Jan 13, 2021
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    Minecraft Version: Supports versions 1.7 - 1.16.2 (1.8 game mechanics)
    Map Number: Map 8 (Friday, October 23rd, 2020)
    Changelog: https://www.mineheroes.net/oppvp

    Team Information
    • 3 member limit
    • 1 ally limit
    OPPvP Rules

    Inappropriate team names are not allowed.
    2. Teaming outside your faction/allies is not allowed.
    • This includes dropping items for other teams, and/or helping others get out of combat​
    3. Hacked clients, illegal modifications, & macros are not allowed.
    4. Hackusating is not allowed.
    5. Kill farming using alt accounts is not allowed.
    6. Abuse of bugs/glitches is not allowed.
    • Report bugs @ mineheroes.net/bugs

    **Intentionally trying to bypass the rules will result in punishment at the staff discretion**

    General Information

    • Level System - Upgrade your level by getting kills to unlock rewards
    • Crates - View crates with /crates
    • Potion Stacking - Potions can stack up to 4
    • KDR Leaderboard - Displays the top 5 KDR on the server
      • [​IMG]
    • Rocket - Consume a use to launch yourself into the air. Useful for jumping up and using a throwable creeper egg on spawners when breaching a faction.
    • Magnet Rod - Consume a use to hook a player with the magnet rod and right click to pull them in.
    • Switcher Ball - Consume a use and hit a player with a projectile to swap places with them.
    • Fix Hand Scroll - Fixes the item you drag it on to
    • Fix All Scroll - Fixes everything in your inventory
    • Heal Orb - Heals you on use
    • Soup PvP
    • Bow Boosting
    • God Apple Cooldown is 3 minutes.
    • Ender Pearl Cooldown is 13 seconds
    • Max Protection IV, Max Sharpness VI
    • Custom Enchants obtained via /ce
    • Pots/Soup may be purchased through the Potions section of /shop o
    • /fix all cooldown is 1 hour. Rank required.
    • Faction Wide Buffs through /f skills
    • PvP Scoreboard
      • [​IMG]
    • Use the /droptools GUI to prevent yourself from dropping items such as swords and hoes. For the many players who tend to drop their maxed out sell hoes and god swords at spawn. F
    • Players may also use /df if they want to prevent themselves from dropping items that are not on the GUI
    • Use /if to prevent yourself from picking up items that are filtered.
    • Use /killstreak to view your current kill streak/killstreak rewards
    • Use /toggles or /settings to toggle useful things
    • Type /minechat to be able to type properly on your console clients
    • Type [item] in public chat to display the item you are holding in public chat.
    • Type /f tc to toggle public chat on/off. Useful to get rid of the public chat clutter.
    • Type /crates to use keys such as vote keys without going to spawn.
    • Faction Upgrades
      • Type /f upgrades to access the faction upgrades menu
      • Possible Upgrades:
        • Faction Vault - Increases size of the faction vault
        • Faction Member upgrade - Increases the amount of faction members you can have. (Max 3)
    • Faction Challenges
      • Type /f challenges or /c to access your faction's challenges
      • These are 5 daily challenges that can earn your faction up to 5 challenge points upon completion of all of the challenges.
        • [​IMG]
      • Spend your challenge points on a variety of things such as Faction Skills, Faction Upgrades, or the Faction Challenge Shop
      • Type /f challengeshop or /f shop to open the faction challenge shop.
        • [​IMG]

    Faction Skills:
    Unlock Faction Skills with Faction Challenge Points to give Faction Wide Buffs
    • Faction Skills
      • Blessing - Grants 5 minutes of Absorption III to Faction Members. Costs 1 Challenge Point to Unlock. 10 Minute Cooldown
      • Resilience - Grants 10 seconds of Resistance III to Faction Members. Costs 1 Challenge Point to Unlock. 10 Minute Cooldown
      • Recovery - Grants 10 seconds of Regeneration III to Faction Members. Costs 1 Challenge Point to Unlock. 10 Minute Cooldown
      • Retreat - Grants 5 seconds of Speed III to Faction Members. Costs 3 Challenge Points. 20 minutes Cooldown.
    Custom Enchants:
    • To open the Custom Enchants menu use /enchanter or the NPC at /spawn. To view a list of enchants and their descriptions, type: /enchants (or /ce.) A GUI will pop up;
    • To apply an enchantment book to a tool or weapon. Right Click with the enchantment book in your hand to open the custom anvil GUI and place the tool/weapon inside the left most slot. The result of the enchant will be shown in the right most slot.
    • There is a maximum of 2 enchants that may be applied to each item.
    • Enchant relics are needed to apply a second enchantment to an item.
    • Thor - Chance to strike lightning on your opponents
    • Enderorn - Chance to get enderpearl back on use.
    • Pick Pocket - Chance to steal money from players
    • Cure - Negates poison effect entirely
    • Lightweight - Gives jump boost when worn
    • Bazooka - Chance to shoot TNT out of bow
    • Detonate - Chance to summon TNT during combat
    • Double Shot - Chance to deal double the damage
    • Swiftness - Chance to gain a speed II boost while in combat
    • Bounty Hunter - Chance to behead other players
    • Hound - Chance to summon wolves to aid you in battle
    • Thick Wallet - Negates pick pocket enchant
    • XP Steal - Chance to steal XP from players
    • Pace - Negates slowness effect
    • Resurrect - Restores an item when broken
    • Flash - Permanent Speed II
    • Night Owl - Gain resistance between 6am - 6pm
    • Recall - Chance to repair armor during battle
    • Combo - Deals extra damage with consecutive hits
    • Human Torch - Permanent Fire Resistance
    • Fusion - Chance to give Regeneration & Speed II in combat
    • Bloom - Increases HP depending on what armor piece
    Auction House:
    • Sell items to other players through a virtual auction house
    • Access the ah by typing /ah
    • Sell items by typing /ah sell (amount)
    • New auction house that rotates items every hour, anything from in game items to store items
      • [​IMG]
    This is a mini event within Factions where Factions battle against other Factions to take control of a capture zone for 5 minutes and in return receive 3 Event Crate Keys and 2 Faction Challenge Points for their Faction:
    • KOTHs are scheduled to run 4 times everyday outside of spawn. Use /koth schedule list to view the times. The current times are:
      • Town KOTH - 12 PM EST
      • Station KOTH - 5 AM EST
      • Village KOTH - 12 PM EST
      • Tent KOTH - 6 PM EST
    • There is faction claim called KOTH which disables teleporting into KOTH and setting Home in it. It also prevents the Knockback enchant from being used.
    • KOTH is capped by a single person
    • KOTH scoreboard
      • [​IMG]
    This is a mini event where players fight against each other in the LMS Arena. The Last Man Standing will win 3 event crate keys.
    • LMS is scheduled to run twice everyday. The current times LMS runs at are:
      • 12:42 AM and 12:42 PM EST
    • Teaming in LMS WILL result in a ban from all future LMS events.

      The LMS Inventory:
    This is a mini event where 20 chests with loot will be spread throughout the Warzone right outside of spawn.
    • Type /sct to find out when the next set of supply crates will spawn in.
    • Supply Crates may also be started at any time with a Supply Crate Starter which can be obtained from Raid Event Bases or from the Token Shop.
    • Supply Crate Rewards:
      • Protection 4, Unbreaking 5 armor pieces, Sharp 6 sword, Super Golden Apples, Money, EXP, Random Enchants, Rename Scrolls, Heroic bow, Random keys, Unbreaking 5 fishing rod