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Aug 13, 2017
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    General Information

    Fast paced and full of action, Nexus is a MineHeroes mini-game which features two teams who relentlessly battle in order to destroy one another's nexus - a block located at the heart of each teams base, whilst still defending their own. Each team has their own half of the map, where they can gather resources for an attack or build defenses. Block breaking and placing is possible all over the map, bar a few key zones: close to the Nexus, food resource mines, around the shop stall and around the potion stall. Your team wins when you have taken all the health points away from the enemy's nexus.


    The game is split up into 4 Phases. Information about each phase is located below:

    Phase 1 (10 minutes): Nexuses are invincible and cannot be broken.
    Phase 2 (10 minutes): Nexus blocks lose their invincibility.
    Phase 3 (10 minutes): Diamond ores spawn in the center of the map. Potions can now be purchased!
    Phase 4 (Until game end): Hardcore mode is enabled, meaning double nexus damage. The game will remain in Phase 4 and stay there until one team's Nexus is destroyed.

    The Nexus Block


    The Nexus is the most important block in the game and is located at the heart of each team’s base. Each Nexus starts with 75 hit points, and when mined it will lose 1 HP each time, or 2HP in Phase 4. When mined it makes a very loud anvil sound to alert the team their nexus is being damaged. Once a team's Nexus is destroyed, the game finishes and rewards are handed out.

    Resource Mines

    Both teams have access to resource hotspots across the map which feature a pit of either Iron, Emeralds, Gold or Diamond ores. Autosmelt is enabled constantly, so there is no need to gather coal. The resource mines are useful for the following reasons:

    Iron Mine: Get basic starter gear to use for a quick raid or a sturdy defense in Phase 2+.
    Emerald Mine: Emeralds can be mined during any Phase, use them to purchase team upgrades.
    Gold Mine: Gold ingots are the currency of Nexus. This mine is located close to the center of the map. Use them to purchase items from the shop NPCs!
    Diamond Mine: Iron gear will become practically useless later in the game. Securing the diamond mine is a top priority for your team, and is essential to gain victory!

    All ores will automatically regenerate, allowing you to improve your gear. However, the diamond mine located in the center of each map only allows you to mine there after Phase 3. Furthermore, located in each teams base is a stock of wood, melons and wheat. These will act similar to the ores, and will regenerate when broken.

    Nexus features an array of different classes which will give you an advantage over the enemy. Classes are unlocked with gems, which are earned by performing actions in the game - such as attacking a Nexus, killing an enemy or winning the game.

    You can view and select your class by typing /class whilst playing Nexus! Classes you have access to have an enchantment glow over them. Here are classes available on Nexus:

    Classic (free): The default class everyone has access to. As the backbone of your team, you are the constant fuel in battle. You will start with basic gear, and cannot perform special abilities unlike other classes.

    Warrior (10,000 Gems): You wield an upgraded stone sword, allowing you to cut down enemies with ease at the beginning of the match!

    Miner (10,000 Gems): With your upgraded stone Pickaxe, you will be able to gather resources much more effectively at the beginning of the match!

    Lumberjack (10,000 Gems): You are the Axe. With your ability to gain 2x the amount of wood from chopping logs, building large structures such as bridges is your strong point.

    Builder (10,000 Gems): As a master of defensive strategy, use your bricks to construct unbreachable barriers. You can also use /resupply, every minute to gain more bricks!

    Archer (15,000 Gems): Every time you respawn, you will be given a special Bow and 5 arrows. An Archer’s bow has the ability to shoot “dazed” arrows, which will stun your enemy. Activate “Dazed” mode by right-clicking your bow and firing an arrow. You can also use the command /resupply, to gain an extra five arrows every minute!

    Tank (15,000 Gems): You are on the front line wreaking havoc on enemies. As a tank, you will be able to take a large amount of damage due to your permanent Regeneration II, however, you’ll also be disadvantaged due to your permanent Slowness I.

    Vampire (15,000 Gems): As a master of the night, you will gain permanent Regeneration I in dark places. You also have a 25% chance to suck life from your enemies when attacking them, which adds to your own health!

    Healer (15,000 Gems):
    As a Healer, your main priority is to be a team player. Use your bandage to heal fellow teammates! To heal a team member, simply hit them with your bandage. You will gain +5 Gems for healing teammates.

    Pyro (15,000 Gems): You are the heat. Forged in the depths, you are a fire obsessed maniac. You are immune to any burning effect, be that of flame or lava. Striking your enemies has a chance to light them ablaze with any weapon. However, be cautious where you stand, as if you come in contact with water, you will suffer significantly!

