4.10.2 | Factions + OPFactions Reset

Factions & OPFactions will be resetting on Saturday, the 27th of October @ 4PM EST
(Click for countdown: https://itsalmo.st/-factions-reset)



  • Fixed sell chest signs not working correctly with boosters
  • Wither King Boss Battle added to Factions/OPFactions. Check with /events
  • Fixed sell wands not working with multipliers, Sell filters and selling booster item
  • Fixed cauldrons taking entire stacks of water buckets instead of 1 per stack
  • Fixed enderman teleporting when taking fall damage
  • Nova crates now give 15 MH Exp on open and Gem crates now give 10 MH Exp
  • You can now remove signs in the /signs GUI
  • Fixed potion effects not being removed when unclaiming land with the f map
  • Personal Experience Booster now works with mining
  • Drinkable potions will now stack when on the ground and update better when in the inventory
  • Fixed stacked MobCoins withdraw and deposit bug
  • The Magnet enchant will not break custom chests & works on glass.
  • Fixed sell tools (hoe) occasionally breaking due to enchants on it
  • Players can now ignore offline players using /ignore
  • Fixed fence gates not blowing up from TNT/Sand
  • Added faction relationship f perm - /f perm menu
  • Added f perm to allow changing who can place/use TNT/Dispensers, Build fperm still needs to be allowed for non-fac members - /f perm menu
  • Added creeper usage/spawn egg f perm - /f perm menu
  • Added f perm for breaking spawners - /f perm menu
  • The player death cooldown has been removed for executioners that are spawned for the event.
    • This means if you die to a boss mob...
4.10.1 | Upcoming Factions + OPFactions Reset

This is just a quick post to inform you guys that we will be resetting both
Factions & OPFactions this Saturday, the 27th of October at 4PM EST (Click for countdown: https://itsalmo.st/-factions-reset)

We will be calculating last /f top value on Thursday, the 25th of October at 4PM EST (Click for countdown: https://itsalmo.st/mh-fac-ftop-end)

The full changelog and map winners will be announced before the reset.
Survival and SkyBlock/OPSkyBlock have now been reset!

The new season is here! View the changelog below:


  • New spawn!
  • Added 1.12 Blocks!!
    • We've always supported the latest minecraft clients but didn't actually have support for the blocks! For the first time, you can now buy blocks from the new MC Versions.
    • You can buy them from /shop
    • [​IMG]
    • If you don't play on 1.12 or higher, you will see these blocks as stone.
    • NOTE: You can still play on 1.7 -> 1.13
  • Autoblock chest added - These are chests that convert ingots to blocks
    • You can find these from /crates
  • New command added to view who has completed the most missions - /mission top
    • [​IMG]
  • Pouches added - /pouch
  • Use /applyfilter (while holding item in inventory) to set a filter to all the hoppers in your chunk.
    • Works for VIP ranks only
  • Added Confirmation GUI for redeeming unique items.
  • New command to show all boosters running - /boosters
    • Booster tipping can now be done in-game (/booster)
    • [​IMG]
    • You can also click to join the server with the booster applied
  • Auction max price has been increased to $1bil ($10 bil for OPSB)
  • Hopper island upgrades for item pull rate and item size transfer
  • Hopper upgrades added (Rate and Transfer Size) - /is upgrade...
The season will officially be ending on Thursday, the 27th of September at 4:00 PM EST.
Countdown: http://itsalmo.st/#is-top-calculations

Use this chance to place down all your valuable blocks to increase the chances of being in the Top 3 islands.
The /is top will grabbed at that time and the winners will be awarded at the start of next season.
This is when we will also shut down survival and skyblock for maintenance.

The server will then be live 24 hours later for everyone to enjoy!
4.9.3 | Upcoming Survival + SkyBlock Reset

The Survival, SkyBlock and OPSkyBlock season will be ending and a new season will begin on Friday, the 28th of September at 4PM EST

We will be releasing the new features through out the week and the full changelog will be compiled and posted on the reset day.

