Update 6.12.4 | SkyBlock2 Reset (December 2020)

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    6.12.4 | SkyBlock2 Reset (December 2020)

    SkyBlock2 will be resetting on Sunday the 27th of December at 4PM EST
    (Click here for countdown: https://itsalmo.st/skyblock2-reset-75zi)
    (See what time it is for you here: https://everytimezone.com/s/14588fc5)


    SkyBlock2 Reset Changes
    SkyBlock2 will be a longer season with monthly payouts. It could range from 3 to 6 months, depending on player counts and updates. This means there will be significant differences between SkyBlock1 and SkyBlock2 including the economy and gameplay features.

    We will be using SkyBlock2 to add and try new skyblock features and ideas before we add them to SkyBlock/OPSkyBlock. Expect the first new fun gameplay update very soon!

    Island Cane Top Rewards
    There will be 1 payout for the top player in /is canetop
    It will be awarded 1 WEEK into the map.

    • 1st Place: $25 BuyCraft Voucher + [CaneGod] - /tag
    Total Prize Pool: $25!
    You will receive it through /bcredits which you can redeem to spend on the server store

    Island Top Rewards
    There will be MONTHLY PAYOUTS on SkyBlock (which will be determined on the 1st of each month).

    • 1st Place: $100 PayPal Cash + the [TopIsland] /tag (tag is after the last payout)
    • 2nd Place: $75 BuyCraft Voucher
    • 3rd Place: $50 BuyCraft Voucher
    Set your paypal email with /is setpaypal (email)
    You will receive it through /bcredits which you can redeem to spend on the server store

    Block Value Island Top System
    The first major change of this reset is that we are going back to the block placing meta/strategy for Island Top.
    • [​IMG]
    New Block Values:
    • Obsidian - Obtained from Blaze Spawners
    Use /is values to see which blocks have the highest Island values when placed.
    Use /is level to calculate and see your current Island Level.
    Use /is who (name) to see other Island level and information

    One Block!
    We have added the new One Block Island gamemode where you start on a 1x1 Island and the center block keeps regenerating random blocks for you to use and expand your island with!
    • [​IMG]
    You will always know which block is the one block because it will be above the bedrock. All upgrades, island perks and features will continue to work.
    To access the Island, simply select the [NEW] One Block Island when creating your Island with /is

    • [​IMG]
    Island Skills
    Unlock skills for your team that gives certain buffs! These can be unlocked by completing /is challenges for island points. Use /is skills to open the Island Skills menu
    • [​IMG]
    These are the following skills you can obtain:
    • Blessing - Grants island members 5 minutes of Absorption 3
    • Warcry - Grants 15 seconds of Strength 3
    • Resilience - Grants island members 10 seconds of Resistance 3
    • Recovery - Grants island members 10 seconds of Regeneration 3
    • Retreat - Grants island members 5 seconds of Speed 3
    • Trainer - Increases mcMMO XP gained by 15% for 1 hour
    • Merchant - Grants a 20% sell boost for 1 hour
    • Grinder - Increases EXP gained by 25% for 1 hour
    Island Vault
    A new island storage sharing feature has been added called /is vault (alias /is chest). Store and share items with your Island in this new GUI.
    • [​IMG]
    Manage who can access the /is vault with /is settings
    You can upgrade your Island Vault size with /is upgrade

    • [​IMG]
    Island Bank
    Your Island can now have a shared bank balance. Use /is bank or /is bal to view your current Island Bank balance.

    • [​IMG]
    Use /is bank deposit (amount) to add money in to the Island Bank account
    Use /is bank withdraw (amount) to take money out of the Island Bank account