    Spy (20,000 Gems): Trained in the art of disguise, stealth and warfare, as a Spy you will possess the ability to completely vanish from your opponents. However, you must stay perfectly still, or your cover will be blown. You can activate your vanish by crouching while the Spy class is active. Be wary, there is a three-second countdown before you go invisible!

    Acrobat (20,000 Gems):
    You are the bird. With your ability to receive no fall damage and permanent jump boost, you can soar through the skies without worry.

    Scout (25,000 Gems):
    With your grappling hook, you are able to speed across the map to kill enemies, or get yourself out of a hazardous situation with ease! Simply cast your grapple, and allow it to hook onto a block. Follow this by clicking again, and you will be launched to wherever your hook landed! Be careful, as your grapple has a seven-second cooldown, which may get you into a sticky situation.

    Transporter (25,000 Gems): With your ability to create portals, you are the ultimate team player. You will receive two golden pads, which when both placed will teleport players between them. This is extremely useful for setting up an attack with your team! However, if one pad is broken, the other will be destroyed as well. The only way to obtain a new set of pads is to die and re-spawn. Remember, you can destroy enemy teleportation pads by breaking them with a Pickaxe.

    In the future, many more classes are planned for you to look forward too! Got a burning idea for a class? Submit a suggestion here:

    Item / Potion Shop

    Located inside your base walls, you will see a villager and a witch. When clicked on, these NPC’s have the ability to sell you items in exchange for gold ingots.


    The villager (left stand) stocks general items such as blocks, flint and string. The witch stocks potion materials (right stand) such as blaze powder, sugar and nether warts. However, the potion shop is only accessible after Phase 3, giving you plenty of time to get some armor together.

    Updated Potions and Prices:
    Strength I (3 mins): 25 Gold
    Strength I (8 mins): 40 Gold
    Fire Resistance (8 mins): 15 Gold
    Regen II (0:22): 10 Gold
    Regen I (0:45): 5 Gold
    Speed II (1:30): 14 Gold
    Speed I (3:00): 7 Gold
    Health II Potion: 3 Gold
    Jump Boost II (1:30): 3 Gold

    Team Upgrades

    Located within the shop stand at your base, you’ll see a new NPC, which can be used to purchase various team upgrades. These upgrades are purchasable only by emeralds and due to this, we’ve replaced the redstone mine with an emerald mine.

    Below are the upgrades currently available on Nexus:


    Iron Golem Guardian (256 Emeralds): Say hello to your new best friend! This upgrade spawns an Iron Golem near your nexus which will target and attack enemies trying to lower your team’s health! The golem starts with 500 HP and is only purchasable once, meaning when he dies you cannot re-purchase a new guardian.

    Double Ores - 60 seconds (128 Emeralds): This upgrade will give your whole team the ability to get double ingots from mining ores for 60 seconds. This upgrade has a cooldown of five minutes, meaning once the 60 seconds is over, you must wait another 4 minutes before re-purchasing it.

    Enchantment Tables (64 Emeralds): This upgrade will spawn enchantment tables below your nexus allowing you to enchant to both a low and high level. Getting enchanted gear is crucial to winning the game! 64 emeralds.

    Enderchest (32 Emeralds): We've noticed that the enderchest is used a lot within Nexus and instead of offering it freely at the start of the game, players must now purchase it for their team. Once purchased, the enderchest will spawn back at the location you’re all used to!

    Unbreakable Anvil (32 Emeralds): This upgrade will spawn an unbreakable anvil below your nexus, next to the enchanting station. Books can be purchased from the Item Shop villager.


    Frequently Asked Questions

    Here are some of the most frequently asked questions that are asked when playing Nexus. If this area does not answer your question, feel free to post a thread in our Questions Subforum!

    (Q) Where is the Nexus?
    (A) The Nexus is held inside each team's main base structure and usually above or below ground level. Both Nexuses are the only mob spawners on the map, so they are easily identified.

    (Q) How do I break the Nexus?
    (A) You can break Nexuses only with a Pickaxe and after Phase 2 begins.

    (Q) Where is the gold mine?
    (A) The gold mine is located near the center of the map.

    (Q) How do I change class?

    (A) Simply use the command /class, and pick what you have access to. Note: You will die when changing classes.

    (Q) I can't see the shop NPC's?
    (A) This is a Minecraft bug within version 1.8.0. Simply change your Minecraft version to anything other than that.
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