Hey Heroes!

December 23rd - Giveaway Winners, Double Gems & Double Credits

As promised, the winners of the Twitter giveaway have been decided! The winners of each of the prizes are:
You will be contacted privately if you won an Ultimate rank or Buycraft voucher. Well done to the winners!

Additionally, everyone will receive double gems and double credits this weekend!

December 24th - Platinum Keys, Tokens & Gems Giveaway

The final event we have in store for the 12 days of Christmas events is a platinum key, tokens and gems giveaway for everyone! Tomorrow at 4pm EST (countdown), everyone online will receive a platinum key on the server they are on at the time, 10,000 tokens, and 10,000 gems!

We hope to see you all there!

-The MH Team
Supreme is the latest and greatest rank on MineHeroes and is only obtainable through the store. It is an exclusive and prestigious rank with amazing features that everyone will love. Can you guess what the Supreme Rank logo/avatar represents?


Supreme is now available!
The rank is $140 USD or you can upgrade from Ultimate for $100 USD
Supreme is not obtainable through vouchers, giftcards, platinum keys, giveaways etc.

Features and Bonuses
ALL previous rank features from Hero to Ultimate plus:
  • [Supreme] rank tag and tab color (BOLD)
    • [​IMG]
  • Lucky Roll
    • This is an OP new feature where you can access all kits. Each day you will be allowed to unlock a new kit that you do not own. Once the kit is accessed, a cooldown will apply and next time you use Lucky Roll it will skip the kits on cooldown.
    • [​IMG]
    • You can access the Lucky Roll Kit from the /kits menu
  • RANK IDS - Everyone that unlocks the new rank will have a #number that shows the order in which they bought the rank. This can be toggled with /toggles
    • [​IMG]
    • This means...
Hey Heroes!

Thank you to everyone who participated in the art contest! We had many great entries, but we had to narrow it down to the top 5. The winners are:

1st Place ($30 Buycraft voucher, [Artist] tag & 5,000 tokens) - @Fragmints

2nd Place ($20 Buycraft voucher & 5,000 tokens) - @Chrissywaffles

3rd Place ($15 Buycraft voucher & 5,000 tokens) - @CandyBunny2o2

4th Place (5,000 tokens) - @BabyAnnays

5th Place (5,000 tokens) - @Jinxx1011

If you won a Buycraft voucher, you will be contacted privately with your code.

Well done to the winners!

-The MH Team
Hey Heroes!

December 20th - Christmas GKIT

The Christmas GKit is now available for purchase for the next 2 weeks only. This GKit contains items that can be unlocked on any server but with a global cooldown. The cooldown for the Christmas GKit is 4 weeks. Only people that haven’t bought the Christmas Gkit can buy it. Unlock the new GKit here: store.mineheroes.net

As an added bonus, anyone who buys a Christmas GKit this year will receive a Christmas2017 tag and Christmas SnowCloud particles to showcase their achievement.



December 21st - Mini Build Contests

Throughout tomorrow (12/21/17), we’ll be hosting mini building contests on Creative! There will be token prizes for those who participate:

  • 1st Place - 5,000 tokens
  • 2nd Place - 3,500 tokens
  • 3rd Place - 2,000 tokens
  • 4th Place - 1,000 tokens
Everyone can participate up to three times. We hope to see you there, and good luck to everyone who participates!

- The MH Team
Hey Heroes!

December 19th - Giving Back

Since this is the season of giving, we’re doing just that!

So go ahead and get tweeting ;)! To enter the giveaway simply tweet @MineHeroesMC with your IGN, your favorite Christmas tradition, and #Christmas2017. Make sure you're following us to be entered!

Here’s what it should look like:

There’s a chance to win ranks, buycraft vouchers, tokens and more by simply tweeting; the winners will be announced on December the 23rd! :)

Have a great Christmas and a blessed holiday season!

- The MH Team
Hey Heroes!

December 18th - Christmas MemoryBuild Maps

With all this fun and cheer, new holiday builds are near. Test your memory and retentive skill with our new Christmas memory builds!

An amazing Christmas themed map has been created just in time for Christmas! Thanks to @TeamFractal for all the hard work they put into the map and builds!



These are just a few of the builds that we've created for you all to enjoy! We'll see you tomorrow for the next surprise..

Have a merry Christmas and a blessed holiday season :)

-The MH Team
Hey Heroes!

December 17th - Christmas Karaoke

Tomorrow (December 17th) at 4pm EST, we will be hosting a Christmas themed karaoke on Teamspeak! Come along and sing some Christmas tunes, or just come to listen and have some fun with the community!

There will be a 5,000 token participation prize, but you will need to actually try if you want to receive the tokens.

We hope to see you there!

The MH Team
Hey Heroes!

December 15th - Double EXP and Winter Key

On the third day of Christmas MineHeroes gave to you: double EXP and the winter key release!

This weekend, all players will receive double EXP! As well as this, the winter key will be released today! The winter key is an awesome addition with new and very unique items, such as rank crystals, burst II pickaxes, spawners and more! This exclusive key will be available for this month only.



You can purchase winter keys from the store: store.mineheroes.net

December 16th - Staff vs. Players

Staff vs. Players will be tomorrow 5pm EST and will be held on Factions1 (Time). This SvP’s will be exactly how we had it last time (the automated version). As you can see, like last time, there is bountiful loot to be acquired.


We hope to see you all there, and, as always, be watching the forums for daily updates on new events and announcements!

Have a joy filled holiday season,

The MH team.

It’s that time of year again! Families come together, carols are sung, and stockings are hung. The MineHeroes team is proud to be apart of this joyful season. We have tons of gifts and events in store for you!

As you may have already noticed, the holiday hubs are already in full effect and the present hunt is underway! Find all of the presents to earn sweet rewards like tokens, gems, and holiday tags!

This is just the first fun filled event we are having. Every day until Christmas there will be something new and exciting to fill the holiday season. Make sure you check back each day to see what we have lined up!

December 14th - Writing Competition

Today's event is a writing competition. Write a holiday themed short story or poem and we will pick the three best to receive a prize. The deadline for submissions is December 28th.

The rules for the competition are as follows:
  • Your competition entry must not be inappropriate.
  • Your story/poem must be your own work.
  • Your story/poem must fit in one forum post.
  • You cannot win if you are banned, however you may still enter if you wish to.
The prizes are as follows:
  • 1st Place - 15,000 tokens + [Writer] Tag [​IMG]
  • 2nd Place - 10,000 tokens.
  • 3rd Place - 5,000 tokens.
To enter the contest, click here. Winners will be announced on January 1st.

Have a fun filled holiday season from all of us at MineHeroes! :)
Hello Heroes!

Now that Christmas is just around the corner, we thought it would be the perfect time to host another art contest! The theme for the contest will be "Christmas at MineHeroes", and the deadline for submissions will be December 18th.

The rules for the contest are as follows:
  • The drawing must be your own work.
  • Any art submitted must follow the contest theme.
  • You may do your drawing physically (i.e. on paper) or digitally (i.e. on Photoshop, paint.net etc.)
  • Builds will not be accepted.
And, of course, there will be prizes for the winners:
  • 1st Place - $30 Buycraft voucher for the store and the limited edition [Artist] tag in-game.
  • 2nd Place - $20 Buycraft voucher for the store.
  • 3rd Place - $15 Buycraft voucher for the store.
  • Top 5 entries - 5,000 tokens.
To enter the contest, click here and fill out the form. The winners should hopefully be announced a week after we stop accepting submissions.

The art contest is now over. The winners should be announced within the next week. Thank you to everyone who entered, and good luck!