Mar 9, 2020
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    Minecraft Version: 1.8 (supports minecraft versions from 1.7 -> 1.12)
    Survival Rules:

    #1: Scamming is disallowed (including /ah scamming and shop sign scamming)
    #2: Griefing is disallowed.
    #3: Tp killing/trapping is disallowed.
    #4: Hacked clients, illegal modifications, and macros are strictly disallowed, no exceptions.
    #5: Abuse of bugs or glitches is disallowed. (Example: Duping).
    #6: Inappropriate buildings are disallowed.
    #7: Inappropriate claiming (claiming right next to someone just to annoy them) is not allowed.
    #8: Inappropriately naming items is not allowed.
    #9: Inappropriate faction Tags/Titles or Descriptions are disallowed.

    • If you come across any bugs or glitches make a bug report here.
    • If you see players breaking Rules make a player report here.
    • Upon joining the network you agree to undertake the scanning process if a staff member suspects you of cheating at any point.
    Disclaimer: These are only server specific Rules, chat and behaviour related Rules can be found here these Rules apply to all Servers.

    • Supports 1.7+. However, it is recommended to use 1.8 for the best experience.
    • Main world size is 25,000 x 25,000 blocks. Spawn is at 0,0 and expands 12,500 blocks North, East, South and West.
    • There is a resource world - /warp resources. This world is 3,000 x 3,000 blocks and resets on a weekly basis. DO NOT build homes or bases there as this world is only for collecting resources. All players may use the resource world.
    • The Nether is 10,000 x 10,000 blocks. Building is disabled near 0,0 to prevent nether portal griefing. Please remember that you cannot obtain natural spawners here.
    • The End world is disabled.
    • Sell items in the Auction House!
      • /ah help - Shows you all of the /ah commands.
      • /ah - Opens a gui of current things being sold in the auction house.
      • /ah sell [price] - Sells current item in your hand. Price allows you to choose how much you would like to sell it for. (Minimum: $1. Maximum: $999,999,999)
      • /ah selling - View the items you are currently selling.
      • /ah expired - View your expired items. You can return the items back to your inventory.
      • You can also view the items you are selling and your expired items through the /ah gu
    • Mob Bounty
      • All players can earn money by killing mobs. Hostile mobs provide higher cash values than passive mobs. Mobs from spawners also drop money when killed.
      • Killing mobs at night gives you 1.5x more money than killing mobs during daylight.
      • Type /mbr list to see how much money (per kill) each animal/mob provides.
    • Use /warps for a warp gui.
    • Ranked players can access /warp xp.
    • Complete daily missions with /missions to gain MHexp.
    • Withdraw money into bank notes with /withdraw (amount).
    • Put your exp in a bottle with /bottle (amount). Do /xp to see how much exp you have.
    • Public animal and mob farms for all players at /warp farm and /warp mob.
    • Use /wild or /wilderness to teleport to a random location in the main world or resources world.
    • New lift up and lift down signs for Hero+ Ranks. (Very useful to teleport between farms, building levels, etc.) All players can use them. However, a ranked player has to place them.
    • New chairs plugin - all stairs work as chairs.
      • Use /toggles and select the 'chairs toggle' option to enable/disable the chairs plugin.
      • Right-click the stairs to use as chairs.
    • New! Boosters were added as a temporary server-wide boost! More booster information Here!

    Game mechanic changes:

    • PvP is disabled everywhere except at /warp pvp.
    • Lava flow and fire spread are disabled.
    • Flint and steel is disabled except on netherrack.
    • Crafting hoppers is disabled. Buy them from /shop or trade other players.
    • TnT and creeper explosions enabled but damage disabled.
    • Every chunk can now spawn slimes and mushroom cows. Slimes spawn under y=40 (Natural mob spawning is very low. Spawners are recommended.)


