Oct 1, 2018
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    Last Reset: December 1st, 2016 - PRESENT
    Minecraft Versions: 1.7 - 1.12 compatible (1.10 server)

    What Is Creative?:
    Creative is a sandbox-like server where you can freely build your creations and show it off to your friends! You spawn in Creative mode! (/Gamemode 1) and are allowed to build on your plot with all your favourite blocks. Or just have fun with your friends! remember to use /server creative to start your building adventure!

    Note: Inappropriate builds and Griefing is disallowed. These actions will result in punishment.

    Creative Rules:
    #1: Inappropriate buildings are disallowed.
    #2: Griefing is disallowed.
    #3: Hacked clients, illegal modifications & macros are strictly disallowed, no exceptions. (Example: chat font mods/more particle mods)
    #4: The usage/possession of any hacked items is disallowed. (Don't know what a hacked item is? Refer to the bottom of this wiki).
    #5: Inappropriately named items are disallowed.

    #6: Inappropriate behaviour is not tolerated at all on this server, please refer to chat related Rules here.
    • If you come across any bugs or glitches make a bug report here.
    • If you see players breaking Rules make a player report here.
    • Upon joining the network you agree to undertake the scanning process if a staff member suspects you of cheating at any point.
    Disclaimer: These are only server specific Rules, chat and behaviour related Rules can be found here these Rules apply to all Servers.


    All players have access to one plot in the main world. You can claim a plot automatically with /plot auto or /p auto. Here are some other useful plot commands:
    • /p h [ign] [number] - Teleports you to your plot or another player's plot.
    • /p auto - Automatically claims a plot in the world you're in, e.g. if you use this command a spawn it'll claim a default plot.
    • /p claim - Claims the plot you are currently standing on. Only works if the plot is not already claimed.
    • /p chat - Allows you to talk in the private chat within your plot.
    • /p merge - Merges your plot with another claimed plot by you. (Only works when you have two claimed plots next to each other).
      • There are two ways to do this. You can do /plots merge and face the direction of the plot you wish to merge with. You can also do /plots merge [North;South;East;West]. Example: /plots merge North.
    • /p unmerge - Unmerges two plots.
    • /p add [IGN] - Adds a player to your plot. (They can only build when you're online).
    • /p trust [IGN] - Permanently adds a player to your plot, make sure you trust players you trust to your plot!!). Note: (They can build even if you're offline).
    • /p remove [IGN] - Removes a player from your plot.
    • /p remove * - Removes all players from your plot.
    • /p deny [IGN] - Prevents a player from entering your plot.
    • /p undeny [IGN] - Removes plot entrance restrictions on a player!
    • /p reset/clear - Resets your plot.
    • /p delete - Deletes your plot.
    • /p dispose - discards a plot, removing your ownership of it.
    Note: You will be promoted to confirm any clearing, or disposing of plots. This command is /plot confirm or /p confirm.

    Note: All players get access to one plot in the regular plot world. However, if you donate for a rank, you will have access to the VIP plot world (/warp vip) and will be able to claim more plots there! The higher your rank, the more plots you will be able to claim!

    Plot dimensions:
    • Regular plot world - 64 x 64 (blocks)
    • VIP plot world - 128 x 128 (blocks)

    World Edit and Redstone:
    World edit is a plugin that helps you build large structures/plots in little time! You can vote for 1-hour access to world edit commands with /vote. You can also find all the commands for world edit at /warp worldedit. Donating for the Elite rank or higher will grant permanent world edit access! Redstone is disabled by default, but you can vote for 1-hour access as well.

    You can now use the command /heads to easily spawn in a bunch of unique player heads for building nice things at a "micro" level! With an easy to use GUI, click on the head you want and it will put that head of your choice in your inventory. You can also use /skull [ign] to get player specific heads.


    You can spawn in pieces of furniture to use for house interiors and/or to use as decoration for your builds! Type /furniture to bring up the furniture GUI. There's a limit to how much furniture you can have in each chunk (to prevent lag).


    Hacked Items:
    A hacked item is a special kind of item spawned from hacked clients. As you may expect, these items are prohibited from the server. Here are some examples of hacked items:

    Hacked items are not allowed as they can easily be abused in-game and sometimes cause the server to lag. Considering they are usually created via a hacked client, they aren't to be on the server. Anyone caught with any of these hacked items, will be warned once and have the items confiscated. If the player continues to have these items, they will receive a 12-hour temporary ban - punishments can be increased if it continues after the first temporary ban.