Announcement 3.9.1 | Welcome Back
On the 17th of September 2017, an account with administrative privileges was comprised and abused to delete forum threads, email some users, copy a list of our emails and cause some damage in game. Our staff were quick to respond to the situation and we were able to prevent any further damage from happening and restored the game servers to their normal state.

The forums on the other hand was simply my fault. To restore a backed up database you have to delete the existing database (in this case the griefed forums) and then replace it with the backup database. As I was unzipping our huge backup, I went ahead and deleted the existing forums database and to my surprise, everything was backed up except the forums. We have multiple backups but they all skipped on backing up the forums database for some reason. We then had no forums and have since been remaking it.

What was hacked?
  • An account with FULL permission access to the website/server
What did the hackers do?
  • Deleted forum threads and announcements
  • Mass emailed some users advertising their website/service
  • Copied a list of about 52,000 emails from our forums database
What does this mean and should you be worried?
As mentioned above, the hackers do not have any passwords, only a copy of the emails used to sign up to the forums. However, the problem is that since people use the same emails and password for other web services, if one web service has leaked account and password information, it becomes easier to hack into accounts from other web services.

We encourage you to change passwords to websites that store sensitive data (like emails, Minecraft, Skype, Discord etc). We also encourage looking into 2FA (a second step/layer of protection on top of your password, e.g sending a text to your phone or a code...