Discord Rules

Jan 12, 2020
Discord Rules
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    MineHeroes Discord Rules
    Last updated: 13th November 2018
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    General Rules
    • All players are expected to follow the Rules. Failure to do so will result in consequences.
    • Do not impersonate other players or staff members.
    • Offensive nicknames/Avatars are not allowed - this includes profanity, racism, or other forms of hate speech. This can also include a user's IP address.
    • Bullying of any kind will not be tolerated.
    • Sharing personal information is at your own risk. We do not advise it.
    • Do not post, share, or display personal information of other players without their consent or with intent to embarrass, blackmail, harass, or cause shame. Also including a player's IP, address, phone number, etc. This will result in severe punishment.
    • Threats or blackmailing is not allowed.
    • Racism, bigotry, personal threats, and other forms of hate speech are not allowed (even in private channels).
    • Exchanging any virtual/actual item for hard currency and/or Virtual MineHeroes Server Store Items is allowed if both parties agree that they understand the risk involved. (e.g. future chargebacks, incomplete transactions)
    • Keep profanity to a minimum in public channels.
    • Encouraging others to break Rules is not allowed.
    • DDoS attacks or threats will not be tolerated and will end in consequences.
    • Do not spam chat. This includes spamming messages, pokes, and whispers.
    • Do not discuss punishments (i.e warns, kicks, mutes, bans etc) in chat or spam chat channels asking for someone to look at a ban appeal.
    • Do not mic spam in the main channels. This includes playing soundboards and music.
    • Getting involved in any form of illegal activity in any way may result in a permanent ban from Discord
    • Advertising different Minecraft Servers are not allowed. This includes advertising content on or from other Minecraft Servers.
    • Advertising other Discord Servers is not allowed. This includes sending invites on our Discord and using our Discord server to pm other players.
    • Ban evading a perm-ban or temp-ban is not allowed.
    • Using the MineHeroes Discord to sell accounts or other services is not allowed.
    • Depending on severity, if any of the Rules above are broken, you will be warned or kicked from Discord, then temp banned from Discord.
    • If Rules are repeatedly broken, you will be permanently banned from the Discord.
    • In some cases, depending on the severity, Discord punishments will also be carried out on the actual MineHeroes server.
    • Ban evading in any way will result in a more severe punishment.
    Reporting and Appealing
    • If you see a player breaking any of these Rules, please report them to the staff or on the forums immediately. Please provide proof in your report so that staff may investigate your claim.
    • If you feel your punishment was unjustified, you are allowed to appeal for it to be revoked/changed or shortened.
    • All reports can be made via the support ticket system here.
    • The MineHeroes Discord Rules are always being updated. Please continue to revisit this page on a regular basis for updates and changes. There is no excuse for not knowing the Server Rules.
    • By logging into MineHeroes server network, you agree to the terms and conditions outlined on this Rules page and all other MineHeroes rule sections.
    • If there are any rule suggestions to be posted here, please notify us here./