Survival Ultimate Survival Guide.

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    This is a Survival Guide for 2020. Lots of detail included, Hope you enjoy. :)

    Start (for beginners)
    Claiming Land With Fations.

    When you start survival you want to make a faction so you are able to claim your land to prevent it from being griefed. To do so type /f create [name], however your land is not yet safe.
    To claim your land type /f claim this claims the current chunk you are standing in.
    You can also do /f claim (radius). to claim a radius around the player.
    ./f claim 3 Claims a 5x5 chunk area. (this is because it counts the chunk you are standing on)
    /f autoclaim which claims every chunk that you stand in after the command is activated. Even if you teleport or fly around, your faction will claim every you have flown in or stood in. To disable the command simply type it again.
    You are not able to claim an infinate amount of land. Each chunk that is claimed uses 1 of your factions claiming power. This can be seen by doing /f show or /f who (faction name)
    View attachment 8708
    Land = total land already claimed.
    Power = total amount you could claim right then.
    Maxpower = total amount you could claim if all your members have full power.
    (players can lose power if they die, after a short time the power can grow back to max)
    Each player gives 20 power for the faction, the higher your donator rank the more power you give.
    Hero = 25, Elite = 30, Titan = 35, Legend = 40, Ultimate = 50, Supreme = 75.
    (extra ranks do not give extra power.)
    You are also able to purchase power from the ./f upgrades 50 power is 1million in-game money. You are able to buy this 5 times for an extra 250 power.
    i think this texts needs to be here so the spoilers align in the middle.
    /f unclaim [radius] - Unclaims faction land by radius.​
    /f invite [player name] - Invites that player to the faction.
    /f join [faction name/leaders name] - Joins the faction.
    /f sc - Shows you the chunk you are standing on. Good for previewing claims.
    /f owner [name] - Sets ownership of a claimed chunk to a player or group of players. Useful to prevent inside griefing and betrayal. Use /f owner to set the land ownership for yourself.
    /f lockdown - Locks your faction claims, meaning that visitors cannot enter your faction claims. (Much like the Skyblock /is lock).
    /f unclaimall - Unclaimed all faction land, (has a confirmation).
    /f kick [player name] - Kicks player from the faction. You are only able to kick players that are in ranks below yours (Mods can not kick Co-owners).
    /f map - Enable with /f edit.
    /f motd
    - Sends a message to your faction members when they login.
    /f promote and /f demote - Moves players up/down 1 faction rank.
    /f map - show maps of your nearest claims.
    /f challenges - to preview faction daily challenges.
    /f shop - to open faction shop GUI where you are able top use your points.
    /f upgrades - opens faction upgrade GUI
    /f cane - shows how much you have broken
    /f canetop - shows leaderboard for the whole server.
    /f claims - shows a list of all claimed land (with cords), if you have ultimate rank you are able to teleport to the cords.
    /f home - teletport to faction home. Use ./f sethome to set a faction home, and ./f delhome to delete the faction home.
    /f setwarp [name] (optional password) - to set a faction warp.
    /f warps - to view all faction warps.
    /f delwarp [name] - to delete a faction warp.
    You are also able to claim Plots.
    Ranked members have access to a plots world where they all receive access to 1 plot. The plots are 50x50 blocks big and can be used for farming, private storage, shops or building houses for yourself.
    Higher ranks get more plots, Hero =1 - Supreme = 6
    You will be able to claim plots with the ./ranks #16 and you are able to get another one at /ranks #20.
    Helpful plot commands

