with them.
    • Sand Tool - Right click on a sand block to destroy all sand below it. Left Click on a sand block to destroy all sand above it.
    • Tray Tool - Consume a use to mine a 6x6 area of Netherrack or Dirt. It does not work to trench the Nether World as that is what the Burst enchant is for.
    • Spawner Upgrader - Right click on a spawner to consume a use to upgrade a spawner to the level that is set on the item. Left click to change the preferred upgrade level on the rod.
    • TnT Wand - Consume a use by right clicking on a chest to deposit TNT into your faction's TNT balance. Obtainable in VIP section or Misc section of the Shop.
    • Throwable Creeper Egg - Consume a use by right clicking to throw a creeper egg that will explode on impact.
    • Auto Sell Chest - Sells all the items inside of it every 6 seconds.
    • Cannon Speed limit is maintained at ALL Y levels.
    • One Stackers do not trigger the raid timer. This is to avoid factions using one stackers to become the first faction to shoot at a base.
    • TNT is able to horizontally phase through a single slime block to allow cannons to easily Y adjust so players will not have to use cobwebs.
    • Players are able to test their cannons on the Cannon server! Type /server cannon to join the Cannon server.
    • Obsidian has 6 durability
    • Soup PvP based combat
    • God Apple Cooldown is 3 minutes.
    • Max Protection IV, Max Sharpness V
    • Custom Enchants obtained via /ce
    • Faction Classes such as Bard class and Archer class.
    • Pots/Soup may be purchased through the Potions section of /shop or by typing /pots to open the Potion Shop GUI. Gunpowder is not currently purchasable, so all splash pots must be purchased from the shop.
    • Jelly Legs do not work while in combat
    • Use /pfh to fix the item in your hand.
    • /fix all cooldown is 1 hour.
    • Faction Wide Buffs through /f skills
    • Equip Full Leather Armor to become the Archer Class
      • Permanent Potion Effects for being an archer:
        • Speed III
        • Fire Resistance I
        • Resistance II
    • Archers can land shots with bows to archer tag enemies. Enemies who are archer tagged will take 25% increased damage.
    • Energy Regeneration Rate is 2 energy per second.
    • Archers can provide buffs for themselves through the use of items by right-clicking them which will consume the item and energy in order to activate the buff.
    • Archer Buffs (right click effects):
      • Iron Ingot - Resistance V - lasts 10 seconds
      • Feather - Jump Boost V - lasts 5 seconds
      • Sugar - Speed IV - lasts 10 seconds
    • Equip Full Iron Armor to become the Bard Class
      • Permanent Potion Effects for being a bard:
        • Speed II
        • Regeneration I
        • Resistance II
    • Bards are able to provide buffs to their faction members and debuff those not in the faction.
    • They provide these potion status effects through the use of certain items. By holding certain items in their hand, they provide vanilla level effects to their team. By using the items through consuming them with a right-click, they are able to provide stronger buffs at the cost of energy.
    • Energy Regeneration Rate is 2 energy per second.
    • Bard Effect Radius is 20 blocks
    • Bard Buffs with Items:
      • Blaze Powder - Provides Strength II (holding), Strength III (use)
      • Ghast Tear - Provides Regeneration I (holding), Regeneration III (use)
      • Magma Cream - Provides Fire Resistance (holding)
      • Sugar - Provides Speed II (holding), Speed III (use, 30 energy)
      • Iron - Provides Resistance I (holding), Resistance IV (use)
      • Feather - Provides Jump Boost I (holding), Jump Boost V (use)
      • Spider Eye - Debuffs enemies with the wither effect (use)
    Resurrect has been removed on Diamond Armor for the Summer Map that began on June 27, 2020.
    It will still function on leather and iron sets for Bard and Archer classes. There are a max of 6 enchants per piece.