    We use a modified version of Factions version 1.6.9, with the following changes:
    • You can build in the wilderness, but it is recommended to claim your builds for protection.
    • Faction claiming is only enabled in the main world and nowhere else.
    • Default players get a maximum of 20 faction power. Ranked players get more. (Hero:25, Elite:30, Titan:35, Legend:40, Ultimate:50, Supreme:75)
    • Power increases 1 per minute. You do not lose power on death.
    • There are faction limits. You may have up to 130 faction members and 12 allies.
    • Enemying and overclaiming another faction is disabled.
    • Mobs and animals cannot be killed in a faction claim that you don't own.
    • Item frames cannot be destroyed or rotated in faction claims you don't own.
    • Factions can set 5 faction warps using /f setwarp (it costs $5,000 to create a warp). Warping is free.
    • AutoLeave (how long it takes to kick inactive faction members) is set to 30 days.
    • /f claim line limit increased to 5 chunks.
    • /f unclaim [radius] - Unclaims faction land by radius.
    • /f sc - Shows you the chunk you are standing on. Good for previewing claims.
    • /f map - Shows the whole claim from where you are standing.
    • /f owner [name] - Sets ownership of a claimed chunk to a player or group of players. Useful to prevent inside griefing and betrayal. Use /f owner to set the land ownership for yourself.
    • /f lockdown - Locks your faction claims, meaning that visitors cannot enter your faction claims. (Much like the SkyBlock/is lock)
    • Slime blocks cannot be pushed in faction territory.

    Faction Permissions:

    You can change what faction members and even other Factions can do in your faction claims with faction permissions.

    • The command to change faction permission is /f perm [yourfaction] [permission] [relation] [yes or no]
    Here's an example of how to use this command:
    • /f perm TestFaction build mod no
    Alternatively, you can open the /f perm gui for a slightly more quicker way to change faction permissions.


    You can get paid for doing things that you enjoy doing in Minecraft with the "Jobs" feature! Type /jobs join to choose out of the nine different jobs (you can join up to 3 jobs total).

    • Woodcutter - Earn money from planting trees and chopping them down.
    • Miner - Earn money from mining minerals and ores.
    • Builder - Earn money from building structures.
    • Farmer - Earn money from farming crops such as wheat, carrots and potatoes.
    • Hunter - Earn money from killing mobs.
    • Fisherman - Earn money from fishing at a pond or lake.
    • Weapon smith - Earn money from crafting/repairing weapons.
    • Brewer - Earn money from making potions using a brewing stand.
    • Enchanter - Earn money enchanting items with an enchantment table.
    Depending on the job and how well you do at it, you can make a lot of money from doing the things you love!


    McMMO is enabled, the following restrictions apply:
    • All skills are capped at level 5000 with the exception of a few.
    • Unarmed is disabled.
    • All player combat McMMO skills are disabled, which means all skills apply to farming or mobs.
    • Obtain McMMO credits from:
      • Vote crates (/crates)
      • /token shop
      • Rank /reclaims
    • Use the command /redeem (skill) (amount) to apply credits to a skill
    • The command /credits shows the amount of points you have available to redeem (Sending credits to other players has been disabled)
    • Use the command /mcstats to view your McMMO Stats
    • The command /mctop displays the top 10 players with the highest McMMO “power level” (The total of all McMMO skill levels)
    • There are 2 custom McMMO skills added: (these cannot be levelled using credits)
      • Divination: You gain exp in this when getting Custom Enchants through /ce. Check /divination for more information.
      • Lava Fishing: You can fish and gain levels in this by fishing in the lava pool at /warp fish. Check /lavafishing (or /lf) for more information.

    Chest Shop:

    All players can create their own shops to sell their items for other players to buy that might be at a cheaper price than the main shop. You can also make a chest shop that allows players to sell items to you. Chest shops cannot be opened by anyone but the owner of the chest shop and staff. Right-clicking your Chest Shop sign as an owner will open up the shop. You can still add or remove items in the chests shop. We support name changing so if you change your Minecraft name your chest shop will still work.

