May 13, 2018
  • Manos
    • Manos Rank and Tag on ALL Servers forever!
      • Above head, on tab and in chat and on the forums
    • Reserved slot - Join when the server is full
    • Chicken Pet
    • Don't get kicked for AFK
    • 15 Friends Slot Limit
      • /friends add (name)
    • /sell hand - Sell an item in your hand to the server shop quickly
    • /recipe (item) - Browse in-game crafting recipe of an item/block
    • /craft - Virtual crafting bench
    • /bin - GUI rubbish bin to dispose unwanted items
    • /ptime (time) - Set time of day visible to you
    • /pweather (weather) - Set the weather visible to you
    • /book - Unlock a signed book you are holding to re-edit it
    • /firework - Change firework you are holding
    • /getpos - Get the coordinates of your location
    • /near - See who is nearby (50 block radius)
    • /tptoggle - Disable teleport requests from other players
    • Show off names/lore and enchants of items you're holding in chat with [item]. Players can view the details on hover.
    • /pet chicken - Activate chicken pet
    Plenty more features to come. We're working on adding new perks every month!
    Suggest features at