One Block Infinity

Mar 15, 2021
One Block Infinity
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    One Block

    One Block Island gamemode where you start on a 1x1 Island and the center block keeps regenerating random blocks for you to use and expand your island with! The block will always be the one spawned above the bedrock.

    Recommended Version
    Recommended for Mineheroes Skyblock is 1.8.9 or 1.12.2 for the best Skyblock gameplay with use of it’s custom plugins.
    Every Client Version from 1.7 to 1.16 is supported, but server version is 1.8.

    Skyblock Rules:

    #1: Scamming is disallowed (including /ah scamming and shop sign scamming)
    #2: Griefing is disallowed.
    #3: TP killing/trapping is disallowed.
    #4: Hacked clients, illegal modifications, and macros are strictly disallowed, no exceptions.
    #5: Abuse of bugs or glitches is disallowed. (Example: Duping).
    #6: Inappropriate buildings are disallowed.
    #7: Impersonating other players and staff is not allowed.
    #8: Inappropriately naming items is not allowed.
    #9: Inappropriate Island warp / Titles or Descriptions are disallowed.
    #10: Intentionally Blocking / getting in peoples way in public warps is not allowed.

    Skyblock Basics
    One Block is a peaceful, island gamemode where the goal is to create an island and expand it to its limits! You can buy tons of blocks/items to help aid you in your expansion, and even complete Skyblock challenges to help aid your quest to have the best Skyblock island on the server! There are also a tonne of features to help make your game-play more thrilling! (See Features down below)

    There are currently Three Skyblock Servers you can play on. Skyblock Mystic (Skyblock1), OneBlock Infinity (Skyblock2), and OPSkyBlock Destiny (OPSkyBlock). You can join these Servers by typing /server then clicking one of the icons with the server name in the GUI. Or you can type /server sb1, /server sb2, or /server opsb depending on which Skyblock you want to join.

    Each server has a competitive aspect to it which is done through island levels. You can check your island level by using the command /is info and you can check the leaderboard with /is top. You can upgrade your island level by doing challenges and paying money to gain points for the leaderboard You can view how much each challenge costs and increase increases your island level by with the command /is level.

    Skyblock has many custom items and custom written plugins for the player to discover and play with. This Skyblock uses the Askyblock Plugin which has been recoded fully with addition custom features such as island shops and challanges, custom upgrades and more.

    The main feature of this update is that there are now phases that can be unlocked as you progress through your OneBlock journey. Use the command /is ob to open the OneBlock menu to see the list of phases available and how many blocks are required for each phase.
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    Similar to the original OneBlock gamemode, new phases grant you access to new blocks, new mobs and new chest items!
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    Each OneBlock phase will introduce new mobs. From chickens all the way to ghasts and endermen towards the end of your journey.
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    There is a very small chance for mobs to spawn and they will spawn on top of a block, you can either kill them or breed them and start farms.

    Along with mobs, chests will also randomly spawn with goodies to help you progress through the phases! These are items that cannot generate as a block for example food, seeds and more!
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    • [​IMG]
    You can either open the chest and break it, or break the chest immediately and the items will drop on the ground.

    Track your OneBlock statistics with /is ob count and see other players OneBlock counts with /is ob count (name).
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    Your OneBlock count is your Islands OneBlock count which means it is shared and will reset if you reset your Island. To see your personal and total OneBlock count, use /stats

    Check how many days you have been alive for with /alive
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    Island Permissions
    Island settings has been completely redone, you can now set individual permissions! By default, members will have access to every setting until changed. You can use /is perms to set permissions for each rank.

    Island Ranks/permissions will now appear in /is who in order from Highest to Lowest. Offline players will also be shown.


    • Parkour - Disable jump/speed potion effects in your island
    • Promote - Promote island member Ranks
    • Demote - Demote island member Ranks
    • Build - Set which Ranks can build on the island
    • Settings - Set which Ranks can manage island settings/permissions
    Added a new Island member management GUI to promote/demote players. Can also added promote/demote island perms - use /is members

    Island Warps
    Setting Island Warps

    • /is setwarp (name)
    Teleporting to Island Warps

    • /is warp (name) <warp-name>
    • /is warp (name) - Opens users warps

    View island warps (/is listwarps)

    • Editing Descriptions
      • Shift-Click your existing warps to set descriptions for them.

    Block Value Island Top System
    • [​IMG]
    Use /is values to see which blocks have the highest Island values when placed.
    Use /is level to calculate and see your current Island Level.
    Use /is who (name) to see other Island level and information

    Island Top Rewards

    There will be 4 WEEKLY PAYOUTS on Skyblock (which starts after the Cane Top week).
    All winners are determined on Saturday @ 4PM EST
    • 1st Place: $50 PayPal Cash + [TopIsland] /tag (tag is after the 4th Payout)
    • 2nd Place: $30 Store Credit
    • 3rd Place: $20 Store Credit
    Total Prize Pool: $400!
    Set your paypal email with /is setpaypal (email)
    You will receive Store Credits through /bcredits which you can redeem to spend on the server store

    Mob Coin Top Rewards

    There will be 1 payout for the top 3 players with the most Mob-Coins earned on the same day as the last /is top payout. Track your Mob-Coins earned with /stats
    • 1st Place: $30 Store Credit + [MobCoinGod] /tag
    • 2nd Place: $15 Store Credit
    • 3rd Place: $5 Store Credit
    Total Prize Pool: $50

    Island Cane Top and LavaFishing Top Rewards
    There will be 1 payout for the top player in /is canetop and /lavafishing top
    All winners are determined on Saturday @ 4PM EST
    • 1st Place: $15 Store Credit + [CaneGod] /tag
    • 1st Place: $15 Store Credit + [LavaFishingGod] /tag
    Total Prize Pool: $30

    Rules regarding is top

    • #1 During the Island top competition, splitting your worth to try and win more than one prize is not allowed and only one island will be rewarded for every competition we have.
    • #2 Using alts to win multiple spots on Island top is not allowed.

