Sep 11, 2020
  • [​IMG]Minecraft Version: Supports versions 1.7 - 1.16.2 (1.8 game mechanics)
    Map Number: Map 7 (Thursday, Agust 21st, 2020)
    Changelog: https://www.mineheroes.net/threads/6-8-6-oppvp-reset-august-2020.45614/

    OPPvP Rules:

    #1: Inappropriate team names are disallowed.
    #2: Hacked clients, illegal modifications & macros are strictly disallowed, no exceptions.
    #3: Hackusating (calling out hacks in chat) is disallowed.
    #4: Kill farming using alternative accounts is not allowed.
    #5: Abuse of bugs or glitches is disallowed. (Example: Pearling into the border or into solid, enclosed objects on purpose)

    • If you come across any bugs or glitches make a bug report here.
    • If you see players breaking Rules make a player report here.
    • Upon joining the network you agree to undertake the scanning process if a staff member suspects you of cheating at any point.

    These are only server specific Rules, chat and behaviour related Rules can be found here these Rules apply to all Servers.

    Features and game changes:

    • Compete in a free for all PvP experience.
    • Everyone gets access PvP kits, higher Ranks get extra perks such as multipliers, cash, exp and much more.
    • Buy weapons, armour and potions with /shop. Here's what the GUI looks like in-game.
    • [​IMG]
    • Soup (Mushroom Stew) Heals 3.5 hearts automatically (instant soup).
    • You can fix an item in your hand for $250 at the 'Repair' sign in spawn - right click the sign with the item in your hand to do so. You can also use the /pfix hand command to repair the item in your hand for 30$ each time you use the command.
    • Now with a new and improved auction house, sell of your items to other players for a price you decide!
    • Fall damage is enabled.
    • Withdraw money into bank notes with (amount/withdraw).
    • New killstreak message
    • [​IMG]
    • New /sah to bid on awesome items. There's a new item on the server auction house every 3 hours, the player with the highest bid at the end of the 3 hours will recieve the item.
    • [​IMG]
    • GUI system for trading items with players /trade <name>.
    • Kills and deaths are displayed on the scoreboard on the right-hand side of your screen.
    • New KDR leaderboard NPC[​IMG]
    • Every player can stack potions into 1 slot (it stacks 4 of each potion into 1 slot. This does not work for health potions).
    • [​IMG]
    • Coinflip other players in a 50/50 chance of winning money. Start a coinflip by doing /coinflip (price) (heads:tails). You may remove your coinflip by using /coinflip remove.
    Kits and Ranks:

    • All players have access to kits to use for PvP. Higher Ranks gain access to more kits and gear. As well as cash multipliers, extra commands and perks.

    • Access kits with the command /kits to open the kit GUI menu. And visit /warp Ranks to view rank perks and info for OPPvP or store.mineheroes.net. More Ranks will be available in-game pending on your current rank.

    • [​IMG]

    PvP Levels and Kill Streaks:

    • Upgrade your PvP levels by killing players. Every time you level up, you receive a Kill Crate Key to use at the Kill Crate at spawn as well as XP per person killed. Your PvP Level is shown in green to the left of your name in chat and above your head. Max PvP prestige level for this map is 10.

    • When you reach certain killstreaks there'll be an announcement in chat telling everyone your kill streak. To check your current killstreak, do /ks or /killstreak.

    Killstreak Rewards:
    • 5 Kills: 1 Kill Key, $100 and 100 EXP
    • 10 Kills: 2 Kill Keys, $200 and 200 EXP
    • 15 Kills: 3 Kill Keys, $300 and 300 EXP
    • 25 Kills: 4 Kill Keys, $500 and 500 EXP
    • 30 Kills: 5 Kill Keys
    • 40 Kills: 5 Kill Keys
    • 50 Kills: 5 Kill Keys
    • 60 Kills: 5 Kill Keys
    • 75 Kills: 10 Kill Keys
    • 100 Kills: 10 Kill Keys
    Kill Crates and Supply Crates:

    • Obtain Kill Crate Keys by leveling up and voting and use them at spawn in the Kill Crate Chest. They provide VIP kits, money and other amazing items!

    • Supply Crates drop from the sky outside the warzone every 2 hours with OP rewards and items. Fight players to get the supply crates first! You can type /supplycrates time to see when the supplycrates will next drop. There is also a Hologram at Spawn showing the current drop timer.

    • [​IMG]

    Custom Enchants:

    To view the most up to date list of custom enchants click here

    Learn more about Custom Enchants using /ce in-game. The list of the Custom Enchants are ranked from Common to Rare to Legendary.



    • Weapon Enchants:
      • Thor: Chance to strike lightning on your opponents.
    • Bounty Hunter: Chance to behead other players.
    • Armour Enchants:
      • Enderborn: Chance to get your enderpearl back on use.

    • Chestplate Enchants:
    • Detonate: Chance of activating deadly explosives in combat.
    • Human Torch: Permanent fire resistance.
    • Prolong: Increases the duration of your potion.
    • Thick Wallet: Immune to PickPocket.
    • Leggings Enchants:
      • Hound: Chance to Summon wolves to aid you in battle.
    • Pace: Negates Slowness Effect.
    • Boots Enchants:
      • Swiftness: Chance to gain Speed II or Speed III boost when in battle.
    • Lightweight: Gives you jump boost.
    • Weapon Enchants:
      • Bazooka: Chance to shoot TNT.
    • Pickpocket: Chance to pickpocket money from other players.
    • XP Steal: Chance to steal XP from opponent.
    • Thor: Chance to strike lightning on your opponents.

    • Armour Enchants:
      • Bloom: Increases health depending on armour.
    • Hound: Higher tiered enchant.
    • Flash: Permanent speed effect.
    • Rejuvenate: Permanent regen effect
    • Ressurect: Brings an item back to life when broken
    • Night Owl: Grain resistance when time is between 6am-6pm
    • Recall: Chance to repair broken armor during battle
    • Fusion: Chance to give Regeneration 2 of Swiftness 2.
    • Weapon Enchants:
      • Double Shot: Chance to deal double damage.
    • Thor: Higher tiered enchant.
    • Combo: Deals extra damage with executive hits.
    • Money Farm: Chance of receiving double money rewards when killing mobs.
    • PickPocket: Higher Tiered enchant

    New event: LMS (Last Man Standing)

    • This is an event that runs multiple times a day. You can check when an LMS event starts with /events.
    • [​IMG]
    • You can spectate LMS (/warp lms). Players who are not in the LMS arena will see player names instead of disguised names. LMS teaming will result in a ban from future LMS events.

    New Event: Kill Shot

    • This is an awesome new event based on the one in the chamber minigame! Just like Last Man Standing, this event will run daily (/events) and you can join with /join.
    • [​IMG]
    • All players will start with 1 stone sword, 1 bow and 1 arrow. The aim of Kill Shot is to try and get the most kills. Every bow and arrow kill will reward you with an extra arrow. Every time you die, you we will respawn at a random location on the map.

    • The game ends with someone reaches 25 kills or after 20 minutes. The top 5 players with the highest number of kills will be awarded.


    • There are 2 KoTH areas set up that can be contested at different times in the OPPvp map:

    • KoTH crates can be won by successfully capping the KOTH. To show the coordinates of each KOTH in-game, do /koth list. If you want to see the scheduled times of each KOTH, do /koth schedule.