    To create a shop, place the items you want to sell in a chest. Then place a sign on top, on the chest, or near it with the following:
    • Line 1- [your name]. Alternatively, you can leave this empty and it will auto-fill your in-game name for you.
    • Line 2 - The amount of the item you want players to buy or sell.
    • Line 3 - To allow players to sell to your shop, you would put an "S". To allow players to buy from your shop, you would put a "B". To allow players to choose between either, you put both. (Examples below.)
    • Line 4 - The name of the item to buy or sell.


    Use Lockette to protect your chests from being opened by other players or allow only people you trust to access your chest. To create protected chests with Lockette, place a sign on the chest (hold shift and left click the chest with a sign in hand) and type the following:
    • Line 1 - [private]
    And then click done. Make sure to include the square brackets [ ]. Private does not have to be uppercase. You can also simply, without shifting, left click a chest with a sign in hand to automatically place a lock on it. To confirm that it has worked, you should receive the following message:


    To add more members to the chest protection, select the sign by left-clicking it, then type /lockette [line-number-of-sign] [name].
    • Example: /lockette 3 JoshK_ will add Joshk_ to my chest protection and allow him to access my chest. (Note: This will not allow added players to edit or remove your locks).

    • Type /lock to view all the blocks you can protect with Lockette signs!
    When requesting to have a player's Lockette sign or chest shop sign removed, the owner of the sign must be offline for at least 30 days before the sign can be removed by staff. This helps ensure that no items locked in these chests are stolen from active players. However, you may request and be granted a sign removal if you have changed your username or if you know for sure that nothing is in the chest.
    • You can check when a player was last online with /seen [ign]

    Plots and the Plots World:

    Ranked members have access to a plots world where they all receive access to 1 plot. The plots are 50x50 blocks big and can be used for farming, private storage, shops or building houses for yourself.

    Higher Ranks get more plots
    Visit the plots world with /warp plots, or use the warps portal. Type /plot help for a full list of plot commands. Here are some common ones:
    • /plot auto - Claims a plot automatically.
    • /plot claim - Claims the plot you are standing on, if not already claimed.
    • /plot buy - Allows you to claim a certain plot. (Make sure to stand over the plot.)
    • /plot home - Teleports you to your plot.
    • /plot visit [name] - Teleports you to a specific player's plot.
    • /plot add [name] - Allows a player to build on your plot while you're online.
    • /plot trust [name] - Allows a player to build on your plot even when you are offline.
    • /plot remove [name] - Removes build power from a player previously added or trusted to your plot.
    • /plot deny [name] - Denies a player from stepping on your plot. (Use /plot undeny to undo.)
    • /plot clear - Clears your plot.
    • /plot biome [biome] - Change the biome of your plot.
    • /plot merge - Merges two plots together.
      • There are two ways to do this. You can do /plots merge and face the direction of the plot you wish to merge with. You can also do /plots merge [North;South;East;West]. Example: /plots merge North.
    • /plot unmerge - Unmerges two plots.
    • /plot merge removeroads - Removes roads on merged plots.

    Custom World

    A custom world has been prepared for the Survival reset. The world size is 25,000 x 25,000 and contains various structures, new mountains, hills and unique biomes!