    Player Commands
    • /is - If you do not have an island, typing this command will let you create one and even choose the type of island you want. If you currently have an island, this same command will open the island GUI.
    • /is invite - If you want to invite a friend to your island, you can invite them with this command.
    • They must accept the invitation with /is accept.
    • /is go - Teleports you to your island. You can also use /is home
    • /is sethome - Sets a spawn point for the command /is home
    • /is warps - Opens the island warp gui. You can teleport to different islands shown in the gui
    • /is warp <ign> - Teleport to a specific player's island
    • /is expel <ign> - Brings a player from your island to spawn
    • /is kick <ign> - Kicks a player from your island team
    • /is ban <ign> - Bans a player from your island, preventing them from entering
    • /is makeleader <ign> - Lets you transfer ownership of your island to another player
    • /is unban <ign> - Unbans a player from your island, allowing them to enter your island again
    • /is coop <ign> - Allows a player to temporarily build on your island and access unprotected chests. They will lose this ability when you log off or type /is uncoop [ign]
    • /is uncoop <ign> - Removes the ability for a player to build on your island
    • /is trust <ign> - Permanently gives a player to build on your island and access unprotected chests. They will lose this ability if you type the same command again
    • /is lock - Locks your island, so visitors cannot enter (unless they are cooped/trusted on your island). Type the same command again to unlock it
    • /is settings - Opens the island settings GUI. You can toggle different settings which will change what island visitors will be able to do on your island
    • /is biomes - Opens the biome GUI which allows you to change your island biome
    • /is info - List some basic information about your island
    • /is top - View the top 10 islands with the highest island level
    • /is level - Calculates the level of your island based off the blocks placed on it.
    • /is topvalues - Opens a gui which tells you how much island experience each block gives you
    • /is help - Gives you the full list of all the Skyblock commands
    • /is upgrades - allows you to upgrade the size of your island border, the rates of your ore-gen, the amount of island members you can trust/invite the speed of your hoppers, the amount of hoppers you can have on your island and much more.

    /ah - To preview Auction House.
    /ah sell (amount) - To sell items on Auction House.
    /ah sell (price) (amount) (mob-coin price) to sell items for mob coins.
    /Lottery to enter a chance to win the jackpot (100k per ticket, max 10 tickets)
    Cool down for /lot buy has been added.
    /Crates to preview and/or open your crates
    Hover over to see which ones you have and how many
    Left click to open
    Righ click to preview rewards.
    /TOP to teleport to the highesst block above you from where you are standing.
    /Kit to view or claim kits.
    /missions To view todays Mission.
    /token shop To view Token Shop items.
    /cf to View all current coinflips
    /cf create heads/tails [amount] to create a coinflip
    /combineexp to Combine all vanilla exp bottle from inventory into 1 bottle.
    /custom enchant or /ce to buy/view/salvage Custom Enchants.
    /disenchant to disenchant an enchant from the item you are holding
    /tournament to view weekend Touraments
    /shop to buy or sell things in shop
    /sell all/hand to sell items directly to shop
    /signs to open sign template GUI
    /boss rewards to view Boss rewards.

    Dungeon Training
    A new region has been discovered, the dungeon training zone! In this region you can train your training armor set so you can be strong enough to fight in the Dungeon by killing the mobs scattered around.

    A full maxed out training set will not be enough to go into the dungeon.

    Dungeon Armour
    Equip your training armor set from the training NPC. Training Armor is player bound meaning they will only work with the other of the armor set.

    At first you will only be able to kill level 1 mobs. So don't head down too deep down the cave or you will be outmatched! As you grind your training armor set, you will level it up and find rare drops such as the Dungeon Paladin Armorset and Lava Fishing Rod.
    The Fishing rod gives the player a 25% increase speed of catching fish.
    Paladin amour will be used for the real dungeon and the training amour is used to obtain the paladin armour and the fishing set.

    Once your Training Armor is at a certain level, you will be powerful enough to participate in the dungeon! The Dungeon will be opening soon!

    Island Armour Sets
    These are new Armor Pieces that provide epic buffs when equipped. Each piece will have a boost and when combined you will receive the total buff.

    Each Armor Piece can be obtained through Island Player Challenges - /is pchallenges.
    Access the Island Armorset menu with /is armorset. Here are the following Armor Sets. The armour sets can be redeemed once every 12 hours. this is incase the player has misplaced their set.

    Armorsets are player bound. This means it will only work for the person it belongs to.
    People wearing armorsets will have a title above their head.

    Mining Set - All 4 pieces: 50% chance to double island level progress and 200% island-pick money boost.

    Lavafishing Set - All 4 pieces: 100% cash bonus from lava fishing.


    Local Ranks

    A large part of the Skyblock server progression are local Ranks. There are 25 local Ranks that cost in-game money to /rankup to. Each of the Ranks gives one or several perks to help you progress even more later in the world. When you first log in to the Skyblock world you start at rank 1 by default.
    There are 25 Ranks Total.
    • Every 3 Ranks come with a new ability, view the ability list with /ability (or /ab).
    • Every 5 Ranks come with a new kit, preview the kits in the /kit gui and right-clicking them


    Custom Items
    Minions are time based robots. They can be won from Crates, Bosses and bought from the /Store. Each minion Performs a specific Task.

    You need to supply the Sword for the minion.
    The minion does not use any Custom Enchants on the sword
    The minion only hold mobcoins and exp. (they transfer to your /claims with your sword after the minion timer expires.)
    The loot from the mobs that the minion drops will drop on the ground.

    • Slayer minion – Kills mob. Stores Mobcoins (3 per mob kill), and EXP (vanilla amount per kill). Sword is returned after Use with no taken durability.
    • Chunk-loader – Chunk-Loader minions keep chunks or spawners. Crops in a 3x3 chunk area with a 20% boost, and spawners with a vanilla player spawner activation radius (16 blocks).
    • Miner Minion - The miner Minion mines the nearest blocks produced by a ore generator, the minion stores the exp and money for the player. The pickaxe given to the minion will not take durability damage.

    Wands: Wands are tools that do specific things (listed below), they can be won from Boss,Crates,Spins and more. Wands come in many different use counts ranging from 50 to 2500.

    • Sell wand – Sells everything sellable item to the shop when used.
    • Smelt wand – Smelts every ore into an ingot in the chest when used.
    • Block wand – Turns nuggets into ingots and ingots into blocks when used.
    • Spawner Upgrader – Upgrades a spawner to a chosen level (left click to choose level), when used on a spawner.
    • Spawner changer – Changes spawner to chosen spawn (left click to choose Spawner type), when used on a spawner.

    Custom Chests
    Custom Chests: Chests that perform special tasks (listed below), they can be won from Crates, Bosses, bought from /token shop and sold on the /Store.

    • Auto-Sell-Chest: Sell all sellable items that enter the chest to the shop, every 6 seconds. (every chest will sell at the same time globally).
    • Auto-Block-Chest : Turn nuggets into ingots and ingots into blocks when in the best. This happens every 6 seconds globally.
    • Auto-Bottle-Chest : Merges any vanilla “experience bottle” into a single bottle until it reaches 500k exp, a new bottle will then start.