    • Max God Sword Enchants
      • Wither Aspect III (legendary) - Chance to apply wither effect on hit
      • Thor III (common) - Chance to have lightning strike enemies on hit
      • Poison Tipped III (legendary) - Chance to poison enemies on hit
      • Blackout II (legendary) - Chance to blind enemies on hit. Only Blackout I is obtainable from /ce. Blackout 2 is obtained through kits and supply crate drops.
      • Concussive Blow III (legendary)- Chance to give nausea to enemies on hit
      • Bounty Hunter IV (common) - Chance to behead enemies on kill. Max is 3 from /ce.
    • Max God Helmet Enchants
      • Resurrect I (legendary) - Extra life for piece of armor
      • Scuba Diver (common) - Water Breathing (resurrect doesn't work)
      • Bloom I (legendary) - Extra health (half a heart)
      • Recall III (legendary) - Chance to repair armor
      • Vision I (uncommon) - Immunity to Blackout
      • Guard I (uncommon) - Immunity to Wither Aspect
      • Replenish I (legendary) - No hunger loss
    • Max God Chestplate Enchants
      • Resurrect I (legendary) - Extra life for piece of armor
      • Detonate III (legendary) - Chance to cause explosives to spawn when hit
      • Bloom I (legendary) - Extra health (1 heart)
      • Recall III (legendary) - Chance to repair armor
      • Barrier I (uncommon) - Immunity to Concussive Blow
      • Human Torch I (uncommon) - Fire resistance
      • Night Owl I (legendary) - Resistance I when in game time is between 6 pm - 6 am.
    • Max God Leggings Enchants
      • Resurrect I (legendary) - Extra life for piece of armor
      • Hound III (rare) - Chance for hounds to appear when hit
      • Bloom I (legendary) - Extra health (1 heart)
      • Recall III (legendary) - Chance to repair armor
      • Pace I (uncommon) - Immune to all slowness effects like slow pots and blizzard
      • Blizzard III (legendary) - Chance to slow enemies when hit
      • Rejuvenate I (legendary) - Regeneration I
    • Max God Boots Enchants
      • Resurrect I (legendary) - Extra Life for piece of armor
      • Bloom I (legendary) - Extra health (half a heart)
      • Recall III (legendary) - Chance to repair armor
      • Cure I (uncommon) - Immunity to Poison Tipped Effect
      • Rage II (legendary) - Strength 2
      • Flash II (legendary) - Speed 2
    • Ender Pearls are disabled in darkzone
    • Commands can not be used in darkzone
    • Castle is located inside Darkzone. Contest Castle for faction wide buffs. Stand on the capture point in the middle of castle to begin to capture castle for your faction
    • Multiple Faction Members capping castle will allow your Faction to capture castle faster
    • Type /castle to open a GUI that shows who currently controls castle
    • Type /warp darkzone to warp to darkzone
    • Current Castle Faction Buffs:
      • 2x Mob Spawn Rate (does not effect creeper spawners)
      • 2x mcMMO EXP Gained
      • 1.5x EXP Boost
    • The first hour of the map is considered Start of the World and will lead to certain effects being given to players to even the playing field of securing corners
    • All players will have Speed 2 and No Hunger Loss
    • Flying is disabled
    • Ender Pearls are disabled
    • There are two types of printer on MineHeroes Factions. They are called Creative printer and Survival printer.
    • To be able to use printer, you must have a mod installed called Schematica.
    • To enable printer, you may use /printer and click on the GUI options for the respective printer options. You may also type /sprinter or /cprinter to enable the respective types of printer.
    • Creative Printer does not require your inventory to be empty.
    • Survival Printer requires players to first buy the blocks that they wish to place. Then, the blocks will continuously be bought as they are placed.
    • Bricks are used on Factions/Cannon server to determine where Sand Bots place sand.
    • Type /f sandbots to view where the sand bots are located.
    • Type /genbucket or /gb to open the genbucket GUI.
    • Once you select the settings for your genbucket through the GUI, you may now use a regular lava bucket to place your genbuckets. Simply right click with a lava bucket and your genbucket will begin.
    • There are special types of claims called raid claims / counter claims. Raid Claims must be used from the moment players begin to set up a Cannon box to raid a faction. Counter Claims must be used the moment players begin to set up a counter.
    • Each faction has a maximum of 1 raid claim and 1 counter claim
    • Type /f raid claim to make a raid claim.
