Memory Build

Jan 25, 2019
Memory Build
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    Map Number: Map 2 (March 19th, 2017- PRESENT)
    Minecraft Version: Supports versions 1.7 - 1.12
    By AJHandler
    The objective of this minigame is to replicate as accurately as possible from memory a small build shown to you before time runs out. You can play the game by joining the minigames lobby and selecting the NPC or by typing /server mb from anywhere on the network.


    Up to 12 players will be shown the same build on their 7x7x7 plot and have 10 seconds to view the build. When the viewing time expires the build disappears, and the players have 40 seconds to rebuild what they saw. Players will be given the exact number of blocks/materials. When the timer runs out, all players will be switched to Spectator mode. Then, Gerald the Ghast will scan all builds and the player's score as a percentage will appear. The player with the lowest % accuracy will be shot by Gerald, exploding their build and knocking them out of the game.

    Memory Build contains 30 rounds. The rounds progress as follows,

    • Round 1-5: Easiest difficulty builds to replicate.
    • Round 6-14: Medium difficulty builds to replicate.
    • Round 15-30: Hardest difficulty of builds to replicate.
    Should all players replicate the build perfectly, Gerald will be impressed, and nobody will be eliminated that round. The last player alive wins the game!


    A big thank you to @TeamFractal for producing these awesome maps, along with the hundreds of small builds needed for this game to run.




    Tips and Tricks:

    Here is a list of useful tips to be aware of before playing the game.

    • The orientation/position of your build matters. You must replicate the build in the exact position you saw it in.
    • All players have the ability to fly to ensure you can place blocks high if the build requires it.
    • You break blocks instantly even though you are in Survival mode.
    • You have access to the exact amount of blocks the build shown to you requires. If you have blocks spare, you know you’ve missed something!
    • If you are eliminated, make sure you stay until the end of the game to receive all your rewards. This applies to any of the other minigames as well.


    As with any of our games, Memory Build will give you a set of rewards based on your position when the game ends. Remember, this also includes the possibility of getting a /chest if you place at the top. Also remember that ranked players have multipliers that can give you up to 4x the amount mentioned below. For more information on that, visit

    1st Place: +50 Gems & Possibility of a cosmetic /chest

    2nd Place: +25 Gems

    3rd Place: +10 Gems

    Participation: +5 Gems

    We hope you enjoy playing the game! As per usual, please if you find any bugs, report them to us via a support ticket at We’ll do our best to resolve them as quickly as possible.

    Rev. 5/13/18
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