    Sell hoe
    Sell hoe : The sell hoe is an upgradeable Hoe that automatically sells the crops you break. It has several enchants that can be levelled up by the ‘store crops’ where 1 crop is 1 broken crop using that specific hoe. (you must use this hoe to contribute to /f canetop)

      • Harvester : breaks crops in a 3x3 area.
      • Farmer : increases the chance/amount of crops per yield (level 100 50% more)
    Money Pouches
    Money Pouches are redeemable pouches that give you a random sum of money between specific amount. There are 5 tiers and each tier having different margins. Anywhere from 10k – 25k in tier 1 to 5mil -10mil in tier 5.

    Tier 1 : 10k to 25k
    Tier 2 : 25k to 100k
    Tier 3 : 100k to 500k
    Tier 4 : 500k to 1million
    Tier 5 : 1million to 2.5million

    Enchant Relics
    Enchant Relics : When applied on armour or tools (Drag and drop) will give 1 extra slot for a custom enchant. Hero = 1 > Supreme = 6 maximum applicable, Level up /Divination, to Increase applicable cap for any player.


    Rename Scrolls
    Rename Scroll : When applied onto tool or amour (Drag and drop) you will be able to change the name of the item with the ability to use all the /colors codes, by writing the name in the chat box (for example &b&lMine&6&lHeroes )


    Block Break Tracker
    Mob Kill Tracker
    Player Kill Tracker
    Fishing Tracker
    Boss Kill Tracker
    Log Break Tracker

    Pouches are a new physical and trade-able backpack system to carry lots of items! Blocks broken will be sent straight to the pouch saving you a lot of space!

    You can buy pouches with MobCoins using /pouch or you can find them in /crates or Supply Crates. By default, pouches come with 9 slots/stacks (which is 9 * 64 items). You can upgrade this by left-clicking a pouch with MobCoins. The maximum amount of slots/items per pouch is 2304 items (or 36 stacks)

    To make things challenging though, we have restricted pouches to 3 tiers.

    Miner Pouch - Collects blocks that can be sold to the /shop
    Hunter Pouch - Collects mob drops that can be sold to the /shop
    Farmer Pouch - Collects farm items that can be sold to the /shop

    Pouches receive storage priority which means blocks broken or items obtained go to the pouch first, before your inventory. When the pouch is full, the items are then sent to your inventory. Selling items to the shop will also check the items in your pouch. You can drop pouches on death, so be careful.

    Boss Spawn Eggs
    Boss Spawn Eggs are eggs that allow you to spawn a event boss (either executioner boss or undead horseman boss), These are obtainable from many different rewards such as Supply crates, Key Crates and boss events.

    Dragon Eggs
    A Dragon Egg is used to give the island its placed on a 10% Sell boost for any item. The egg can be obtained from Key Crates, Monthly Crates and MobCoin Shop. Only 1 dragon egg will give the 10% boost and the sell boost will not stack when more eggs are placed. The Boost only applies to trust members and the island members the egg is placed on. The sell booster stacks will every other sell booster including personal and global sell Boosters purchased from the store.

    Armour Boxes and Tool Boxes
    Armour Boxes are rewards that can be bought from /f shop or obtained as a reward from a crate. These Boxes give the player a full set of a specific protection armour when the box is redeemed.
    Tool Boxes are a similar item but they give the player specific tools not amour.

    View Spoiler Below to view all armour boxes and the armour it gives.




    Rank Crystals & VIP Gem
    Rank Crystals are redeemable items, in a form of a nether star. These Ranks can only be obtained from Crates such as; Platinum, Valentine, Summer, Spring, Christmas or a monthly crate. When the rank is redeemed (by right clicking) the player will receive the corresponding rank. These Ranks are global and will last for ever, the same as if you had bought it from the store.

    The VIP rank can also be obtained in a item form, However it will not last forever, instead it will give you a 30 day membership to the perks.


    Kit Gems
    Kit Gems are almost the same as rank Crystal, But instead the gem will give you a special kit corresponding to the Kit.

    Gkit Scrolls
    Gkit Scroll is a redeemable item in a form of a map, this item will give the player one of the 6 Gkits. A gkit is a global kit that can be used once every 2 weeks on one of the core Servers on the network.The Gkit scrolls gives permanent access to the kit.

    What are Custom Enchants, and how to get them:
    Custom Enchants are enchants made from a custom plugin, and you can't receive them from an enchant table. You can get Custom Enchants by typing /enchanter in-game, a box identical to the one below will pop up:

    The enchanted book means you can salvage enchants, by doing this, your book will be removed and you will be rewarded with 25% of the exp you bought it for, so if you bought something for 60 levels, you will get 25% of it back.

    (There are 3 different enchant tiers)
    Common Enchants: 40 EXP Levels
    Rare Enchants: 80 EXP Levels
    Legendary Enchants: 120 EXP Levels
    You can use /exp to see how much EXP you have.

    Can I remove custom enchants once I apply them, The answer is both yes and no: While holding the item you want to remove the custom enchant from you can use /disenchant. This will open a GUI that will allow you to remove the book, however you will NOT get the book back. There is a chance to get the book back only if you have a high divination level, you can view information about divination using /divination

    L: Legendary Enchant
    R: Rare Enchant
    C: Common Enchant

    Barrier - (Chestplates: R) Immune to Concussive Blow. Available Levels: I - Permanent immunity while worn.

    Bazooka - (Bow: R) Chance to shoot TNT out of a bow which deals extra damage. Available Levels: I - 7% chance to fire TNT, II - 14% chance to fire TNT, III - 21% chance to fire TNT.

    Berserk - (Weapons: R) Chance to behead mobs. Available Levels: I - 3% chance to behead, II - 6% chance to behead, III - 9% chance to behead.

    Blackout - (Weapons: L) Chance to blind your opponents. Available Levels: I - 3% chance to blind, II - 6% chance to blind.

    Bloom - (Armor: L) Increases health depending on armor. Available Levels: I - Helmet +1 heart, I - Chestplate +3 hearts, I - Leggings +2 hearts, I - Boots +1 heart.

    Blizzard - (Leggings: L) Slows your enemies when attacked. Available Levels: I - 1.5% chance to inflict slowness for 4 seconds, II - 3.0% chance to inflict slowness for 5 seconds, III - 4.5% chance to inflict slowness for 6 seconds.

    Bounty Hunter - (Weapons: C) Chance to behead other players. Available Levels: I - 15% chance to behead, II - 30% to behead, III - 45% chance to behead (+7 Attack damage)

    Cure - (Armor: R) Negates Poisoned Tip. Available Levels: I - Immune while worn.

