Sep 12, 2020
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    Last Reset: January, 2020
    Minecraft Versions: 1.7 - 1.15 compatible
    What Is Cannon:
    Cannon is a sandbox-like server where you can freely build your cannons to test them without using resources on the main Factions server. All fixes/patches that are on the Factions server apply to the cannon server with the exception of cannon speed.

    Cannon Rules:
    #1: Intentionally lagging the server is not allowed
    #2: Hacked clients, illegal modifications & macros are disallowed,

    • If you come across any bugs or glitches make a bug report here.
    • If you see players breaking Rules make a player report here.
    • Upon joining the network you agree to undertake the scanning process if a staff member suspects you of cheating at any point.
    All players have access to one (50x50 chunks) plot in the main world. You can claim a plot automatically with /plot auto or /p auto. Here are some other useful plot commands:
    • /p h - Teleports you to your plot
    • /p auto - Automatically claims a plot in the world you're in, e.g. if you use this command a spawn it'll claim a default plot.
    • /p chat - Allows you to talk in the private chat within your plot.
    • /p add [IGN] - Adds a player to your plot. (They can only build when you're online).
    • /p trust [IGN] - Permanently adds a player to your plot, make sure you trust players you trust to your plot!!). Note: (They can build even if you're offline).
    • /p remove [IGN] - Removes a player from your plot.
    • /p remove * - Removes all players from your plot.
    • /p reset/clear - Resets your plot.
    • /p delete - Deletes your plot.
    Note: You will be prompted to confirm any clearing, or disposing of plots. This command is /plot confirm or /p confirm.

    Cannon Server Features:

    • The ability to upload schematics, so that you do not have to spend time printing them in. Steps:
      • Upload your schematic to by clicking browse under How to Upload: and selecting the schematic you wish to upload.
      • Copy the command that looks like //schematic load schematic url:g1g07g18-b7ff-432c-d986-427e197f01aa when you have uploaded the schematic.
      • Paste the command into the chat on the cannon server and make sure it looks like //schematic load url:g1g07g18-b7ff-432c-d986-427e197f01aa (REMOVE THE EXTRA SCHEMATIC WORD BEFORE URL)
      • Paste it somewhere on your cannon server plot by typing //paste
    • The ability to ride TNT/Falling Blocks by right clicking them with a saddle
    • The ability to set the durability of blocks on your plot. The command is /dura (material) (amount). For example /dura obsidian 3 would change the obsidian durability to 3.
    • /clearentities (radius) will clear entities in the specified radius. The max radius is 30.
    • /tntfill will fill dispensers in a 25 block radius with 30 pieces of TNT.
    • /fire will press the last used button
    • /lever will activate the last used lever
    • /sandbot will give you a sand bot. Sand bots place sand under brick blocks.
    • Bones act as a sand tool. Hold a bone in your hand and left/right click on a sand block to destroy sand. Left clicking a sand block will destroy all sand above the sand block you left clicked. Right clicking a sand block will destroy all sand below the sand block you right clicked.
    • Players can switch between creative and survival game modes. Use /gmc for creative and /gms for survival.
    • Bedrock is used to prevent explosion damage. Bedrock that is placed by players will prevent explosion damage from happening above the bedrock blocks.
    • Emerald Blocks are used to prevent floor damage. Emerald Blocks will sustain hits so your plot looks nicer when you're testing cannons
    • /dura list will open a GUI showing you all the blocks that have a durability.
    • /dura material will give you the durability of a block.
    • Check durability of blocks by left clicking them with a potato. This also works on the Faction realms.
    • World Edit Selection Particles will show your world edit selection if you have particles enabled on your client.
    • //download can be used to create a schematic file of your WorldEdit selection. Simply make a WorldEdit selection and type //copy to put your selection in your WorldEdit clipboard. Then, you may use the //download command and it will give you a link to download the schematic file.