    Manage who can deposit and withdraw money from the Island Bank with /is settings

    Castle Revamp
    Castle buffs have been reworked! Check out the changes below
    • Added:
      • 10% Sell boost
      • 5% Shard key drop rate increase
      • x1.5 EXP Boost
      • $50,000 into the Island Bank for every Island Member online every 15 minutes
    Economy Changes
    These are changes to the /shop and other buy/sell prices.
    • Sugar cane: $864 -> $900
    • Sugar cane (VIP): $900 -> $950
    • Pumpkin: 2.3 -> 2.5
    • Gold Ingot: $9.5 -> $7.5
    • Gold Block: $85.5 -> $67.5
    • Iron Ingot: $7 -> $5
    • Iron Block: $63 -> $45
    • Redstone: $2 -> $1
    • Redstone Block: $18 -> $9
    • Diamond: $10 -> $8
    • Diamond Block: $90 -> $72
    • Emerald: $12.5 -> $10.5
    • Emerald Block: $99 -> $94.5
    • Gold nugget: $1 -> $0.66
    • Blaze Spawner: $10,000,000 -> $7,500,000
      • Drops Obsidian
    • Iron Golem Spawner : $30,000,000 -> $20,000,000
    • Endermite Spawner added: $30,000,000
    • Silverfish Spawner added: $40,000,000
    • Removed useless spawners from the VIP shop
    Spawner Drop Changes:
    • Blaze now drop Obsidian (Used for /is top)
    • Endermite Spawners added that drop Diamonds and Diamond Blocks when upgraded
    • Silverfish Spawners added that drop Emeralds and Emerald Blocks when upgraded
    • Removed wheat as a possible drop from villagers
    New Custom Items
    We have added new custom items that can be obtained through killing mobs, bosses, crates, mob coin spins, lucky blocks and the battle pass:

    • Mission Skip Orb
      • Skip a daily /mission
      • [​IMG]
    • Battle Pass Quest Skip Orb
      • Skip a battle pass quest and claim rewards - /battlepass
      • [​IMG]
    • Rank Up Skip Orb
      • Skip a rank without cash - /ranks
      • [​IMG]
    • Challenge Skip Orb
      • Skip your Island Challenge - /is challenge
      • [​IMG]
    Battle Pass Changes
    The following changes have been made to the Battle Pass system:

    • Battle Pass rewards buffed and new rewards added
    • Replaced Smelt Coal Ore Challenge with Break Quartz Ore
    • Fixed Nether Warts challenge not working
    • Added [BattlePass#2] Tag as final reward
    Get the Battle Pass here - https://store.mineheroes.net/category/items

    General Changes
    • A new spawn build added!
    • All island level quests have been removed.
    • Island Armor Sets no longer have quest related buffs.
    • Mining Armor Set income boost reduced
    • Removed perks that increased island level quest exp from armor sets
    • Auto-Block chests and Island Top Block re-added to /is shop
    • Buffed executioner boss rewards
    • Buffed undead horseman rewards
    • Buffed crate rewards
    • Added KOTH starters
    • Removed unused/useless spawners from most crates/rewards
    • Boss Eggs now display the difficulty type and info on how to view rewards:
      • [​IMG]
    • Buffed vote rewards - /vote
    • Fixed bug causing players to turn invisible when respawning
    • Replaced all kits/gkits with the Rejuvenate enchant with EnderBorn
    • Added cake eating setting in /is flags (fixes issue of not being able to eat cakes)
    • Fixed tournaments not rewarding 1st place with IG Spawners
    • Removed Forest Island schematic (redundant)
    • /is top command now works if you don't have an island.
      • Other Island commands will tell you to create an Island if you don't have one.
    • Blaze Spawners now drop Obsidian again
    • Godmode and Potion Boosters removed
    • Mobcoin Drops added for Silverfish and Endermite Spawners - /mobcoin upgrade
    • Hovering over /is top will now include the leader's name
    • Added /is create command (alias to /is home)
    • Trading blocked in the events world
    • Reduced shard key chance rate in /is pick
    • Winter Crate Keys added to the store
    • Santa and Christmas Global Kit added to the store
    • Increased crop growth rates
    • Reduced shard key chance rate in /is pick
    • Nerfed money from the Shard Crate
    • Fixed FlyBooster deactivating
    • Reduced Random Booster item price in /is shop from 4 to 3 points.
    • Enabled Bounty Hunter enchant on all tools and swords
    • Splash pots will work on the Undead Horseman Boss
    • New Chat Game Questions added! (Removed outdated ones)
    • Christmas Presents out now - https://store.mineheroes.net/category/specials
    • Supreme Christmas Bonus 2020 - Upgrade to Supreme and receive 25000 Tokens and the [TopTier] Tag
    • Fixed fly booster ignoring /is fly setting
    • Added /payout command
      • [​IMG]
    90% Store Sale
    Enjoy the SkyBlock reset with a 90% sale - store.mineheroes.net
    There are new items and kits available!

    Last Season Change Log
    Check out last maps reset change log here: https://www.mineheroes.net/threads/6-10-1-skyblock-opskyblock-reset-october-2020.46219/

    Please report bugs and issues here: www.mineheroes.net/bugs
    Post suggestions/feedback here: www.mineheroes.net/suggestions
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