Jul 1, 2020
  • Map Number: Map 2 (Started June 15, 2018 - PRESENT)
    Minecraft Version: 1.8 (1.7 through 1.12 compatible)

    Skyblock FAQ: https://www.mineheroes.net/threads/skyblock-1-2-3-guide-faq-map-7.10009/

    What Is OpSkyblock?:

    OpSkyblock is a peaceful, Skyblock-like server where the goal is to create an island and expand it to its limits! The difference is that this server is more OP than normal skyblock.

    There are currently THREE Skyblock Servers you can play on. Skyblock Spear (Skyblock1), Skyblock Bow (Skyblock2), and Skyblock Shield (OPSkyblock). You can join these Servers by typing /server then clicking one of the grass blocks with the server name in the GUI. Or you can type /server sb1, /server sb2 or /server opsb depending on which Skyblock you want to join.

    Each server has a competitive aspect to it which is done through island levels. You can check your island level by using the command /is level and you can check the leaderboard with /is top. You can upgrade your island level by placing items such as iron blocks, diamond blocks, emerald blocks, etc. You can view how much each block increases your island level by with the command /is topvalues.

    Skyblock Rules:

    #1: Scamming is disallowed (including /ah scamming, shop sign scamming and Irl scamming).
    #2: Griefing is disallowed.
    #3: Tp killing/trapping is disallowed.
    #4: Hacked clients, illegal modifications and macros are strictly disallowed, no exceptions.
    #5: Abuse of bugs or glitches is not allowed.
    #6: Inappropriate buildings are not allowed.
    #7: Inappropriately naming items is not allowed.

    Island Top Rules:

    During the Island top competition, splitting your worth to try and win more than one prize is not allowed and only one island will be rewarded for every competition we have.
    #2 Using alts to win multiple spots on Island top is not allowed.

    Top Island Rewards:
    Rewards will be paid out monthly on EACH server. There will be 3 or 4 payouts, depending on the server economy and how we schedule the resets!

    The monthly payout amounts on OPSkyblock are:

    • 1st Place: $150 PayPal Cash
    • 2nd Place: $100 PayPal Cash
    • 3rd Place: $75 PayPal Cash

    Set your paypal email with /is setpaypal (email)

    • Server updated to Minecraft Version 1.8.
    • Uses ASkyBlock for island creation and management.
    • Now with auction house.
    • New /warps menu.
    • New /shop menu.
    • Players can now choose from 9 Skyblock starter islands. Each with a special theme/biome and difficulty.
    • Ranked players can access /warp xp.
    • Island challenges which can be viewed/completed with /challenges or /c
    • New achievements for Skyblock! View them with /achievements
    • Withdraw money into bank notes with /withdraw (amount).
    • You can withdraw your exp into a single bottle by typing /bottle (amount)
    • Public animal and mob farms for all players at /warp farm and /warp mob
    • Quickly convert ores into blocks with /block (Using this command will turn 9 iron ingots into 1 block of iron, or any ore that has a block form)
    • Quickly convert golden nuggets into gold ingots with /ingot (Using this command will turn 9 golden nuggets into 1 gold ingot)
    • Boosters (More information here)
    • New! MobCoins!
    • New! Pouches!
    • New! Supply Crates!
    • New! Boss Battles and Boss Mobs!
    • New! Shop Sell Filter!
    • New! Relics and up to date Custom Enchants!
    • New! Heads merchant!
    • New! Custom Items and Wands!
    • New! New Crates and Crate Keys!
    • New! Token shop additions!
    • New! In-game Ranks & Abilities!
    • New! Top Island Rewards!

    OpSkyblock Specific Features:
    • Block Spawners (Diamond Block, Emerald Block)
    • Ingot Spawners (Cobble, Stone, Glowstone, Coal, Lapis, Redstone, Iron, Diamonds, Emeralds)
    • Increased/Buffed Economy
    • Iron Golem spawners are purchasable from the shop for 75,000,000
    • New! World Edit!

    Island Commands:
    Skyblock offers a lot of commands to help you manage your island.

