Factions Nature

Dec 8, 2018
Factions Nature
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    Map Number: Map 21 (Friday, April 6th, 2018 - Current)
    Minecraft version: 1.8 (1.7 to 1.12 clients can join but gameplay is based on 1.8)


    - 15,000 x 15,000 (-7500 -> 7500)
    End - 10,000 x 10,000 (-5000 -> 5000)
    Nether - 3,000 x 3,000 (-1500 -> 1500)
    Moon - 10,000 x 10,000 (-5000 -> -5000)

    Map Details - Map 21

    This time around, our main goal was to improve existing game mechanics and improve on features we already had. Similar to previous maps all worlds feature flat bedrock at Y:1. The max build height in both the main and end world is 256. The end world has no void and is flat Endstone from Y:1 - 40. The corners of all worlds can be claimed. We have added a new world called MOON, which is similar to the end but uses sandstone from Y:1 -40. Building against the border is allowed.

    Just like the last map, there is a 20 chunk buffer claim limit from the edge of your base in each direction. Failure to comply with this rule will result in a warning from a staff member - you will have 12 hours to unclaim excess claims. If the claims aren't removed in 12 hours an Admin or Dev will remove them for you.

    Rules relevant to Nature:

    • Printer is enabled and should work without any failure, it is being updated constantly to prevent bugs.
    • Autos are disabled.
    • Pvp related Custom Enchants have been disabled.
    • Kits with Custom Enchants have been buffed.
    • Maximum faction power is 40, minimum is -20.
    • Power increases 0.5 per minute, 3 power is lost on death.
    • Faction member limit is set to 25 members.
    • Faction ally limit is set to 5.
    • Factions can set 5 faction warps /f setwarp.
    • Chests can be opened in ANY territory.
    • Auto leave (Kicks any inactive faction member(s)) is set to 30 days.
    • Due to players taking advantage of our buffer rule and trying to hold out buffers past the 20 chunk limit as long as possible we have decided to make this an offence based rule. The first offense will be a warning and a 12 hour time frame to unclaim the chunks. The second warning will result in the unclaims being removed without warning. The third warning will result in all faction claims being unclaimed, there will be no exception to this warning.
    • Towning is no longer allowed (Making bases next to other bases). We will give the faction 2 days max to leave for the first warning. The second warning will result in the claims for the second base being unclaimed.
    • During the Factions top competition splitting your worth to try and win more than one prize is not allowed and only one faction will be rewarded for every competition we have.
    • Cobble monstering outside of bases is no longer allowed and players who do this and are caught will be punished depending on the size of the cobble monster. The first offence will be verbal. The second offence will result in 2d temp ban to anyone involved. The third offence will be an appeal-able permanent ban.
    • Insiding is no longer allowed on Factions (Doing anything malicious towards your own faction for your personal gain or another Factions gain) doing so will result in a ban and the items getting taken back.
    Custom Enchants

    As said above, any Pvp- related Custom Enchants have been removed for a more enjoyable experience.

    To see information on what the Custom Enchants do, Click here.

    Boosters were recently added as a temporary server-wide boost! (more information here)

    • All skills are capped at 3k with the exception of a few
      • Swords are capped at 750
      • Axes are capped at 500
      • Bows are capped at 400
      • Unarmed is disabled
    • All effects from combat McMMO skills have been disabled to try and balance Pvp.
    • Obtain McMMO credits from:
      • Vote Crates
      • /token shop
      • Rank /reclaims
    • Use the command /redeem (skill) (amount) to apply credits to a skill
    • The command /credits show the amount of points you have available to redeem (Sending credits to other players has been disabled
    • Use the command /mcstats to view your McMMO Stats
    • The command /mctop displays the top 10 players with the highest McMMO “power level” (The total of all McMMO skill levels)

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