    Combo - (Weapons: L ) Deals extra damage with consecutive hits. Available Levels: I - 5% damage increase per extra hit, II - 10% damage increase per extra hit, III - 15% damage increase per extra hit.

    Compactor - (Tools: R) Gives a compact version of a block. Available Levels: I - 25% chance of activating.

    Concussive Blow - (Weapons: L) Chance to confuse your opponents for three seconds. Available Levels: I - 5% chance to confuse, II - 15% chance to confuse, III - 25% chance to confuse.

    Dizzy - (Helmet: L) Chance to inflict nausea on your opponent. Available Levels: I - 3% chance to inflict nausea, II - 6% chance to inflict nausea, III - 9% chance to inflict nausea.

    Double Shot - (Bow: R) Chance to deal double damage when you shoot someone with a bow. Available Levels: I - 5% chance to deal double damage.

    EnderBorn - (Leggings: C) Chance to get your pearl back on use. Available Levels: I - 20% chance to get pearl back, II - 20% chance to get pearl back, III - 30% chance to get pearl back.

    Expedition - (Tools: R) Receive 25% more EXP when mining with a Diamond Pickaxe. Available Levels: I - 25% more EXP gained.

    Exp Extract - (Weapons: L) Sends exp straight to your inventory, You don't have to pick EXP up

    Fertilizer - (Tools: ALL) Chance to instantly grow crops. Available Levels: I - 100% chance.

    Fiery Aura - (Armor: R) Lights animals on fire in a two block radius. Available Levels: I - Activates when worn.

    Flash - (Boots: L) Gives permanent speed potion effect

    Fusion - (Leggings: L) Chance to give Regeneration or Speed II while in combat. Available Levels: I - 5% chance to activate, II - 10% chance to activate, III - 15% chance to activate. (+6% Attack Damage)

    Glassbreaker - (Tools: R) - breaks Glass instantly, Available Levels: I - Glassbreaker I

    Guard - (Helmet: R) Immune to Wither Aspect. Available Levels: I - Permanent immunity. (+4% Attack Damage)

    Gust - (Tools: C+R) Blow leaves away. Available Levels: I - 3x3 radius, II - 5x5 radius.

    Harvester - (Tools: C+R) Harvests a region. Available Levels: I - Harvests a 3x3 region, II - Harvests a 5x5 region.

    Hound - (Leggings: R) Chance to have angry wolves aid you in battle. Available Levels: I - 5% chance to summon wolves, II - 10% chance to summon wolves, III - 15% chance to summon wolves.

    Human Torch - (Chestplate: R) Permanent fire resistance. Available Levels: I - Permanent when worn.

    Lightweight - (Boots: R) Gives you jump boost when worn. Available Levels: I - Permanent jump boost.

    Mars Taunt - (Helmet: L)Gives you & allies strength 2 when your helmet breaks. Available Levels: I - Radius of 15.

    Might - (Weapons: L) Deals double damage to hostile mobs. Available Levels: I - Double damage when worn.

    Magma Welding - (Tools: C+R) Melts blocks to form another block. Available Levels: I - 50% chance of activating, II - 75% chance of activating, III 100% chance of activating.

    Magnet - (Tools, Weapons: R) Mined items go straight to your inventory | Killed mob drops go straight to inventory

    Money Farm - (Weapons: R) Chance of receiving double money rewards when killing mobs. Available Levels: I - 50% chance for double money. II - (Percent)% Chance for double money. III - (Percent)% for double money.

    Night Owl - (Chestplate: L) Gain resistance when the time is between 6am-6pm. Available Levels: I - Resistance I.

    Nightmare - (Helmets: L) Push back enemies when helmet breaks Available Levels - I - Nightmare I

    ObbyHaste - (Tools: L) Mine obsidian instantly when applied

    Paralyzed - (Sword: R) Chance to slow mobs. Available Levels: I - 5% chance to paralyze, II - 15% chance to paralyze, III - 25% chance to paralyze.

    Pot Of Gold - (Sword: R) Chance to drop gold when killing hostile mobs. Available Levels (5% Chance): I - 1-4 Gold Nuggets, II - 5-8 Gold Nuggets, III - 1 Gold Ingot.

    PickPocket - (Weapons: R) Chance to pickpocket money from players. Available Levels: I - 0.75% chance to thieve, II - 1.5% chance to thieve, III - 2.25% chance to thieve.

    Pace - (Leggings: R) Negates slowness effect. Available Levels: I - Immune to slowness.

    Prismarine Aspect - (Tool: L) Chance to drop prismarine shards when mining. Available Levels: I - 10% chance.

    Prolong - (Chestplate: R) Increases your potion effect durations. I - 10% increase, II - 20% increase, III - 30% increase.

    Poisoned Tip - (Weapon; L) Chance to inflict Poison II on your enemies when in battle. Available Levels: I 3% chance to poison for 3 seconds, II - 65 chance to poison for 4 seconds, III - 9% chance to poison for 5 seconds. (+4% Attack damage)

    Rage - (Boots & Chestplate: L) Gives permanent strength - Available Levels: I - Strength 1, II - Strength 2

    Reactive - (Chestplate: R) Sets players who damage you on fire. Available Levels: I - Sets player on fire for 3 seconds.

    Recall - (Armor: L) Chance to repair broken armor during battle Available levels: I -15% chance, II - 20%chance, III 25% chance

    Replenish - (Helmet: L) No hunger loss. Available Levels: I - Permanent when worn.

    Resurrect - (Tools/Armor: L) Brings an item back to life when broken. Available Levels: I - Works whenever the tool has broken.

    Scuba Diver - (Helmet: C) Permanent water breathing. Available Levels: I - Permanent when worn.

    Seeder - (Tools: R) Replants harvestable crops. Available Levels: I - Replants harvested crops.

    Solar Cell - (Helmet: R+L) Gain haste when the in-game time is between 6am-6pm. Available Levels: I - Haste I, II - Haste II.

    Spawner Breaker - (Tools: L) Breaks spawners instantly

    Swiftness - (Boots: R) Gain a Speed II boost in battle for two seconds when struck. Available Levels: I - 100% chance to activate.

    Thor - (Weapon: C) Chance to strike lightning on your opponent's, which deals extra damage. Available levels: I - 3% chance to strike, II - 6% chance to strike, III - 9% chance to strike.

    Thick Wallet - (Armor: R) Negates pickpocket. Available levels: I - Immune to pickpocket.

    Tunneler - (Tools: C) - Mines a vertical 2x1 hole. Available Levels: I - Tunneler I

    Vision - (Helmets: R) Immune to Blackout. Available Levels: I - Immune while worn.