    • /is - If you do not have an island, typing this command will let you create one and even choose the type of island you want. If you currently have an island, this same command will open the island GUI.
    • /is invite - If you want to invite a friend to your island, you can invite them with this command.
    • They must accept the invitation with /is accept.
    • /is go - Teleports you to your island. You can also use /is home
    • /is sethome - Sets a spawn point for the command /is home
    • /is warps - Opens the island warp gui. You can teleport to different islands shown in the gui
    • /is warp <ign> - Teleport to a specific player's island
    • /is expel <ign> - Brings a player from your island to spawn
    • /is kick <ign> - Kicks a player from your island team
    • /is ban <ign> - Bans a player from your island, preventing them from entering
    • /is makeleader <ign> - Lets you transfer ownership of your island to another player
    • /is unban <ign> - Unbans a player from your island, allowing them to enter your island again
    • /is coop <ign> - Allows a player to temporarily build on your island and access unprotected chests. They will lose this ability when you log off or type /is uncoop [ign]
    • /is uncoop <ign> - Removes the ability for a player to build on your island
    • /is trust <ign> - Permanently gives a player to build on your island and access unprotected chests. They will lose this ability if you type the same command again
    • /is cane trust <ign> - Temporarily gives a player access to place/break dirt/sugarcane.
    • /is lock - Locks your island, so visitors cannot enter (unless they are cooped/trusted on your island). Type the same command again to unlock it
    • /is settings - Opens the island settings GUI. You can toggle different settings which will change what island visitors will be able to do on your island
    • /is biomes - Opens the biome GUI which allows you to change your island biome
    • /is info - List some basic information about your island
    • /is top - View the top 10 islands with the highest island level
    • /is level - Calculates the level of your island based off the blocks placed on it.
    • /is topvalues - Opens a gui which tells you how much island experience each block gives you
    • /is help - Gives you the full list of all the skyblock commands
    • /is upgrades - allows you to upgrade the size of your island border, the rates of your ore-gen, the amount of island members you can trust/invite the speed of your hoppers, the amount of hoppers you can have on your island and much more.
    You can allow players to warp to your island by placing a welcome sign where ever you want players to teleport when warping. On the first line of the sign, write [Welcome] (with the brackets), and the remaining lines can be used to write a message about your warp. If the sign is valid, [Welcome] will turn green. Placing a new [Welcome] sign without breaking the old one will turn the old sign red and make the previous sign invalid.

    Island Upgrades:

    You can buy/unlock exciting upgrades for your island so you can continue expanding and have a great time! You can view/buy island upgrades with the command /is upgrades

    There are currently 9 things you can upgrade:

    1. Island Size - Increase the size of your island so you can build more! The default size of each island (including the nether island) is 300x300 and the maximum size is 500x500.
    2. Ore Generators - Make your ore generators more efficient/valuable with this upgrade! This will increase the chance of getting ores like redstone, lapis, iron, gold, diamonds, and emeralds.
    3. Nether Ore Generators - Make your ore generators in the nether more efficient/valuable with this upgrade! This will increase the chance of getting new materials.
    4. Team Size Cap - This will increase the number of players you can have on your island team. The default size of each Skyblock island team is 4.
    5. Trust Limit Cap - This will increase the number of players you can trust on your island. The default amount of players you have trusted on your island is 1 and the maximum is 6.
    6. Hopper Cap - This will increase the number of hoppers you can have on your island. The default amount of hoppers can have on your island is 300 and the maximum is 500.
    7. Hopper transfer Speed - Increase the hopper speeds on your island entirely. Max Speed is 50%. Available Leves: 5. Increase Hopper Speed by 10% with each upgrade.
    8. Hopper Item Transfer Amount - Increase the hopper transfer amount on your island entirely. Max Speed is 50%. Available Levels: 5. Increase Hopper transfer amount by 10% with each upgrade.
    9. Harvester Cap - This will increase the number of harvester chests you can have on your island. The default amount of harvester chests you can have on your island is 1 and the maximum is 5.
    The more you upgrade, the more costly the upgrade becomes! If you reset your island, your upgrades will reset, meaning you will have to start over.


    Boosters were recently added as a purchasable temporary server-wide buff! More booster information Here

    Block and Ingot Spawners:

    Block Spawners and Ingot Spawners are brand new types of spawner, only found on OpSkyblock. Block spawners spawn ore blocks, while Ingot spawners spawn ore ingots. For example, if you have a Diamond Block spawner, it will spawn diamond blocks, while a diamond spawner will spawn a normal diamond. Block and Ingot spawners start off at level 1 and can be upgraded to level 5. At level one, your spawner can only hold 9 stacks of whatever item it produces. Every level they get upgraded, the spawners can hold 9 more stacks of items before being filled. Upgrading these spawners also increases the generation rate of the items. Each level increases the speed by 10%.

    More info here: https://www.mineheroes.net/threads/ore-block-spawner-guide.15314/#post-88036



    WorldEdit for Supreme

    Supreme ranked members can now use worldedit on their islands or islands they are a member of. This works by using the resources/blocks in your inventory.

    This feature can also be bought separately from the store if you don't want to buy Supreme.


    The OPSkyblock economy is very different from the other SkyBlock Servers. This Servers economy is very buffed compared to the other Skyblock Servers, meaning that everything costs more and also sells for a lot more.

    Iron Golem Spawners:

    Iron Golem spawners have been requested to appear in the shop for a long time. Iron golem spawners used to only be accessible from the token shop. These spawners were only obtainable by buying them with tokens. Now, Iron Golem spawners are able to be bought from /shop for 75,000,000 (75 Million).

    Local Ranks:

    Helps slow down the rush of the economy, and give an incentive for players to focus towards. Every rank increases the sell prices of a few items, meaning that the more money you put in, the more money you can make.
    • There are 25 ranks in total.
    • Every 3 Ranks come with a new ability, view the ability list with /ability (or /ab).
    • Every 5 Ranks come with a new kit, preview the kits in the /kit gui and right-clicking them
    • New kits are: SkyBorn, Baller, Pirate, SkyGod, SkyLegend.
    There are also unlockable perks every few Ranks, you can preview all the benefits in the /ranks gui.
    Use /rankup to level up to the next rank if you have enough money.