Update 6.12.1 | Factions Mars Christmas Reset (December 2020)

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    6.12.1 | Factions Mars Christmas Reset (December 2020)

    Factions Mars (Factions1) will be resetting on Saturday the 5th of December at 4PM EST
    (Click for countdown: https://itsalmo.st/fac-mars-reset-1onk)
    (See what time it is for you here: https://everytimezone.com/s/8c706678)


    Reset Info
    In order to make getting a corner as fair as possible we will be disabling the following things during the 30 minutes of grace period:
    • /wild will be disabled
    • /fly will be disabled
    • Ender pearls will be disabled
    • Everyone will have speed 2 & No hunger loss for the duration of the 30 minutes to make getting to corners less annoying
    • Click to claim on /f map will be disabled
    • [NEW] Faction Bundles will be given to Factions that successfully claim a corner and have at least 10 members online. Staff will be monitoring the corners to see which factions are eligible. Simply ask for an admin online. Faction bundles include temporary ranks, trench tools, chunk busters and more to get you and your faction started!
      • [​IMG]
    Factions Mars Map Info
    • Map Duration: 2 Weeks (5 Days Grace, 9 Days Raiding)
    • F-TOP Prize Pool: $800 ($400 PayPal, $400 Buycraft)
    • Faction Size: 20
    • Faction Roster Size: 25
    • Faction Invites at SOTW: 40
    • Shield Time: 16 Hours
    • Cannon speed: 2 seconds
    • [NEW] Breadcrumbs: Enabled/Allowed
    • Anti-Patch cannons are allowed
    • Cannon box wall limit: 32
    • Raiding Worlds: 6
    • Buffer size: 20 Chunks
    • Max base size: 10x10 (Max of 3 chunks off border)
    • Ocean size: 1 Chunk
    • Cannon range limit: Unlimited
    • PvP Style: Soup PvP
    • Left shooting is not ALLOWED (Left shooting a base will result in an instant DQ, Adjusting is allowed so long as you're not actually left shooting into a base)
    • Adjusting outside raid claims is not allowed
    • Visit wiki for more info: www.mineheroes.net/wiki/factions/
    Factions Mars F-Top Rewards
    There will be 1 PAYOUT.

    • 1st Place: $250 PayPal + 250 Buycraft Credits
    • 2nd Place: $100 PayPal + 100 Buycraft Credits
    • 3rd Place: $50 PayPal + 50 Buycraft Credits
    Total Prize Pool: $800!
    Winners will be determined on Saturday at 4PM EST 9 days after grace ends.

    F Cane Top Rewards

    There will be 1 payout at the end of graceperiod for the top 3 players in /canetop

    • 1st Place: $25 BuyCraft Voucher + CaneGod tag
    • 2nd Place: $10 BuyCraft Voucher
    • 3rd Place: $5 BuyCraft Voucher
    Total Prize Pool: $40!
    You will receive it through /bcredits which you can redeem to spend on the server store

    World Info
    • Main World (/spawn)
      • 5,000 x 5,000 (-2,500 to 2,500) - Spawn in the middle
        • Flat, Y height: 40
      • 1,000 x 1,000 warzone
    • The End (/warp end)
      • 5,000 x 5,000 (-2,500 to 2,500) - Spawn in the middle
        • Flat endstone from Y:1 to Y:30
    • Moon World (/warp moon)
      • 5,000 x 5,000 (-2,500 to 2,500) - Spawn in the middle
        • Flat sandstone from Y:1 to Y:30
    • Mars World (/warp mars)
      • 5,000 x 5,000 (-2,500 to 2,500) - Spawn in the middle
        • Flat red sandstone from Y:1 to Y:30
    • Nether World (/warp nether)
      • 5,000 x 5,000 (-2,500 to 2,500) - Spawn in the middle
        • Flat netherrack from Y:1 to Y:30
    • Pluto World (/warp pluto)
      • 5,000 x 5,000 (-2,500 to 2,500) - Spawn in the middle
        • Flat snow world with packed ice below Y:30
    Feature Changelog
    Sell Hoe Updates
    The Sell Hoe has been revamped with a new cane shop and cane rewards system. The lore of the item has also been updated and it will only work for SUGAR CANE.

    • [​IMG]
    Cane Shop
    You can now put your extra stored crops to good use with the new Sell Hoe shop to buy epic rewards. You can find the shop in the same GUI as /upgrade.

    • [​IMG]

    Cane Rewards
    Enjoy grinding cane this map because you will now have a chance to receive random rewards while grinding! Preview the rewards you can obtain with /sellhoe rewards

    • [​IMG]
    Rewards found through grinding cane will be broadcasted in chat!

    Shield Updates
    The Shield System (/f shield) has been updated and simplified. The GUI will now show the shield length and the current time. It will also display shield times that last until the next day.
    • [​IMG]
    Shield times also been fixed. Certain shield times displayed the wrong end times.

    Faction Warnings
    In order for factions to not want to break the rules we will be adjusting the warning system as follows: Every point you get will now reduce your worth by a percentage.

    • [​IMG]
    Due to shorter maps, points will not be removed. The following points apply the following deductions:
    • 1 Point = 10% Value removed
    • 2 Points = 20% Value removed
    • 3 Points = 30% Value removed
    • 4 Points = 40% Value removed
    • 5 Points = 50% Value removed
    • 6 Points = 60% Value removed
    • 7 Points = 70% Value removed
    • 8 Points = Disqualified
    Lightning Wands and Charged Creepers
    Lightning wands allow you to right click a creeper to summon lightning to make then super charged! This will not work on players. Charged creepers have a much larger explosion radius!