    Wither Aspect - (Swords: L) Chance to inflict wither potion damage on your target for 3 seconds. Available Levels: I - 4.5% chance to inflict wither, II - 9% chance to inflict wither.

    XP Steal - (Weapons: R) Chance to steal XP from players. Available Levels: I 3% chance to thieve, II - 6% chance to thieve, III - 9% chance to thieve.

    Yield - (Weapons: C) Gives extra EXP when killing mobs. Available Levels: I - +25% EXP, II - +50% EXP, III - +75% EXP.

    More Server Features

    Server Auction House
    This is a Auction that is hosted by the server itself, Player will bid against each other to win the listed item. The listed item will be picked randomly from the loot table and can be changed during the duration of the map.
    The item listing lasts 1 hour, after the 1 hour the player with highest bid wins the item and the server will list another item.
    Use the command /sah to open the listing.
    The loot table consists of:
    Executioner Boss
    Platinum Keys
    Nova Keys
    Gem Keys
    Vote Keys
    Daily Keys
    Shard Keys
    Tier 4 and 5 Money Pouches
    Mob Slayer
    Chunk loaders
    100, 250, 500 Mcmmo Credits
    5x Creeper Spawners
    5x Blaze Spawners
    5x Zombie Pigman Spawners
    Blackout 2 Enchant Book
    Bloom 1 Enchant Book
    Harvester 1 and 2 Enchant Book
    Random common books
    Random Rare books
    Random Legendary books
    150k EXP

    Weekend/daily challenges
    Daily Weekend Tournaments are tournaments for the whole server to compete by doing certain tasks to compete for the top 3 position and win rewards. A new tournament will be held every Weekend day and you will have the full 24 hours to do the tasks, those tasks may include Killing specific Mobs, Breaking blocks etc, the leaderboard will be based on which player has killed or mined the most blocks.
    A simple but interesting addition.
    The rewards consist of Iron golem Spawners- Platinum Keys and Nova Keys.

    Custom Mcmmo
    The Survival server has 2 custom mcmmo skills. These skills were created for to help the player progress throughout the map.

    • Divination: You gain exp in this when getting Custom Enchants through /ce. Check /divination for more information.

    • Lava Fishing: You can fish and gain levels in this by fishing in the lava pool at /warp fish, the higher the level the better rewards you will receive from fishing. There are a total of 6 tiers; each of which increase the money and add new rewards to the loot table.. Check /lavafishing (or /lf) for more information. Lavafishing has a 2,000 level cap.

    Normal Mcmmo
    McMMO's main function is to incorporate an RPG-like skill system that players will have access to right from the beginning. Depending on how much a certain tool is used or a certain action is performed, players will gain experience that will eventually add bonuses such as double drops, rare drops, or ability enhancement.
    Note: Mcmmo Parties are disabled.
    All Skills have a cap of 2,500.

    Note: Combat Skills on Skyblock 1&2 are disabled against player, only PVE effects are enabled.

    Mining consists of mining stone and ores. It provides bonuses to the amount of materials dropped while mining.
    • To gain XP in this skill, you must mine with a pickaxe in hand. Only certain blocks award XP.

    Speed Breaker
    (Locked until level 50)
    You will activate Speed Breaker by right-clicking while holding a pickaxe in your hand, it will temporarily add 5 Efficiency levels to the held pickaxe, triple the double drop rate, and replace normal-rate double drops with triple drops.

    Double Drops
    Double drops is a passive skill that allows the player to gain two items instead of the usual one when mining any naturally generated block. The odds of this happening increase by 0.1% per level to a maximum of 100% at level 1000. It does not stack with the Fortune enchantment, but does work with Silk Touch.

    Blast Mining
    (Locked until level 125 Mining)
    Instead of using a pickaxe to break blocks, Blast Mining utilizes TNT to destroy and mine blocks. It is activated by using a flint & steel (shift and right-click the air between yourself and the TNT). With Blast Mining, the range at which the TNT ignites is extended. Higher Mining levels will yield more ores. By default, TNT drops 30% of what is blown up, and is increased further with each level.

    Bigger Bombs
    (Locked until level 375 Mining)
    The Bigger Bombs ability increases the explosive range of TNT ignited with Blast Mining.
    At level 375, it adds 2 blocks to the radius of the explosion.
    At level 625, this bonus is increased to 3 blocks.
    And at level 875, the radius gains its maximum bonus of 4 blocks.

    Demolitions Expertise
    (Locked until level 500 Mining)
    Demolitions expertise is a passive ability that reduces the damage done by TNT with Blast Mining by 25%. TNT ignited through standard means still causes harm, and only when ignited through Blast Mining is the damage invalidated.
    At level 750, the damage is decreased by 50%.
    At level 1000, damage reduction is 100%.
    Excavation is the act of digging up dirt to find treasures. By excavating the land you will find treasures. The more you do this the more treasures you can find.
    • To gain XP in this skill you must dig with a shovel in hand.

    Giga Drill Breaker
    Giga Drill Breaker is an ability with a cooldown tied to Excavation skill. It triples your chance of finding treasures and enables instant break on Excavation materials. To activate Giga Drill Breaker hold a shovel in your hand and right click to ready your tool. Once activated, you have around 4 seconds to make contact with ‘Excavation’ compatible materials. Often when you are past level 350, you'll get at least 1 diamond from a single Giga Drill Breaker, allowing you to repair the shovel whenever durability starts to drop.

    Treasure Hunter
    Each time you dig a block, there is a chance to obtain items you would not normally get from digging.

    Acrobatics is the art of moving gracefully in mcMMO. It provides combat bonuses and environment damage bonuses.
    • To gain XP in this skill you need to perform a dodge in combat or survive falls from heights that damage you.
    Rolling is a passive skill which allows the player to reduce fall damage. Every level, the chance for a successful roll increases by 0.1%, with a maximum chance of 100% at level 1000. As rolling is a passive skill, it will be activated simply by taking fall damage. When activated, it can neutralize up to 7 damage points, or 3.5 hearts.

    Graceful Roll
    Graceful Roll is an active skill; it is activated by sneaking (Shift key by default) while falling. It is only effective if the sneaking is started 20 blocks or fewer before impact. It can neutralize up to 14 damage points, or 7 hearts.

