5.11.1 | Factions Reset (November 2019)

Factions will be resetting on Friday the 15th of November at 4 EST
(Click for countdown: https://itsalmo.st/factions-reset-varu)
(See what time it is for you here: https://everytimezone.com/s/f5015859)

Check out the change-log below:

Reset Info
In order to make getting a corner as fair as possible we will be disabling the following things during the first hour of grace period:
  • /wild will be disabled
  • /fly will be disabled
  • Ender-pearls/pearling will be disabled
  • Everyone will have speed 2 & No hunger loss for the duration of the hour to make getting to corners less annoying
Factions and OPFactions Merge
Factions and OPFactions will be merged into 1 server. All kits/perks from OPFactions will be carried over. This decision was based off the poll we did last month (https://www.strawpoll.me/18851965/r). The results were not far apart but we beleive this merge will increase competition and benefit the server in the long run.

Reduced Map Length

The maps will now be 4 weeks long instead of 6. This is also due to the fact that the competition is dying out very quickly lately.

Increased F-TOP PayPal...
5.10.2 | Factions + OPFactions Reset (October 2019)

Factions & OPFactions will be resetting today at
(Click for countdown: https://itsalmo.st/factions-reset-70x1)


Check out the change-log below:

  • New spawn build added
  • You will now be able to get 2 challenge points per day instead of one, You will get one for completing 3 / 5 of challenges and another point for completing every challenge
  • Added challenge shop f perm for managing who can use the shop (Leader by default)
  • Added /f challengeshop
    • [​IMG]
  • Added notice message when using /f claim <radius> so players know to use raid claims when raiding
  • Made /f <claim|unclaim> radius send a single message instead of multiple
    • [​IMG]
  • Added /f shield GUI allowing you to pick a time of the day you want an 8 hour grace period. In this time frame specified you cannot be raided and you cannot raid others. Shield times are scheduled when the server is rebooted, your shield will NOT activate if your faction was made before a server restart
    • [​IMG]
    • [​IMG]
  • You can now view who filled/unfilled dispensers using TNT in f inspect
  • You can now view who added/deleted warps in f inspect
    • [​IMG]
  • Added sand bots, These are minions that will place sand for you, They look for nearby brick blocks and place sand adjacent to those brick blocks...
Hey Guys.

Factions/OPFactions reset will be delayed till tomorrow, same time (Sunday October 6 @ 4PM EST)

: https://itsalmo.st/factions-reset-70x1

This is completely my fault. CullanP worked really hard on this reset and offered alot of features but I wasn't able to be online to prepare the map.

I will think of a way to make it up to you guys for the delay (hopefully not game breaking). Post suggestions below.
5.10.1 | Survival & SkyBlock Reset Changelog (October 2019)

Survival and SkyBlock will be resetting in a few hours! We will be adding a lot more content through out the month of October and halloween. Here is the changelog so far:

New Spawn Builds:

  • [​IMG]
  • [​IMG]
  • [SkyBlock] Doubled Dragon Egg Stock when rolled in mob coin shop
  • Added mcMMo divination skill
    • [​IMG]
  • [Survival] Buffed iron ingot sell price to $9
  • Further improved anti chestshop scam GUI (This will open a confirmation gui for chestshops that are likely to be scams)
  • Redid a lot of the vote crate rewards/Buffed plat crates
  • Fixed /back locations not always being stored
  • Fixed certain damage not giving a combat timer when hit (Including fishing rods)
  • Fixed being able to use /god in combat to heal yourself
  • Fixed not being able to pull inventories of itemstacks out of a chest via double shift-click
  • [FONT=Trebuchet...
5.10.1 | Upcoming Resets! (October 2019)

We will be resetting our popular gamemodes this weekend!

Survival, SkyBlock and OPSkyBlock will be resetting on Friday the 4th of October @ 4PM EST

Factions and OPFactions will be resetting this Saturday the 5th of October @ 4PM EST
The full changelog will be compiled and posted on the reset day.
5.8.1 | Factions + OPFactions Reset (August 2019)

Factions & OPFactions will be resetting on Saturday, the 24th of August at
(Click for countdown: https://itsalmo.st/factions-reset-090m)

Check out the change-log below:


  • Divination (View stat information using /divination)
    • This is a new mcmmo skill that can be leveled by enchanting gear or obtaining custom enchants using EXP and will be expanded upon as time goes on
    • [​IMG]
  • A new faction upgrade has been added (Permanent depth strider)
    • [​IMG]
  • Added new /f mute|mutes command (This will prevent players from talking in your faction chat)
    • [​IMG]
  • Buffed koth rewards
  • Disabled placing blocks other than ice,water and lava at y255
  • Flying above normal speeds will no longer be possible (This means hacks can no longer use faster flying)
  • Getting kicked for flying will now kill you if you are tagged in combat
  • /back will no longer work in enemy/neutral bases that aren't being raided and will be cleared when the raid timer runs out...
5.7.3 | Factions + OPFactions Reset (July 2019)

Factions & OPFactions will be resetting on Saturday, the 13th of July at
(Click for countdown: https://itsalmo.st/factions-reset-w5my)

Check out the change-log below:


  • New spawn build added!
  • New PvP World added!
    • This is a new world and warp that will be used to host more koths, outposts and new events:
    • [​IMG]
  • Faction Alts - /f alts
    • Faction Alts or /f alts is a system that allows you to invite alts without actually taking up slots in your faction (Max of 50).
    • Alts cannot attack players or mobs.​
    • Alts do not contribute to your current faction power​
    • They CAN get attacked by players, They will not get sent to spawn on join, They can only place/print/buy falling blocks (Anvils, Sand, Gravel)​
    • [​IMG]
  • New Cannon Rule Multiple factions are no longer allowed to raid a single base (E.g shoot multiple cannons at it from multiple locations). The faction who is raiding will be responsible for knowing this. The faction who started firing AFTER the other faction will be disqualified (dq'd) for this. If you use alts or anything of that sort to try to bypass this rule, your main faction will also be dq'd. If you decide to do this while dq'd, extra punishment may be given.
  • No Allies
    • We will be...
5.7.2 | Survival + SkyBlock Reset Changelog (July 2019)


Survival & SkyBlock/OPSkyBlock will be resetting today! View the changelog below:
  • New Spawn Builds for Survival and SkyBlock
  • New PvP World for Survival and SkyBlock
    • This is a new world/warp with a big PvP arena that will host multiple events in the future:
      • [​IMG]
      • KoTH
      • Castle/Outpost
      • Supply Crates
      • Boss Event
  • EXPERIMENTAL - Implemented NEW Custom Block Values (OPSKYBLOCK ONLY)
    • Introducing Custom Block Values - These are CRAZY new blocks that you can obtain through the MobCoin /shop, /crates or Boss Mobs and events with unique names and island value.
    • [​IMG]
    • There are only a few of them and we will continue to add more through out the map. They will aid in balancing the economy and reduce the value of emerald block farming.
  • Added 1.8 worldborder to islands
    • [​IMG]
  • [Private] signs will now auto expire after 15 days of inactivity!
  • We will no longer be supporting grief reports. This means no more rollbacks! It is your responsibility to only ADD people you trust to your island or claims. We already have great systems to reduce grief activity, and we will continue to add more.
    • Griefing is still a BANNABLE offense
  • Added /is setpaypal (email) - Use this to set your faction paypal email for monthly reward payouts
  • Added /f setpaypal (email) - Use this to set your...
5.7.1 | Upcoming Survival + SkyBlock Reset (July 6th 2019)

The Survival, SkyBlock and OPSkyBlock season will be ending and a new season will begin on Saturday, the 6th of July at 4PM EST - (Count down: https://itsalmo.st/survival-skyblock-reset-bt8t)

The full changelog will be compiled and posted on the reset day.
5.5.1 | Factions + OPFactions Reset Changelog (June 2019)

Factions & OPFactions will be resetting on Saturday, the 1st of June
at 4PM EST
(Click for countdown: https://itsalmo.st/factions-reset-hoef)

Check out the changelog below:


We will be using the same spawn because we have a bigger reset planned for Summer (July Reset)

  • Removed old method of only using faction balances for determining who wins /f top.
    • Every time /f top updates you will get 1 point for every $100,000 ($1 mill on OPFAC).
    • This means that whoever holds the most wealth throughout the week will win that week over placing everything the last 2 days.
    • The points will reset every Saturday and you can see the estimate of how many points you will earn in the /f top tool tip
  • Added faction challenges which will give rewards after doing all 5 challenges each day - /f challenges
    • [​IMG]
  • Buffed boss rewards greatly. A new boss has been added - The Undead Horseman
  • Added sand tool to the...