    • [​IMG]
    Obtain them from the /shop, /crates, lucky blocks and the challenge shop (/f shop)

    Wealth Storing
    A new system for storing wealth has been put in place:

    • Spawners are only allowed to be stored in your faction vault
      • Due to this change, spawners now stack to 64
    • F alts can no longer hold spawners
    Faction Balances
    Viewing other balances has been disabled. You can check your faction member balances with /f pbalance (name)

    • [​IMG]
    You can see your faction top balances with /f baltop
    • [​IMG]
    Added /f drain (amount or all) which takes the money out of the player balances and deposit it back to the Faction Bank (if they have the Drain Toggle enabled)
    • [​IMG]
    You can enable/disable Faction Draining with /f settings
    • [​IMG]
    You can use /f perms menu to manage the new faction bank features

    KOTH Starters
    New KOTH event starters have been added. They can start the following KOTHS: North, East, South and West and can be obtained from crates or store.mineheroes.net

    • [​IMG]
    Bug Fixes
    • Creepers obtained through spawner hunt no longer drop gunpowder
    • Removed the Rocket Item because it was being used to phase
    • Fixed /koth top displaying Top Koth Captures in reverse order
    • /f unclaimall will now properly reset your cane limit
    • Fixed bug with /f cane claimline that allowed you to claim more cane chunks than the cane chunk limit (300 chunks)
    • /fly is now disabled during combat
    • Shield end times fixed - /f shield
    • Fixed not being able to kill mobs at /warp farm
    General Changes
    • New Spawn, Warzone and 4 new KoTHS added!
    • DarkZone world updated with a new winter theme map
    • Renamed Upgrade Points to Challenge Points in /f shop
    • /baltop has been re-enabled but player balances will not be shown
      • [​IMG]
    • Added shield duration and current time in /f shield
    • Droppers can now be opened in other territories and is no longer water protected
    • Added KOTH event starters
    • Added Burst IV to Reset Pack
    • Added /echest to Hero rank
    • Added /back to Hero rank
    • Added /back on death to Hero rank
    • Added 4 Hero rank crystals to faction bundle
    • Removed Elite ranks from the faction bundle
    • Removed unused spawners from possible rewards
    • Removed TNT Item from kit raid
    • Removed useless raid event rewards
    • Removed the ability to /bal other players
    • Removed the ability to /baltop
    • Buffed EXP drop rates from villager spawners
    • Buffed spawn rate for villager spawners
    • Buffed EXP Reward from bosses
    • Buffed crate rewards slightly
    • Buffed boss rewards slightly
    • Buffed Rare armor box to Unbreaking IV
    • Buffed Event armor to Unbreaking V
    • /f canetop now shows your factions cane stats
    • /canetop shows global cane stats
    • Mob Collectors now deposit tnt to your /f tnt balance
    • /gem shop command removed
    • New alias for /f vault called /f chest added
    • Jelly Legs now work during combat again - /jellylegs
    • Boss Eggs now display the difficulty type:
      • [​IMG]
    • You can now see who spawned a boss in your faction with /f inspect
      • [​IMG]
    • GenBucket prices reduced - /gb
    • The Battle Pass has been removed. It will be return when it has been reworked for Factions
    • Lucky Blocks have been removed completely.
    • Removed useless spawners and blocks from /f topvalues
    • BreadCrumbs is now allowed/supported on MineHeroes Factions.
    Bans Purge
    All INGAME punishments and bans and IPbans have been lifted except for serious punishments such as: Blacklisted Players, Chargeback, DDoS/Dox etc

    Rule Updates

    • Anti-Nuke Walls (Finnsters) are NOT allowed on Factions Krypton and Faction Mars.
    • A minimum base size of 2x2 is now required to qualify for /f top
    • Base floors must be at Y:200 or lower
    • You're only allowed a maximum of 1 Counter per side of base
    • Hiding any value will result in a disqualification from /f top
    • Selling anything that could change the outcome of /f top for paypal is disallowed
      • This includes but not limited to: Spawners, TNT, Money
    • Sand tooling while being raided will now result in a temporary ban for the offender and 1 warning point for the faction
      • This rule only applies to people sand tooling the cannon shot while being raided
    • Your roof must be watered
      • Failure to follow this will result in a warning point
    Factions Krypton Reset
    Factions Krypton (Factions2) will be resetting right after the Factions Mars Map on Saturday the 19th of December at 4PM EST
    (Click for countdown: https://itsalmo.st/fac-krypton-reset-qd7t)
    (See what time it is for you here: https://everytimezone.com/s/98b9da34)

    More Info: https://www.mineheroes.net/threads/6-11-7-upcoming-mars-krypton-christmas-maps-december-2020.46959/

    90% Store Sale
    Enjoy the Factions resets with a 90% sale - store.mineheroes.net
    There are new items and kits available!

    Last Season Change log
    Factions Krypton change log: https://www.mineheroes.net/threads/6-11-3-factions-krypton-reset-november-2020.46826/
    Factions Mars reset change log: https://www.mineheroes.net/threads/6-10-6-factions-mars-x-falcun-reset-november-2020.46618/

    Please report bugs and issues here: www.mineheroes.net/bugs
    Post suggestions/feedback here: www.mineheroes.net/suggestions
    Rules: www.mineheroes.net/wiki/factions/
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