    Dodging is a passive skill that halves combat damage taken; this includes Creeper explosions, Skeleton arrows, etc. Its max chance is 20%, at level 800; each level its chance increased by 0.025%.
    Herbalism is about collecting herbs and plants.
    • Collect plants and herbs to gain XP
    Allium: 300
    Azure Bluet: 150
    Wither rose: 500
    Blue Orchid: 150
    Lilac: 50
    Orange Tulip: 150
    Oxeye Daisy: 150
    Peony: 50
    Pink Tulip: 150
    Poppy: 100
    Red Tulip: 150
    Rose Bush: 50
    Sunflower: 50
    Lily Pad: 100
    White Tulip: 150
    Dandelion: 100
    Cornflower: 150
    Lily of the valley: 150
    Normal Crops :
    Potatoes (Ripe): 50
    Nether Wart (Ripe): 50
    Carrots (Ripe): 50
    Cocoa Beans (Ripe): 30
    Wheat (Ripe): 50
    Melon Blocks: 20
    Pumpkin Blocks: 20
    Vertical Crops :
    Sugar Cane: 30
    Cactus: 30
    Vine: 10
    Environmental Crops:
    Grass: 10
    Tall Grass: 50
    Fern: 10
    Large Fern: 50
    Red Mushroom: 150
    Brown Mushroom: 150
    Dead Bush: 30

    Green Terra
    Activate Green Terra by right clicking while holding a hoe in your hand. It gives a chance to get 3x drops from harvesting plants and consumes 1 wheat seed to convert into one of the following blocks:
    ⚬ Cobblestone into Mossy Cobblestone
    ⚬ Stone Brick into Mossy Stone Brick
    ⚬ Dirt into Grass

    Green Thumb
    When harvesting a fully-grown plant, there is a chance for the player to instantly replant the crop. The growth stage of the plant upon replanting is based on Herbalism level.
    Replanting will use one of either wheat seeds, carrots, or potatoes, depending on what was harvested. An additional crop of wheat, carrot, potato, or nether wart may also drop.

    Farmer's Diet
    This passive skill increases the amount of hunger that grown food will restore as the player's Herbalism level increases.

    Hylian's Luck
    Hylian Luck gives a small chance to obtain special items when certain blocks are broken with a sword. The chance for a drop goes up by 0.01% every level. At Level 1000, the chances are 10%.

    Currently, the blocks that are affected by this are:
    ⚬ Grass
    ⚬ Saplings
    ⚬ Dead Bushes
    ⚬ Flowers

    Shroom Thumb
    Using a mushroom on a block of dirt, while both a red and brown mushroom are in the player’s inventory, will trigger "Shroom Thumb". If successful, it will turn the block of dirt into a block of mycelium. Either way, one of each mushroom will be consumed. The chances of success increases with Herbalism level.

    Double Drops
    This skill doubles the drops obtained from crops. The chance is increased by 0.1% each Level. At Level 1000, the chances are 100%.

    With the Fishing skill, Fishing is exciting again! Find hidden treasures, and shake items off mobs.
    • To gain XP you must catch fish.

    Treasure Hunter
    Treasure Hunting is an ability that increases the chance to give useful items when fishing.

    Magic Hunter
    Magic Hunter is an ability that allows armor and tools obtained from Treasure Hunter to be enchanted. Magic Hunter is able to catch tools and armor with enchantment combinations that are unavailable by normal means, such as Silk Touch and Fortune together or Smite and Bane of Arthropods together.

    Ice Fishing
    This ability allows you to fish in icy biomes. Cast your fishing rod on an ice block and a water hole should appear.

    Master Angler
    Improves chance of getting a bite while fishing. This passive skill increases the bite chance while fishing. When you've unlocked this ability, fishing while in a boat or when an ocean biome doubles the bite chance.

    Shake is an ability that can pull drops and held items from mobs by hooking them with a fishing rod. It can be used repeatedly for a large number of items depending on the remaining health of the mob. However, this reduces the durability of the fishing rod drastically. The fishing rod, when used in this method, will always deal damage equivalent to 25% of the maximum health of the mob.

    FIsherman's Diet
    Improves hunger restored from fished food. This ability increases the number of hunger units regenerated by consuming fish. It is measured in Ranks, increasing once every 200 levels, and capping at level 1000.

    With the Fishing skill, Fishing is exciting again! Find hidden treasures, and shake items off mobs.
    • To gain XP you must catch fish
    Catalysis Brewing ingredients into potions takes less time the higher your Alchemy skill, beyond level 100.

    Concoctions allows the brewing of more potions with custom ingredients.

    Woodcutting is all about chopping down trees.
    • XP is gained whenever you break log blocks.
    Tree Feller
    Tree Feller is an active skill that allows you to chop down entire trees by only breaking one block. To use Tree Feller, right-click while holding an axe to ready your tool. With the tool ready, chop a block of wood or giant mushroom to activate the skill. Tree Feller only breaks blocks at the same height and higher than the block that is chopped, so cutting the middle of a tree will leave a stump. At level 0, tree feller is unavailable, it unlocks at level 50, and it increases by 1 second every 50 levels. This gives it a max duration of 22 seconds at level 1000. The ability has a cooldown between uses that lasts 240 seconds (4 minutes). Tree feller does not break trees larger than 500 blocks by default and at lower levels, it breaks much less.

    Leaf Blower
    (Locked until level 100 Woodcutting)
    Leaf Blower is an ability that will cause leaf blocks to break instantly when hit with an axe. When destroyed using Leaf Blower, a leaf block has a 10% chance of dropping its respective sapling. The leaves do durability damage to the axe and make a popping sound when broken.

    Double Drops
    Double the normal loot. Double drops is a passive skill that allows you to gain two items instead of one when chopping any log or giant mushroom block that was either generated by the world or grown. The chance to get double drops increases by 0.1% per level to a maximum of 100% at level 1000.

    Mob Coins
    Mob Coins can be earned by Killing mobs or from Mob Slayer minions.

    /mobcoin balance – To check how many mobcoins you have
    /mobcoins pay (name) (amount) - Send someone some of your mobcoins
    /mobcoins top – View top 10 players with most amount of mobcoins
    /mobcoins Withdraw (amount) – Withdraw a Mobcoin note.
    /mobcoin rewards – View the rewards available to win from daily spins.
    /mobcoin Upgrade – Upgrade the amount of mobcoins received from killing each mob.

    Where can you spend them?

