Oct 22, 2019
  • Map Number: Map 16 (Saturday December 8, 2018 - Current) - Version 1.8
    Minecraft Version: 1.8 (1.7 -> 1.12)

    Custom World Generation:

    Like standard Factions, OPFactions features custom world generation with crazy biomes and dungeons with loot to explore and conquer.

    World Sizes:
    • Overworld: 15,000 x 15,000 (Center is 0,0)
    • Nether World: 3,000 x 3,000 (Center is 0,0)
    • End World: 10,000 x 10,000 (Center is 0,0)
    • Moon World: 10,000 x 10,000 (Center is 0,0)
    All worlds are generated with flat bedrock. All corners of each world can be claimed.

    Faction Buffer Rules:
    • There is a 25 chunk buffer claim limit from the edge of your base in each direction. Failure to comply in this rule will result in a warning from a staff member. After the warning you will have 12 hours to unclaim any excess claims. If the claims aren't removed in 12 hours a admin or dev will remove them for you. Repeat offenders will be punished as follows;
    • Due to players taking advantage of our buffer rule and looking for a warning on purpose and trying to hold out past 25 chunks for as long as possible. Restrictions will be put in place depending on 2 key factors, the severity of how far out the chunks go and if they knowingly did it. We hold the right to unclaim all claims in the surrounding area if we feel it is severe enough. If it is not severe we will warn the faction. A warning would be a less severe buffer, an unclaim of all the chunks would be a more severe buffer. There is noexception to this rule, if your base is unclaimed due to a mistake on your end we are not at fault.
    • Towning is no longer allowed (Making bases next to other bases). We will give the faction 2 days max to leave for the first warning. The second warning will result in the claims for the second base being unclaimed.
    • If you are caught extending your buffers with an alt faction, the alt faction will be disbanded, if you are caught for a second time both Factions will be disbanded.
    Factions Related Rules:

    #1: Factions are allowed a 25 chunk buffer claim limit from the edge of your base in each direction.
    #2: Factions are allowed a max base size of 10x10, With a max claim size of 35 chunks (This means you can have a max of 240 walls or 25 chunks (so 25 chunk buffer + the base of 10 chunks). If you go past this you will be punished according to the faction buffer
    #3: Checkboxes are entirely disallowed (This includes wall streaming & or using alts to hear TNT on your wall). First warning is a removal of the checkbox system alongside fortified walls being shortened by 1s for that faction for the day or next day depending on the time. Second warning is 25% of the wealth of that faction being taken. Third warning is a disband, there will be no exceptions to this rule, if you get to the third warning you will be disbanded.
    #4: Towning is disallowed (If it is ABSOLUTELY necessary and there is NO room left on the map only then can towning be considered allowed, under no circumstances will we turn a blind eye if we find you to be breaking this rule intentionally, all land will be unclaimed for the faction with less value)
    #5: Splitting your Factions worth to win more than one prize is disallowed, only one faction will receive the ftop prize. If you are found to be breaking this rule you will be disqualified from the current week and 25% of your wealth will be taken away.
    #6: Scamming is allowed, however, scams involving Irl money or items is not allowed.
    #7: Extending buffers using an alt faction is disallowed.
    #8: Inappropriate faction tags are not allowed.
    #9: Inappropriate faction titles are not allowed.
    #10: Inappropriate faction descriptions are not allowed.
    #11: Using hacked clients is disallowed.
    #12: Raid alters/tnt detectors (and similar mods/bots) are disallowed. Bots such as a Discord Reminder Bots are allowed. If you unsure make a support ticket here: https://www.mineheroes.net/forums/support/
    #13: Tp Trapping is allowed.
    #14: Console clients are allowed, however, abuse of console clients (Having macros/scripts tied to the console client to spam or give an unfair advantage) (This also includes using ANY bots that may allow you to macro e.g OQMinebot, Using this will result in a perm ban even if you aren't using its features) is strictly disallowed.
    #15: Insiding is strictly prohibited (Doing anything malicious towards your own faction for your personal gain or another Factions gain, Faction leaders abusing f perms included) doing so will result in at least a 2 week ban (Depending on the severity (You can also be DQ'd for this) and time of the inside E.g: Near the end of the map a perm ban may be given out)
    #16: Ally raiding is strictly prohibited if you are doing it with extra f perms or in any way you wouldn't normally be able to as a neutral/enemy
    • 1st Offence: 2 week ban for anyone involved
    • 2nd Offence: 3 week ban for anyone involved
    • 3rd Offence: Perm ban with chance of unban through appeal
    #17: If you decide to raid another ally with alternate accounts, we WILL tell the other faction who you are if they make a ticket in order to keep raiding fair. (No punishments will be given out for this)
    #18: Knowingly playing with blacklisted players and inviting them to your faction may result in a faction disband and or ban to the player involved depending on the severity of the case.
    #19: This also means temporarily claiming outside of your max buffer size to patch is also not allowed. This also includes claiming in front of a Cannon that's shooting into your buffer
    #20: Knowingly playing with blacklisted players and inviting them to your faction may result in a faction disband and or ban to the player involved depending on the severity of the case.
    #21: Changing your keys to fast place is NOT allowed
    #22: Giving TNT to other Factions to allow them to raid for you is NOT allowed, You will be heavily punished for this. This goes hand in hand with sharing wealth, You may be banned and or DQ'd for doing this

    Disclaimer: These are only server specific Rules, chat and behaviour related Rules can be found here https://www.mineheroes.net/wiki/server-rules/these Rules apply to all Servers.

