Dec 5, 2019
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    MineHeroes FAQs

    Last updated: December 5th, 2019
    Server IP address: mineheroes.net

    How do I get the attention of staff for help with an issue?

    Luckily, we have a number of support forums where you are able to contact us, and each forum has a specific purpose. The support forums are as follows:
    • Bug Reports: If you have experienced an in-game or forums bug that requires the attention of senior staff, please submit a support ticket here. The bug will be looked into and any necessary action will be taken.
    • Queries and General Support: If you have any minor issues or questions that you would like to bring up to a staff member, please submit a support ticket here.
    • Purchase Support: If you are having any purchase related issues, please submit a support ticket here.
    • Grief Support: If you have been griefed on Survival, Skyblock, Prison or Creative, please submit a support ticket here. We will do our best to rollback the damage (if possible).
    • Player Reports: If you come across a player who is breaking the Rules, please submit a support ticket here. The player will be dealt with if there is sufficient evidence of them breaking any Rules.
    • Ban Appeals: If you wish to appeal your ban for a chance to rejoin the network, please submit a support ticket here. Please note:
      • If your ban is permanent and justified, you will need to wait at least 1 month before submitting a ban appeal.
      • False bans/mutes can be appealed for straight away.
      • Temporary bans/mutes cannot be appealed for unless they are false.
      • Some offences, such as possession/usage of a ghost client and advertising, are unappealable.
      • Offences related to hacked clients or illegal modifications are automatically considered valid if not appealed for in 1 week.
      • Offences not related to hacked clients or illegal modifications are automatically considered valid if not appealed for in 1 month.
    To contact us in-game, you can use /report [player] [reason] (to report a player who is breaking the Rules), or use /msg [player] to send us an in-game private message. Quite a few staff members are also active on the Discord (use the #assistance channel), so you can contact us there if you feel like it. Finally, you can start a private conversation with us here on the forums, or write a message on our forums profile.

    How do I join the MineHeroes Discord server?
    You are not required to download anything in order to access our Discord server. Simply go to: http://mineheroes.net/discord or click on the discord widget on the right-hand side of your screen. From here, you will be able to join our discord server.

    How do I become a staff member?
    All staff members start out as Helpers, a position that requires an application. Applications are currently closed, but you can apply here in the future. If you have any questions regarding the staff application process, feel free to contact a staff member. More information on Helper requirements as well as useful advice can be found here.

    How do I apply for the Youtuber/Streamer tag?
    We do not have a Youtuber/Streamer rank or tag at this time.

    How can I get tokens and what are they used for?
    You can obtain tokens by purchasing from the store or from server events, such as Easter events, Christmas events, or karaoke. Tokens are a global currency on the network, and you can use them to buy things such as platinum crate keys, spawners, money, experience, and tags. You can check what you can buy on a specific gamemode by using the /token shop command.

    What are gems used for?
    Gems can be used to purchase gem crate keys on gamemodes of your choice.

    What is Hero Level and how do I increase mine?
    Your Hero Level is basically a representation of your dedication to the server. It can be increased by opening crate keys, being active and completing daily missions.

    Is scamming allowed on the network?
    Scamming is allowed on Prison, Factions, OPPvP, and KitPvP. It is not allowed on Skyblock or Survival, and you will be punished if you are caught doing so. Cross-server scamming is allowed regardless of the Servers that the trades took place on. Scamming involving store items is also disallowed.

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