    • Type /f raid unclaim to unclaim your raid claims.
    • Type /f counter claim to make a counter claim.
    • Type /f counter unclaim to unclaim your counter claim.
    • To fill cannons, use the command /tntfill
    • /tntfill auto (radius) will spread TNT evenly between the dispensers in the radius. It will stop when your faction's TNT balance runs out or if all the dispensers in the radius are maxed out.
    • /tntfill limit (amount of tnt) (radius) will fill dispensers within the radius with the specified amount of TNT. It will stop when TNT balance runs out or once the dispensers are filled with the specified amount of TNT.
    • Type /unfill (radius) to unfill dispensers. The TNT will go to your faction's TNT balance.
    • The current max radius is 30 blocks.
    • Use the /droptools GUI to prevent yourself from dropping items such as swords and hoes. For the many players who tend to drop their maxed out sell hoes and god swords at spawn. F
    • Players may also use /df if they want to prevent themselves from dropping items that are not on the GUI
    • Use /if to prevent yourself from picking up items that are filtered. This is useful for things such as your hot bar filling up with sand while you are at a raid. Simply add sand to the filter to prevent this.
    • Use /f ninja or /f stealth to toggle disabling nearby enemies' fly.
    • Use /toggles or /settings to toggle useful things such as Spawner FPS Improvement
    • Type /graceperiod to display the remaining time until TNT enables
    • Type /top to teleport to the highest block above your head.
    • Type /minechat to be able to type properly on your console clients
    • Type [item] in public chat to display the item you are holding in public chat.
    • Type /f tc to toggle public chat on/off. Useful to get rid of the public chat clutter.
    • Type /crates to use keys such as vote keys without going to spawn.
    • Upon being disqualified, faction members that are in the disqualified faction will not be allowed to leave their faction until the points reset on Saturday. Disqualified factions are also not allowed to disband.
    • Disqualified Factions will not be able to use TNT at all. They may only patch in an attempt to save their base.
    • You may see disqualified factions on f-top because their name is crossed out on their F-TOP page
    • By mousing over a disqualified faction's name on their f-top page, you may see the reason why they were disqualified.
    • Only Administrators deal with the Faction Warnings/Disqualification System
    • Factions are disqualified upon reaching the required amount of warning points which is currently 8 as of the June 27 reset.
    • Faction Upgrades
      • Type /f upgrades to access the faction upgrades menu
      • Possible Upgrades:
        • Faction Power - Increases total faction power
        • Potion Effects - Provides Haste and Speed Effects in your claims
        • XP Boost - Increases dropped XP in your claims
        • Unbreakable Redstone - Prevents water from breaking redstone
        • Spawner Activation Radius - Increases radius players activate spawners at
        • Faction Vault - Increases size of the faction vault
        • Faction Warps - Increases the amount of faction warps - Max Warps = 15
        • Kill More Merged Mobs - Chance to kill 1-2 more mobs with one swing - Costs 1 Challenge Point per level - Max Level 5/5 = 100% chance
        • Permanent Depth Strider - Depth Strider III is provided to every member everywhere - Costs 3 Challenge Points
    • Faction Challenges
      • Type /f challenges or /c to access your faction's challenges
      • These are 5 daily challenges that can earn your faction up to 2 challenge points upon completion of all of the challenges. Factions receive 1 point for the first 3 challenges and 1 point for the last 2 challenges.
      • Spend your challenge points on a variety of things such as Faction Skills, Faction Upgrades, or the Faction Challenge Shop
      • Type /f challengeshop or /f shop to open the faction challenge shop.
    Faction Shield
    • A faction shield is the duration of time where the base that has the faction's worth is protected.
    • The duration of the shield varies between maps. Currently it is 8 hours long as of the June 27th map.
    • You may check a faction's shield time by typing /f who (factionname).
    • If raiding on shield is active for the map, a faction may raid while their base is protected. They will not be able to use buffer counters while on shield. They may still use side counter cannons.