    Faction-Top Rules:

    #1: The area that is calculated as having the most wealth must be inside of a base, this means the spawners cannot be out in the open and must be inside of a base with at least 35 walls with claims. If the walls are broken but your base is protected, as long as there are 35 broken walls you will be safe (This is aimed towards smaller Factions, if you are a bigger faction, you must have 1 single main base with all your wealth, DO NOT move bases every time you get raided and make new bases with 35 walls minimum, This is not allowed).
    #2: Hiding base wealth is strictly disallowed, this means spreading out spawners in your buffer, rev layers or randomly placing them in your base in areas that are not obtainable is not allowed. This also includes hiding spawners in random claims underground just to simply gain value. Depending on the severity your fortified wall time may be lowered, This ALSO includes constantly moving bases around every time you are raided.
    #3: To clarify on our previous Rules, you are no longer allowed to put boxes around your spawners at all, if you make multiple mini boxes and hide your spawners in them, this is not allowed at all, even if you're using them as a grinder they must be out in the open (Easily accessible, if they are enclosed this is not allowed) in some form.
    #4: Multiple Factions are no longer allowed to raid a single base (E.g shooting multiple cannons at a base from multiple locations, This rule applies to single Factions as well, If you use 2 cannons as a single faction, those 2 cannons must be firing at the same location). The faction who is raiding will be responsible for knowing this. The faction who started firing AFTER the other faction will be dq'd for this. If you use alts or anything of that sort to try to bypass this rule, your main faction will also be dq'd. If you decide to do this while dq'd, extra punishment may be given. (This rule doesn't apply to defenders/counters)
    #5: Having an ally inside another faction inside for you will result in a DQ for the raiding faction and a ban will be handed out to the insider depending on the severity of the ban.
    #6: Setting up multiple cannons to be toxic towards another faction is not allowed, This means just having 2 cannons setup pointed at a base at the same time will result in a DQ, if you are not careful there will be no warnings for this. If you are caught doing any one of these things, you will be DQ'd.
    #7: Spreading out your spawners randomly on the ceiling all over the place intentionally to make it extremely hard to raid is no longer allowed, this is mainly aimed towards 1-2 block pillars, This means having spawners on your ceiling is still allowed, just not spread out to make raiding harder (You can still use multiple spawners and have them spread out in boxes over your roof, just don't spread them out for wealth all over the place for no purpose other than to make them harder to raid, Doing so will result in a DQ, You will know when Factions are breaking this rule, do not report simply for Factions having spawners on their ceiling, only report when they're spread out in a large radius).
    #7: When raiding another faction you MUST use /f raid claim (This includes counters outside of your buffer (You are allowed to perm claim to counter counters when raiding another faction (You must use your own raid claims when using any cannons including counters only when near your base/defending your base), Using counters in your own base claims does not need raid claims) using regular claims to claim your Cannon box and to patch inside of your Cannon box is strictly not allowed, This means if faction A is raiding faction B with a Cannon, faction A's Cannon must be claimed by raid claims. This also means that you can switch base sides so long as you are using raid claims to claim your Cannon, you cannot setup a Cannon with regular claims and then claim with raid claims to switch sides, cannons must be claimed with raid claims from the very start.
    #8: When raiding, patching outside of your raid claims is strictly prohibited, You MUST patch inside of the raid claims, Proof of any Factions patching outside of raid claims when raiding another faction will result in a DQ
    #9: Abusing /f shield in any way shape or form to prevent someone from raiding you will result in a 2 week DQ from payouts, If you are DQ'd due to shield abuse and you still abuse the shield even after being DQ'd we will issue out bans to prevent further abuse. Alongside this, if another faction attempts to shield abuse for a bigger faction, that smaller faction will be DQ'd alongside the bigger faction if there is reason to believe the bigger faction knew about it but didn't say anything.
    #10: Spawners that are placed on the roof in pillars MUST be under a grinder or grouped, Placing them in pillars all over with no grinder underneath will result in a DQ
    #11: All spawner boxes/grinders must be fully open from the bottom (This kind of open hole is disallowed) (Having a floor 1 block below your open hole and or having multiple rooms with nothing in them to confuse players is not allowed, You may still have spawner boxes so long as it's open from the bottom, that has not changed) or have a very noticeable hole, 1 single hole will not work, you will be DQ'd if this is the case

    Failure to follow these faction top Rules will result in a disqualification for that week, No warnings will be given out. Depending on the circumstances, you may also be banned.