The winners of the SkyBlock season will also be posted soon.
4.9.2 | Factions + OPFactions Reset

Factions & OPFactions will be resetting today (Saturday, the 8th of September) @ 4PM EST (Click for countdown: http://itsalmo.st/#mh-fac-reset)


There will be changes to how MineHeroes will push updates and conduct resets. This is a long needed change and will improve server activity and updates. Resets will now include minimal changes and/or economy tweaks but more importantly new builds and warzones.
Instead, we hope to release updates through out the life of the map which should result in less bugs and problems on resets and more content for the server.

Here is this maps changelog:

  • New spawn build
  • New KoTHs
  • New Warzone
  • Castle/Outpost event added!
    • This is a new event that is running 24/7. It is similar to KOTH however you can claim it anytime and you and your faction will receive rewards for the duration it is claimed.
    • [​IMG]
    • Rewards for the capped faction:
      • 10k/per hour (100k) on OPFactions)
      • x2 EXP gained
      • x2 mcmmo EXP gained
      • x3 mobs spawned from spawners
  • Doubled default faction power from 40 -> 80
  • /f inspect will now work as a toggle and when toggled, if you right click a block with your hands it will show relevant information about it
    • Use /f inspect <#> to view pages
  • The anti-printer patch will now check/deactivate...
4.9.1 | Upcoming Factions + OPFactions Reset

This is just a quick post to inform you guys that we will be resetting both Factions & OPFactions this Saturday, the 8th of September at 4PM EST (Click for countdown: http://itsalmo.st/#mh-fac-reset)
We will be calculating last /f top value on Friday, the 7th of September at 4PM EST

The full changelog and map winners will be announced before the reset.
4.6.4 | Factions + OPFactions Reset

The reset is finally here! In just under 6 hours, Factions (Mars) and Factions2 (Apollo) will be merged and OPFactions will be reset. There's a new awesome spawn and /warp in (pvp arena). Check out the change-log below.


Faction Changes

Faction Inspect
You can now keep track of what is going on in your faction claims! This is very useful if you believe you are being insided or betrayed. Use the command /f inspect (page) to check recent changes/interactions made to blocks/chests in your claims.


You can check for blocks broken and who took items out or put items into chests.
Not every block is logged, only valuable and base building blocks.
This new feature can be expanded on greatly depending...
Reset/Release Date Changes:
  • Factions/Factions2 Merger and OPFactions Reset will be released on Saturday, June 30th @ 4:00PM EST
  • PvP + HCF Resets will occur sometime next week
  • ALL minigames will be shutting down July 1st
    • This is so we can focus on the core games we have and improve them.
I will make it up to you guys for these delays and unfulfilled promises.
Summer is just getting started.
4.6.2 | Survival + SkyBlock Reset!

Survival, SkyBlock and OPSkyBlock will be resetting in under 24 hours! There are quite a handful of changes, game-play improvements and new features. We went through the community suggestions and went over each suggestion for these servers and picked many of your requests to implement.

A new economy has been introduced to the server to encourage grinding and unlock new rewards! You can obtain MobCoins by killing mobs manually or setting up grinders.

YES! Mob coins can even travel through hoppers and into chests.


MobCoin Commands

  • /mobcoins balance - Check how many MobCoins you have
  • /mobcoins pay (name) (amount) - Send someone some of your mobcoins
  • /mobcoins upgrade - Open the upgrade menu to increase the amount of mobcoins you get from various mobs!
What can you use MobCoins for?
  • Daily Reward Spins
    • You can spend the MobCoins on a daily spin to win epic prizes! You can win cash, exp, crate keys, spawners, boosters, custom items and much more!
    • There's a daily limit that can be upgraded with your rank
    • [​IMG]
    • You can find the MobCoin Spin at spawn. Just punch to activate!
  • Pouches
    • Buy pouches for extra inventory/space
    • Upgrade your pouch capacity with MobCoins?
    • What are pouches? Check down below!!