    Faction Rosters
    Rosters are limited to 40 players per faction for the entire duration of the map. Even during grace period. Factions will begin with 45 invites with an additional 5 being supplied after each weekly payout screenshot is taken. The faction size will be 30 for the June 27th map. There is a maximum of 100 faction alt spots. There is a maximum of 20 total accounts that may be associated with an IP.

    Use the /f roster command to view your current Faction Roster

    Faction Top System
    • F-TOP is currently decided by the factions with the most amount of points.
    • Every 100,000 value a faction has they generate 1 point per hour. Total Value / 100,000 = Total Points Per Hour
    • Check what gives your faction value through /f topvalues
    • Factions can lose up to 65% of their points if they get raided


    • Players may check custom drops of mobs with /mobdrops
    • Players are able to tell which spawners are upgradable with /mobdrops

    You can obtain MobCoins by killing mobs manually or by placing a Mob Slayer. You can spend the mob coins in the Mob Coin Shop. You may also spend them on the Mob Coin Spin at spawn.

    • Chunk Buster (16 Uses) - 100,000 Mob Coins
    • Armor Box (MobCoin Tier) (P4 U4) - 250,000 Mob Coins
    • Tray Tool (500 Uses) - 50,000 Mob Coins
    • Exp Booster 2x (1 Hour) - 300,000 Mob Coins
    • MCMMO Booster 2x (1 Hour) - 300,000 Mob Coins

    MobCoin Commands
    • /mobcoins balance - Check how many MobCoins you have
    • /mobcoins pay (name) (amount) - Send someone some of your mobcoins
    • /mobcoins upgrade - Open the upgrade menu to increase the number of mobcoins you get from various mobs per kill!

    Faction Inspect
    You can now keep track of what is going on in your faction claims! This is very useful if you believe you are being insided or betrayed. Use the command /f inspect (page) to check recent changes/interactions made to blocks/chests in your claims. Use /f inspect to toggle it from the menu as shown here and then right click any blocks you want to inspect with your fist:

    You can check for blocks broken and who took items out or put items into chests.
    Not every block is logged, only valuable and base building blocks.
    • Check who recently deposited/withdrew money from the Faction Bank
    • Check who recently used a chunk buster
    • Check who recently created a warp
    • Check who recently deleted a warp
    • Check who recently bought from the Faction Challenge Shop
    • Check who recently invited someone to the faction
    • Check who recently filled dispensers
    • Check who recently unfilled dispensers
    • Check who recently put items into the Faction Vault
    • Check who recently withdrew items from the Faction Vault

    MineHeroes Anti-Cheat:

    • Automatic bans by the MineHeroes Anti-Cheat system will be announced in chat[​IMG]
    Heroic Items:
    • This is a concept that encourages players to race around the map during SOTW and unlock AWESOME new items. When the server resets there will be enderchests scattered around the worlds (Overworld, Moon, Mars, End) containing new Heroic Items! These are super OP items that you can take advantage of such as Burst 4 (9x9 mining pickaxe), Unbreaking 6 Armor and more!
    • Holding these items will give you the Ultimate advantage however, players will be able to track the location of Heroic Items with the command /heroicitems even if they are hidden away in chests or the player is offline.
    • This will encourage others to hunt down the player holding the heroic item. Heroic Items cannot be stored in enderchests, player vaults, or /bin.
    Faction Skills:
    Unlock Faction Skills with Faction Challenge Points to give Faction Wide Buffs
    • Faction Skills
      • Blessing - Grants 5 minutes of Absorption III to Faction Members. Costs 1 Challenge Point to Unlock. 10 Minute Cooldown
      • Warcry - Grants 15 seconds of Strength III to Faction Members. Costs 1 Challenge Point to Unlock. 10 Minute Cooldown
      • Resilience - Grants 10 seconds of Resistance III to Faction Members. Costs 1 Challenge Point to Unlock. 10 Minute Cooldown
      • Recovery - Grants 10 seconds of Regeneration III to Faction Members. Costs 1 Challenge Point to Unlock. 10 Minute Cooldown
      • Merchant - Grants a 20% sell boost to Faction Members for 1 hour. Costs 3 Challenge Points to Unlock. 5 hours Cooldown
      • Trainer - Increases mcMMO XP gained by Faction Members for 1 hour. Costs 3 Challenge Points to Unlock. 5 hours Cooldown
    Custom Enchants:
    • To open the Custom Enchants menu use /enchanter or the NPC at /spawn. To view a list of enchants and their descriptions, type: /enchants (or /ce.) A GUI will pop up;
    • To apply an enchantment book to a tool or weapon. Click the enchantment book to open the custom anvil GUI and place the tool/weapon inside.
    • Head to https://www.mineheroes.net/wiki/custom-enchants/ for more information about the Custom Enchants.
    • There is a maximum of 6 enchants that may be applied to each item
    • Unwanted Custom Enchants may be exchanged through the Salvage Enchants part of the /ce GUI to get part of the experience back that was spent
    • [NEW] $25 God Set + God Sword Kit In Store
    Auction House:
    • Sell items to other players through a virtual auction house
    • Access the ah by typing /ah
    • Sell items by typing /ah sell (amount)
    • All effects from combat McMMO skills have been disabled to try and balance PvP
    • Obtain McMMO credits from:
      • Vote crates (/crates)
      • /token shop
      • Rank /reclaims
    • Use the command /redeem (skill) (amount) to apply credits to a skill
    • The command /credits shows the amount of points you have available to redeem (Sending credits to other players has been disabled.)
    • Use the command /mcstats to view your McMMO Stats
    • The command /mctop displays the top 10 players with the highest McMMO “power level” (The total of all McMMO skill levels)
    • MineHeroes uses a virtual shop accessed by typing /shop or by left clicking the NPC at spawn
    • Items are sorted into categories
    • Left click to buy; Right Click to sell
      • As a donator your able to bulk buy 64 of a item by shift-clicking
    This is a mini event within Factions where factions battle against other factions to take control of a capture zone for 5 minutes and in return receive 3 Event Crate Keys and 2 Faction Challenge Points for their faction:
    • KOTHs are scheduled to run 4 times everyday outside of spawn. Use /koth schedule list to view the times. The current times are:
      • North KOTH - 1 AM EST
      • East KOTH - 1 PM EST
      • South KOTH - 5 PM EST
      • West KOTH - 9 PM EST
    • There is faction claim called KOTH which disables teleporting into KOTH and setting Home in it. It also prevents the Knockback enchant from being used.
    • There is a KOTH death timer that prevents players from entering KOTH if they die within the KOTH claims.
    • KOTH is capped by a single person
    This is a mini event where players fight against each other in the LMS Arena. The Last Man Standing will win 3 event crate keys.
    • LMS is scheduled to run twice everyday. The current times LMS runs at are:
      • 12:42 AM and 12:42 PM EST
    • Teaming in LMS WILL result in a ban from all future LMS events.