    1. Daily Spins at spawn (5k per spin).Depending on your rank you can spin up to 6 times a day (Hero =1 > Supreme = 6), Also upgradeable with /Ranks.
    2. Mobcoins Shop.- Shop is located in the /shop gui as the sunflower. 5 items per day will appear with 3. In-game money and/or mobcoin prices. (Shop refresh every 12 hours & can be reset 3 times in 12 hours)
    4. Mobcoins shop re-rolls, 3 re-rolls every 12 hours each costing 200k mc, (re-roll is global, affects everyone else on the server)
    /mobcoin upgrade – uses mobcoins as a currency to upgrade their levels.
    5. VIP members can set a price that includes mobcoins when listing an item in the /Auction house
    Buy or upgrade /pouches


    Currently, we have 3 Boosters you can buy from

    • Sell Booster (x1.5 & x2.0)
    • Mob Drops & Cash Booster (x2.0)
    • Spawn Rate Booster (x2.0 and x3.0)
    • Mobcoin Booster (x2.0)
    • Crop Growth (x2.0)
    These Boosters last for 1 hour each.
    The Boosters activate for everyone on the server of your choice.
    You can also obtain personal Boosters, these contain;

    • EXP Boosters, multiplies the amount of EXP received from killing mobs or mining.
    • McMMO Boosters, multiplies the amount of mcMMO XP gained while active.
    • Spawner Boosters, multiplies the amount of mobs that spawn from spawners near you while active.
    • Sell Boosters, multiplies the sell price of items on /shop while active.
    • MobCoin Booster, Multiples the amount of mobcoins you receive per kill
    • Crop Growth Booster, Makes all the crops grow X times as fast.
    • Mob Drops and Cash, increase the amount of loot droped from mob on death, and amount from killing the mob.
    You can use these Boosters by right-clicking the item while holding it.

    Personal Boosters

    Personal Boosters can be purchased from the Buycraft store and can be acquired in-game by completing various tasks. Information about personal Boosters can be viewed by sending the command /pbooster in game. Additionally, personal Boosters can be canceled by sending the command /pbooster cancel.

    Personal Boosters only come with the Sell, Spawner, McMMO and EXP booster. Depending where you have been awarded the booster it will different in length and power. Ranging from 5mins to 1 hour and from x1.25 to x3.0


    Players have the option of tipping the person that activates the booster by clicking “View Queue” and then pressing “Tip”.

    The person tipping will receive 20 tokens while the person getting tipped will receive 10 tokens each time they are tipped. When getting tipped/tipping you will get a message in-game:

    Chest Shop
    All players can create their own shops to sell their items for other players to buy that might be at a cheaper price than the main shop. You can also make a chest shop that allows players to sell items to you. Chest shops cannot be opened by anyone but the owner of the chest shop and staff. Right-clicking your Chest Shop sign as an owner will open up the shop. You can still add or remove items in the chests shop. We support name changing so if you change your Minecraft name your chest shop will still work.

    To get an id of a custom item do /iteminfo whiles holding the item , for example the id of a endermite spawner is;
    The Shop Sign for the item would be;
    To create a shop, place the items you want to sell in a chest. Then place a sign on top, on the chest, or near it with the following:

    Line 1- [your name]. Alternatively, you can leave this empty and it will auto-fill your in-game name for you.
    Line 2 - The amount of the item you want players to buy or sell.
    Line 3 - To allow players to sell to your shop, you would put an "S". To allow players to buy from your shop, you would put a "B". To allow players to choose between either, you put both. (Examples below.)
    Line 4 - The name of the item to buy or sell.

    Use Lockette to protect your chests from being opened by other players or allow only people you trust to access your chest. To create protected chests with Lockette, place a sign on the chest (hold shift and left click the chest with a sign in hand) and type the following:

    Line 1 - [private]

    And then click done. Make sure to include the square brackets [ ]. Private does not have to be uppercase. You can also simply, without shifting, left click a chest with a sign in hand to automatically place a lock on it. To confirm that it has worked, you should receive the following message:

    To add more members to the chest protection, select the sign by left-clicking it, then type /lockette [line-number-of-sign] [name].
    Example: /lockette 3 JoshK_ will add Joshk_ to my chest protection and allow him to access my chest. (Note: This will not allow added players to edit or remove your locks).

    Type /lock to view all the blocks you can protect with Lockette signs!

    When requesting to have a player's Lockette sign or chest shop sign removed, the owner of the sign must be offline for at least 30 days before the sign can be removed by staff. This helps ensure that no items locked in these chests are stolen from active players. However, you may request and be granted a sign removal if you have changed your username or if you know for sure that nothing is in the chest.

    You can check when a player was last online with /seen [ign]

    NOTE: These signs will break off and stop working once the person who has made the sign has been offline for over 14 days.

    Backpacks are effectively extra inventory slots for storage while mining.

    All players will be able to access the first row of their backpack for $15,000 (in-game money).

    The glass panes are a feature to upgrade your current backpack, each costing more money.

    The backpack has limited space, it is essentially another private vault, but items will go into it automatically when your inventory is full.

    To upgrade your backpack, execute the command /backpack and you will see grey glass panes representing a row of space which can be purchased using in-game money.

    You can access the /backpack GUI with the /bp alias.

    Spawner info:
    • Animal Spawners do not need grass to spawn. All Mobs can spawn mid air.
    • Only hostile spawners are effected by light, meaning they need dark to spawn.
    • All Spawner Mobs have vanilla health. Meaning most spawner mobs need at least 23 blocks drop to die.
    • Spawner Mobs use vanilla mechanics, meaning Iron golems don’t take falling damage, Zombie Pigman and Blaze don’t have fire damage etc.
    Not all spawners have vanilla drop, leather has been removed from Cows. Spawners also do not have vanilla drop rates, rates have been edited to match the server economy based on their shop prices.

    Spawner upgrading:
    Some Spawners have be upgraded to level 5. Upgrading the spawners will increase the spawn rate, experience boost and unlock new drops or increase current drop rate. Use /mobdrops or /md to view all upgradeable spawners and custom drops.

    Players will need to pay a fee to upgrade their spawner and the fee will increase as the spawners level increases. Some spawners can reach a maximum level of 5.

    Spawner changing:
    Changing spawners is done by right-clicking it. Or punching the air with the spawner.
    It costs money and exp to change a spawner.


    The Boss is a custom mob designed to be hard for players to defeat. there are currently 4 bosses, each of which having different abilities and stages.
    The boss has multiple stages starting from easy with weaker armour and dealing less damage, to strong with strong amour and dealing mass damage. Boss will change stages depending on its health, when it reaches a specific health it will change stage and use its abilities. The abilities consist of; Spawning minions, (weaker versions of its self, but many more), to spawning decoy mobs so you have to kill all of them before attacking the boss itself.