    Shop GUI:


    The server shop is now portable! Using the command ‘/shop’ will open the GUI allowing you to pick from the following categories:
    • Building
    • Tools
    • Minerals
    • Food and Farming
    • Mob Drops
    • Brewing
    • Potions
    • Decorations
    • Raiding
    • Redstone
    • Spawners
    • Miscellaneous
    By clicking on any of the categories, it allows you to buy and sell all the items inside that category.

    • Server version is 1.8 (Users on 1.7, 1.8, 1.9, 1.10, 1.11 and 1.12 will be allowed to join)
    • Spawners removed from the overworld.
    • There is flat bedrock in each world excluding the nether.
    • New KOTH and LMS Maps (Larger and more spawn locations).
    • SupplyCrate rewards Buffed.
    • Removed warm-up on /bounty.
    • Base-Build kit can now be unlocked through /vote.
    • /f top has been fixed (Various issues).
    • Added /f topvalues to view what each block is worth.
    • 10 new Custom Enchants added.

    OPFactions gameplay changes:
    • Spawner spawn rate decreased.
    • Fixed issue where sponge would still sponge in a 1.8 radius when placing the sponge.
    • Trapdoors no longer act as full blocks.
    • Set max Y to 255
    • Made tnt/sand go through boats (This fixes a Cannon exploit that allows players to roof Cannon).
    • Made obsidian/bedrock not break using creeper eggs.


    Boosters were recently added as a temporary server-wide boost! (More information here)

    Faction Changes:
    • /f perm add-ons - Beacon effects, Titles, Pressure Plates, Descriptions, Access (/F Access).
    • /f stealth When enabled you don't disable other people's fly when they're near you, this is to make raiding a bit easier.
    • /f access <player/faction> Temporary access given to your claims (/f access remove|add|list).
    • /f profile - Shows a variety information about your faction.


    • McMMO is enabled with the following modifications:
      • All skills except the ones listed below are capped at level 2000.
      • Unarmed is disabled.
      • Axes is capped at level 400.
      • Archery is capped at level 650.
      • Swords is capped at level 650.
    • McMMO /repair command is no longer blocked and working again.

    Custom Spawners:

    New to MineHeroes, this feature brings spawners to a WHOLE new level. Everyone has access to buy spawners from /warp shop but can also UPGRADE their spawners to a maximum of 5 levels (EXCEPT PIGS) with ingame cash (starting from 10k to 50k). UPGRADING your spawners benfits you with the following: higher EXP obtained from spawners, higher mob spawn rate, and best of all CUSTOM MOB DROPS from spawner mobs. Unlock random drops from farm items (cactus, sugar cane, wheat) to exclusive items like blaze rod, exp bottles, TnT, obsidian and bedrock and MUCH MORE.

    To upgrade your spawners, simply right click the spawner and a menu will appear like so:


    Advanced Spawners:

    With the new CUSTOM SPAWNERS feature in place, spawners are now more valuable than ever. This means players will continue to mine their spawners when logging out to prevent being raided. To combat this, every time you mine your spawner, it will downgrade in efficiency for a certain amount of time (1-6 hours) and gradually grow back to its previous state.

    Custom Enchantments:

    Custom Enchantments are live on OPFactions. We have included vanilla enchantments with inflated levels (e.g sharpness 16, protection 15, flame 5 etc). Enjoy grinding your way to unlocking epic Custom Enchants.

    To open the Custom Enchants menu use /enchanter or the NPC at /spawn. To view a list of enchants and their descriptions.

    To apply an enchantment book to a tool or weapon. Right-click the enchantment book to open the custom anvil GUI and place the tool/weapon inside.



    You can now set bounties on your enemies. To access the bounty menu type /bounty or click the NPC at /spawn. To set a bounty on a player use /bounty (name) (amount). Bounties add up as more players contribute to the bounty target.


    Factions Top - /f top:

    /f top values have been inflated to match the OPFactions economy. More values will be added over time. Factions top works by attributing values to certain assets in claimed land and chests of a faction. Spawners hidden in chests are worth much less than the shop value.


    Use /f top or /f top [page] - Updates every 30 minutes and shows up in /f who.

    /f topvalues command shows you the various values a block will add to your /f top value.



    All crates are now opened using the in-game command /crates. This command can be used from almost anywhere and requires the key to be present in your inventory.

    F-TOP Rewards
    The F-TOP Prizes will be paid out weekly!
    The weekly payout amounts are:

    • 1st Place: $100 BuyCraft Voucher to the Faction Leader
    • 2nd Place: $75 BuyCraft Voucher to the Faction Leader
    • 3rd Place: $50 BuyCraft Voucher to the Faction Leader
    Winners will be determined each week at 4PM EST. Starting 1 week after grace period ends.

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