    Faction Improvements
    • Teleporting into a faction with lockdown enabled will no longer teleport you back to spawn but instead outside of the claims
    • Faction Vaults - Faction vaults have been redone to fix previous issues. Share items with your faction with /f vault
    • Faction Inspect - /f inspect lets you see the block logs of a block, or who interacted with a chest. As well as recent faction invites, /f vault logs of inserted/removed items, and information about recently modified /f warps
    • Faction Announcements - Set MOTD or alerts on join for your faction
      • /f announce (message)
    • Faction Access - You can now give players or Factions access to chunks in your faction.
      • /f access (p|f) (name) - Use at your own risk
    • Colored Faction Titles - You can now use color codes in /f titles
    • New faction settings to disable/enable the Owner Claim Messages - /f settings
    • Enabled slime blocks to be pushed by pistons
    Faction Upgrades
    • Faction Vault - Increase the storage size of your faction vault with /f upgrade
    Faction Perms
    New permissions have been added:
    • Faction warps
    • Faction vault access
    • Faction claims command
    • Allowing sethome in claims
    • Allowing teleportation to homes in claims
    • Faction owner command
    • Faction announce command
    • View faction announcements
    • Allowing Boss spawn eggs to be used
    Economy Changes
    • Spawner prices increased
    • Prismarine, Dark Prismarine added
    • Custom Items and Tools added
      • Sell Wands, Block Wands, Smelt Wands, Sell Hoe
    • Nerfed emeralds
    • Added silverfish and endermite spawners
    • Flint and steel added
    • Soup and Cooked meat added
    • Mushrooms, glowstone, flowers, wooden planks added


    • Changing spawners:
      • No longer can you just grab any spawner and change it to whatever you want. You have to pay for it. You pay through EXP and in-game cash - There is no longer a cool-down due to this significant change.
      • Changing spawners is done by right-clicking it or punching the air with the spawner.
      • Hero+ Ranks can change some spawners.
    • Upgrading Spawners: - Players are able to increase the spawn rates of their mob spawner, experience boost & unlock new mob drops. Players will need to pay a fee to upgrade their spawner and the fee will increase as the spawners level increases. Some spawners can reach a maximum level of 5.

    Lift signs:
    • New lift up and lift down signs for Hero+ Ranks. This would be commonly used to teleport between farms, buildings levels, etc.
    • All players can use the signs but only donors can create the signs, or players with the required in-game rank, check /ranks.
    • Make sure to put [lift up] or [lift down] on the second line of the sign.
    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    Local Ranks:

    Helps slow down the rush of the economy, and give an incentive for players to focus towards. Every rank increases the sell prices of a few items, meaning that the more money you put in, the more money you can make.
    • There are 25 ranks in total.
    • Every 3 Ranks come with a new ability, view the ability list with /ability (or /ab).
    • Every 5 Ranks come with a new kit, preview the kits in the /kit gui and right-clicking them
    • New kits are: Adventurer, Overseer, Assassin.
    There are also unlockable perks every few Ranks, you can preview all the benefits in the /ranks gui.
    Use /rankup to level up to the next rank if you have enough money.

    Player Warps:

    Use /pwarp set [warp #] [password(optional)] to set the location of where you want the warp. Donors have access to more warps, view the rank permissions at /warp ranks.
    • Example: /pwarp set 1 oranges will set my 1st warp with the password oranges.
    Other commands include:
    • /pwarp - Displays the list of commands you have access to.
    • /pwarp list - Displays the list of public player warps.
    • /pwarp show - Shows your personal warps, coords and set passwords.
    • /pwarp description [warp #] [desc] - Sets a description for your warp. Gyra+ can use color in their description!
    • /pwarp remove - Removes one of your set warps. /pwarp remove (warp number)
    • /pwarp warp [player] [warp #] [password(optional)]- Use this command to access other players warps. You can also warp to players by clicking the players head in the /pwarp list.

    • Backpacks are effectively extra inventory slots for storage while mining.
    • All players will be able to access the first row of their backpack for $15,000 (in-game money).
    • The glass panes are a feature to upgrade your current backpack, each costing more money.
    • The backpack has limited space, it is essentially another private vault, but items will go into it automatically when your inventory is full.
    • To upgrade your backpack, execute the command /backpack and you will see grey glass panes representing a row of space which can be purchased using in-game money.
    • You can access the /backpack GUI with the /bp alias.


    Use /warp pvp to get to the PvP arena.
    • Every 6 hours, there is a KoTH, winning rewards Koth keys. Check /koth schedule for the timings.
    • Every 2 hours, there are Supply Crates, check /sct for the next supply crate time.
    • You cannot hurt faction members and allies in the PvP arena.