    Once the boss is killed the top 10 Players will get random rewards from ./boss rewards Depending on the boss type. The position on the leaderboard does not give better rewards, rewards are picked by percentage. A player may get anywhere from 2-4 rewards (Can be increased if Loot Goblin mask is worn).
    The boss can be fought in the /Warp boss where it spawns every 6 hours. A random boss can spawn, it will not always be the same boss. (Executioner, Undead Horseman, or Wither Skeleton). Keep inventory is on during the event and PvP is disabled.
    Executioner Boss and Undead Skeleton can be obtained from other rewards on the server. The boss comes in a placeable boss egg, once the egg is placed a confirmation gui will show. The boss can be placed anywhere in the wilderness, it Cannot be spawned in the /warp boss Arena. inventory will be dropped at death if killed by the boss from the egg.

    • TYPE : Zombie
    • HEALTH : 2,000
    • NO. OF STAGES : 3
    • Leather Armour & Wooden Sword (2000 to 1000 health)
    • Iron Amour & Iron Sword (999 to 501 health)
    • Diamond Amour & Diamond Sword (500 to 0 health)

    • ABILITY : Spawning baby zombie minions.
    Very Fast, Deals a lot of damage, Breaks Armour fast.


    The Wither Skeleton is an event exclusive therefore does not have an egg and can not be won from rewards.It is Spawned only in /warp boss where it has a random chance to be chosen between all the bosses. (apart from Easter Event Boss)

    • TYPE : Skeleton & Skeleton Horse
      • HEALTH : 2,00
      • NO. OF STAGES : 3
      • Leather Armour & Wooden Sword (2000 to 1000 health)
      • Spawners Minions and you have to kill the horse before able to hit the minions.
      • Have to kill minions before able to hit boss.
      • Iron Amour & Iron Sword Sword (1000 to 500 health)
      • Diamond Amour & Diamond Sword (500 to 0 health)
    • ABILITY : Spawning Skeleton Minions, Obisidian Smash, Jumps in the air and smashes obi, anyone in the radius is an instant death.


    The easter boss is a Easter Event Exclusive and can only be spawned for 2-3 weeks during Easter time.

    • TYPE : Rabbit
    • HEALTH : 2,000

        • NO. OF STAGES : 5
        • Sits on Iron Golems Shoulders, (deals a lot of damage but slowly, punches into the air)
        • Spawners decoys ( 100 rabbits you need to kill before being able to kill damage it)
        • Suicide Mobs (Spawners 20 Mobs that do not take Sword damage, After 15 seconds they explode instantly killing anyone with in a few block radius, no matter what armour they have)
        • Zombie / ZombiePigman Minions ( Deal a lot of damage similar to executioner boss at stage 3, But have little health, about 20-30 are spawned at once to protect the rabbit.)
      • ABILITY : Spawning minions.
    Main boss does not deal much damage but has many powerful stages of protection,


    Hopper Filter
    The hopper filter is an easier custom way of filtering the hopper with out using redstone. Simply shift click the hopper and place the item you would like for the hopper to collect inside the gui.

    You are also able to toggle if you would like for the hopper to Only collect the item in the filter or Ignore the item in the filter and pick up everything else. This can be easily toggled with the glass pane at the side.
    Use /af to filter every hopper in the chunk. This will filter every hopper with the item that is in your hand. 1 item in your hand will filter 1 hopper. 30 second cooldown on the command. Tip: Filter using the command multiple times until no more items are being taken.

    Sign template
    /Signs is a custom made sign template plugin to help players place lots of signs. Use /signs to make/edit templated or select a current template. The simply right-click where you want the sign and the writing will be already on the sign.

    This can be very helpful for shop signs. [sell chest] signs or just placing the same sign many times.
    Depending on your rank you will have a different amount of possible template slots. Each template can be edited and deleted indefinitely.
    Daily missions
    Daily Missions is a simple plugin that provides new daily tasks for the player to do during the day. Once you complete the task your will be rewarded with a range of items, like money, exp, kits, money and Hero exp. Each mission will give you 25 Hero exp to help you level up your Hero level.
    Use /mission top to view who has the most completed missions.


    Chat Games
    Chat Games show up in chat Every 10 minutes, a simple question will be asked for example "2-1+2".
    First Person to answer will get money or exp and either 25, 50, 75 or 100 Hero exp.
    Average time for these quests is under 2 seconds so you have to be fast.
    Tip : the question will show up right after the clearlag so watch out for that in the chat countdown.
    also /tryme info shows when the next question will be and what the answer/question was last time.

    Auction House:

    • Sell items to other players through a virtual auction house
    • Access the ah by typing /ah
    • Sell items by typing /ah sell (amount)
    • Use /ah sell (price) (amount) (mob-coin price) to sell items for mob coins.
    Use the GUI in /ah to cancel or collect expired items.

    • MineHeroes uses a virtual shop accessed by typing /shop or by left clicking the NPC at spawn
    • Items are sorted into categories
      • Left click to buy; Right Click to sell
      • As a donator your able to bulk buy 64 of a item by shift-clicking
      • Bulk Buying can also be unlocked with /ranks

    We've added a new sell filer which you can access with /sellfilter or click the icon in the /shop menu. Then simply go through the categories and DISABLE or ENABLE the items you want sold to the shop when you use /sell all
    Heads merchant

    Another big request was to implement some benefits to grinding out and collecting MOB heads with the Berserk enchant. Lucky for you, there is now a new /merchant menu to trade in MOB heads for Cash and EXP.

    Just type /merchant to access the head trading menu and begin selling those valuable heads!

    DropTool is a very useless feature which allows the player to lock any item from dropping out of your inventory. This will prevent you from dropping any item by accident. Use /droptool to toggle which items you wish to drop or disable from dropping.

    There are plenty of Cosmetics on Skyblock , Most of which are also a global feature.

    Tags: Tags are mainly a global feature on the Mineheroes Network. However there are a few that are exclusive to Skyblock. The [BlazeGrinder ] tag can only be obtained from /is pc by killing 100,000 blaze.

    Tags are obtained from doing events or challenges or can be used in /hub from /chest with the gems that you have won on the Skyblock server. They can also be won from seasonal Keys. If so, they will come in a redeemable item in the form of a name tag, after it has been redeemed it will give you the tag which you can equip in the /tags gui.


    Deathmessages are a pretty new addition to the Mineheroes network. These messages will show up once you have killed someone in PvP. You are able to view all possible messages using /deathmessage and select which one you chose to use.
    These can be won from Key Crates and seasonal events.


    /Claims is a very useful command. This is where all the custom items that you may have got as a reward on the server go, if your inventory is full. Rewards from keys such as Boosters or enchant relics will go into your claims unless they are redeemed by you. Claims has infinite storage but can only hold custom items, being vanilla spawners will not be put into claims. In addition the claims gui does not stack items therefore each individual item will take up 1 slot.


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