      The LMS Inventory:
    This is a mini event where factions attempt to raid bases that are generated within the Raid Event World. The first faction to breach the Raid Event Base will get to loot the base.
    • There are a total of 5 Raid Event Bases that are generated in the world. There is one in each corner of the Raid Event World and the fifth one is in the middle of the world. Each corner base has about 20 chunks of straights and 10 chunks of wraps. The claim size of the corner bases are 23x23.
    • Raid Event is scheduled to happen weekly. It will be hosted on Fridays at 4 pm EST.
    • Dispensers automatically dispense TNT upon being powered in this world. There is no need to fill the dispensers with TNT.
    • When a faction breaches a base, their faction will have loot protection to prevent other factions from leeching.
    • At the top floor of each Raid Event Base, there is an Ender Chest that can be creeper egged for lucrative rewards such as large amounts of spawners and Rank Crystals.
    • Players may also find Gems, Spawners, Global Sell Boosts and more within the other floors of the Raid Event base inside of the chests.
    • Raid Event ends an hour after the last Raid Event Base has been breached.
    • PvP is disabled in the Raid Event Base Claims
    • Factions do not have to use raid claims in order to participate in this event.
    This is a mini event where players go on a hunt for spawners. The spawners will spawn somewhere randomly in the wilderness and they are spread out between every world besides the Main World.
    • Type /sh to check if there is a currently running spawner hunt. If there is a spawner hunt that is running, players may type /sh (page number) to check where the spawners are located.
    • When players locate a spawner, they will need a silk touch pickaxe to mine it. Remember to always have an empty slot in your inventory.
    • All spawners obtained from the spawner hunt are fully upgraded versions of the spawner.
    This is a mini event where 20 chests with loot will be spread throughout the Warzone right outside of spawn.
    • Type /sct to find out when the next set of supply crates will spawn in.
    • Supply Crates may also be started at any time with a Supply Crate Starter which can be obtained from Raid Event Bases or from the Token Shop.
    This is a mini event where players may go to /warp boss to fight a Wither Boss for rewards.
    • Type /boss rewards to check the current rewards for the Wither Boss
    • Type /events and click on Boss Battles to see when the next Boss Battle is
    • To get rewards from the boss, you must be within the top 10 highest contribution scores.
    • There will be an announcement in chat when boss battles are going to happen.
    • The Factions economy is focused on sugarcane farming and spawner grinding.
    • There is an upgradeable custom item called a Sell Hoe that will allow players to auto-sell crops that are harvested with it.
      • Sell Hoes can be obtained by using the daily kit. /kit daily
      • Type /upgrade with a Sell Hoe in your hand in order to upgrade it
      • Each upgrade costs a certain amount of stored crops. Stored crops are obtained by simply harvesting crops using the Sell Hoe
        • Harvester - Harvests a 3x3 Area - Costs 200,000 Stored Crops (Max level 1)
        • Farmer - Increases the chance/amount of crops you can get per yield (Max level 100)
        • Scavenger - Chance to obtain a Shard Key - Costs 10,000 Stored Crops per level. (Max Level 100)
          Example of a maxed Sell Hoe
    • How do you make money?
      • Sell items to the shop (minerals, blocks)
      • Sell farm items and spawner mob drops
      • Vote for daily rewards and cash (/vote)
      • Killing mobs rewards you with in-game cash
      • Completing daily missions - /missions
      • Opening Supply Crates, Winning KOTH
      • Auctioning items with /ah
    General Noteworthy Features:
    • When raid claims or counter claims are unclaimed, Cannon related blocks will be deleted after a few minutes.
    • When a faction is being raided, non raiding faction members may no longer enter their claims. No longer will people have to worry about leechers or factions allying on walls.
    • Anti-Patch technology will no longer work on raid claims or counter claims.
    • Sand Tools may not be used for 15 minutes in chunks where there is an active raid.
    • All /backs will now use the highest block possible when in counter claims or raid claims. This means people can no longer /back into fully repaired Cannon boxes.
    • Factions who are disqualified can no longer access /f tnt or use /tntfill
    • Players who are in disqualified factions may not leave their faction until the F-TOP is taken. (Saturday 4 PM EST) Choose your Faction wisely.
    • Multiple factions can no longer shoot at a single faction that has a raid timer going. Only the faction that acquires the raiding timer is able to shoot.
    • Mob Coin Shop has been revamped. It is now a shop with non-rotating items that can be purchased for mob coins.
    • Factions must raid using /f raid claim and must side counter with /f counter claim. (2 Points)
    Additional Server Features And General Gameplay Changes:
    • Added a cooldown to the command /f join to prevent spam
    • Auto sell chests will now work for players that are offline and will send the money straight to the faction bank
    • Added 5 second warmup to /roof command when enemies are nearby.
    • Removed gunpowder from shop to prevent crafting tnt
    • /wild will now put a player into wilderness based on the world they are in
    • [NEW] Sand Bot Speed is doubled
    • [NEW] KOTH/LMS will reward 3 event crate keys rather than a random box from each event.
    • [NEW] Resurrect no longer works on Diamond Armor.
    • [NEW] Recall does no longer proc randomly. It now procs after a certain amount of hits.
    • [NEW] Increased faction tnt balance cap to 15 million
    • [NEW] Default Rank Homes Increased to 6
    • [NEW] Hero Rank Homes increased to 10
    • [NEW] Pistons cannot push blocks outside of the border anymore to prevent shooting on border.
    • [NEW] Gem Keys have been removed.
    • [NEW] Some crate rewards have been changed.
    • [NEW] Raiding On Shield is now enabled.
    • [NEW] Faction Shields are now 8 hours long. Faction Shields may now also be set at any time of the day.
    • [NEW] Factions are expected to comply with base Rules. If they have illegal bases, they will be expected to fix their base without administrative help. Failure to do so will result in a punishment up to disqualification.
    • [NEW] Brand New Pluto World (top layer snow, then packed ice underneath)
    • [NEW] Ender Pearls will now go through open fence gates.
    • [NEW] Raid Event Rewards have been heavily improved and cleaned up.
      • Broken Tracker Items removed
      • Protection 4 Unbreaking 2 gear removed
      • Sharpness 4 removed
      • TNT Items added
      • Less Garbage
    • All support is officially handled through forum support tickets.
    • Quick questions may be sent to the Factions Helper, BINGBONGYOURGONE via Discord. His discord tag is PBJT#1337.
    • If support is needed for factions that are breaking raiding rules, contact the developer CullanP with a message about the rule they are breaking and proof of the rule being broken.
    • Please do not spam the staff. It is only necessary to have one person ask a question or do a report.