Jan 25, 2019
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    General Information:
    Nexus is a fast-paced mini-game composed of four teams in which each teams goal is to annihilate the nexus - an end-stone block located in the heart of the other teams’ base. Each team must find a balance between defending their own nexus, attacking other teams’ nexus, and mining enough ores to sustain you and your fellow players. There are infinitely-spawning melons, cows, pigs, and chickens to keep your team’s hunger afloat for the whole game. A winner is crowned at the end of every game once a single team has taken all of the health points (HP) away from all of the enemies’ nexuses. Nexus comes with a reward of gems for 4th place, 3rd place, 2nd place, and 1st place, so no matter if your team comes last or first, if you stay until it gets eliminated then you get gems!

    Phases (1-5):
    Our current game is split into 5 phases. Information about them can be found below:

    • Phase 1 (5 minutes): Each nexus is invincible and cannot be broken. Any player who crosses into an enemy team’s territory will receive a blindness effect. This stage is dedicated to gathering the materials needed to play the game successfully.
    • Phase 2 (10 minutes): Nexus blocks lose their invincibility and players are free to attack opposing teams.
    • Phase 3 (15 minutes): Diamond ores are able to be mined in the center of the map.
    • Phase 4 (20 minutes): Each nexus will take double damage (2 HP per hit).
    • Phase 5 (Until Game End): Each nexus slowly takes damage until they remain with 1 HP in which a player needs to finish it off.

    (This GUI can be opened with /class)
    Classes are bought with credits (which can be obtained at the quantity of 1 per player kill, or 3 per damage you deal to a nexus). There are 9 classes ranging in cost from 1,000 credits to 10,000 credits.

    • Civilian (Free): You are the commoner. This is the first class everybody has. It comes with standard tools that get you off your feet for the rest of the game. This class has no special abilities.
    • Miner (200 Credits): You are the supplier. With a 25% chance to get an extra ore from mining one and the ability to make ores spawn 2x faster around you, you have the tools needed to gather resources quickly right from the start of the game.
    • Warrior (600 Credits): You are the sword. You begin with an upgraded stone sword, the abilities to deal .5 extra damage per hit, and dealing increased damage for combos. This allows you to be the best attacker/defender on your team, keeping your upgraded sword even when you respawn.
    • Archer (800 Credits): You are the arrow. Ranged attack is your forte. You will be given a Punch I + 16 arrows every time you respawn, and the potential to get more arrows by using your “Arrow Supply Ability” which can be done once per minute. You will also be able to deal more damage than the other classes if you get headshots on enemy players.
    • Scout (3,000 Credits): You are the speed. You are given a grappling hook, a gold sword, and constant speed. You’ll be able to attack enemies with stealth and precision, giving you a fair chance in a fight with all of the instruments given.
    • Wizard (2,500 Credits): You are the magic. A wand and a spell book will be given at the beginning of the game. There is a choice between 5 spells, dubbed Inferno, Blackout, Frost, Gust, and Undead. You will choose a spell in the spell book, and cast it with your wand.
    • Transporter (2,000 Credits): You are the portal. You are given two portals, which when both are placed, can transport team members between them, allowing your team to move with ease and stealth. Beware: enemy teams can easily break your transport pads.
    • Berserker (1,000 Credits): You are the strength. You are driven by bloodlust, with the perks of Frenzy Ability, and gaining an extra heart per kill, making you the Ultimate teammate.
    • Spy (1,500 Credits): You are the shadow. Spawning with a gold sword, and having the vanish ability, you are the teammate of stealth and warfare. You can easily sneak into other teams’ areas and their nexus unnoticed.
    Nexus Block:

    The nexus block is the most important block in the game. Is it an end-stone block which can be found in the heart of every team’s base. With just 75 HP, your team will have to be the best of the best to protect it and make the HP last the whole game, or your team will be eliminated. In order to damage a nexus, rather than hitting it, you must mine it with a pickaxe. When a team dies, every player on that team is killed instantaneously, so guarding your nexus is key to the success of your team. You cannot place blocks within a close radius of the nexus, so it takes players physically defending the nexus in order to be successful. This block will turn into bedrock once a team is knocked out.



    The shop offers a vast array of items and tools that, if used properly, assist your team on the road to winning. From potion brewing ingredients to experience bottles, the shop has many things you will need. The shop is sectioned into categories for your convenience. One of the most important sections of the shop is called “Team Upgrades” which takes emeralds in exchange for a team perk/buff. This section is key for a thriving team. In this section you can currently purchase:

    • Double Ores (50 Emeralds): This upgrade your teammates will receive 2 items for every ore they mine.
    • Defender (150 Emeralds): This is a zombie with upgrade-able armour and an upgradeable weapon who protects your nexus, hitting any player who comes close to the nexus.
    • Defender Upgrades (Prices Vary): By default, your defender will have leather armour and a wooden sword. You can upgrade its armour and weapon by either right-clicking it, or clicking on the “Defender” icon in the Team Upgrades section in the shop.
    • Tripwire (25 Emeralds): This is a simple upgrade that notifies your team if any enemy player comes close to your nexus.