    You are not able to place spawners on plots.Plots are only 50x50 blocks,however you are able to merge 4 plots together either in a 2x2 or a 4x1 configuration.
    You are able to add players to your plot and deny them at anytime.
    Crops grow faster in the plot world.
    • /plot auto - Claims a plot automatically.
    • /plot claim - Claims the plot you are standing on, if not already claimed.
    • /plot buy - Allows you to claim a certain plot. (Make sure to stand over the plot.)
    • /plot home - Teleports you to your plot.
    • /plot visit [name] - Teleports you to a specific player's plot.
    • /plot add [name] - Allows a player to build on your plot while you're online.
    • /plot trust [name] - Allows a player to build on your plot even when you are offline.
    • /plot remove [name] - Removes build power from a player previously added or trusted to your plot.
    • /plot deny [name] - Denies a player from stepping on your plot. (Use /plot undeny to undo.)
    • /plot clear - Clears your plot.
    • /plot biome [biome] - Change the biome of your plot.
    • /plot merge - Merges two plots together.
      • There are two ways to do this. You can do /plots merge and face the direction of the plot you wish to merge with. You can also do /plots merge [North;South;East;West]. Example: /plots merge North.
    • /plot unmerge - Unmerges two plots.
    • /plot merge removeroads - Removes roads on merged plots.
    Once you have claimed your land and placed down some chests I like to gather all my kits and sort them out in my plot, /kit, /gkit to Claim your kits. Buying Kits and Gkits can give you an extra advantage and is generally very usefull. Tools and armour can break very quickly if you dont have ./fix.
    After Redeeming all your kits sort them into chests (if you want) and collect your valuable items such as hoppers, exp, money notes, ores, spawners etc.
    All kits are good to have but some maybe be more usefull for different players.below I will list the different kits that may be the best for you and the best in my opinion.
    I will list the kit and post the purchase link for space purposes.
    Grinder kit - Comes with a looting 10 sword, and 2 custom enchants.


    Brawl kit - Comes with a p5 and a p4,unb3 sets.Plenty of pots
    and a Sharp V, Smite IV (not vanilla) sword.
    MH Supply - Kit comes with hoppers, money, exp and a custom server item.
    very useful and redeemable every 3 days


    Christmas Gkit - Xmas gkit has the best armour set, P5, Unb5 with custom enchants
    Currently not purchasable on the Store


    Summer Gkit - Summer gkit comes with eff7 tools and sharp 7 sword
    a few expensive spawners too
    Currently not purchasable on the Store
    Finally to the Good Bit, How to make money?
    There are several ways you can make money. You can join Jobs (/jobs),
    Lavafishing - Spawners - Crop Farms - Selling items - Services.
    Jobs, there are a few main jobs that are the most common because they earn the most money for the time spent doing the job. Farmer,Miner,Builder,Hunter.
    Jobs have recently been re-balanced. So the jobs may earn more or less than last map.
    Jobs are not easy to Max out. the lower the level the easier it is to level up. (like EXP levels).
    each job has a specific task you need to do to make money (use /jobs info [job] to see each amount for each task.
    Jobs are worth it to level up, but from my past experiance it is better to focus on 1 job rather to join multiple jobs as the required exp to level up will double with every job you join.
    (if you join 2 joins the exp will double but if you join 3 the exp will 4x for every job)
    You can decide which job you prefer to do and then you can make money from them.
    Each Jobs does have different perks from different features on the server that can overlap when you do a certain task,such as; when you mine you have a chance to receive shard crates,
    which is not the case if you chose builder. You are able to unlock Farmer ability (/ab) to give extra rewards like shard keys, daily keys, money (1-6k), exp (1-3k) and ores (a few ingots every 10 seconds), which increase the money earned in the same time span.
    The farmer ability is a good extra perk to have howevery it does cost over 60million to get to ran 18, so just aiming to get that ability/perk isnt worth 60mil, invest the money somewhere else.

    Lava Fishing.
    Lava fishing is new to smp, and it is the best way to make money right away.
    The amount of money isnt huge, however you do not need to build anything, all you need is a rod.
    The amount of money earned will increase as you level up the MCMMO skill (/Lavafishing)

    Spawners are always going to be the main source of income (mid to late game).
    A lot of the useless spawners have been removed from survival and they have been split into tiers.
    You have to grind enough heads to unlock the set of spawners.
    Cows were nerfed so they are no OP anymore. I suggest to buy IGS,Silverfish or endermite
    spawners from the tier 4 section.
    The over all spawner eco has been reduced a lot, spawners take over 25 days to earn there money back.
    (meaning if you buy a spawner for 10mil if will take 25 days to earn 10mil back)
    Spawner designs are also very important so you are able to get the most out of your spawners.
    Pics and schem below
    Some tips when making/designing a Grinder;
    mobs that spawn in a 1x1 or 1x2 (sf, endermite, skeletons zombies etc) can be placed 2 blocks apart
    larger mobs should be 3 blocks apart (spiders, sheep ,cow etc)
    IGS should have like a 4-5 block gap otherwise the spawn/drop rate is really bad.
    Most farms use Fences and ice to transport the loot into asc/storage.
    if a spawner is expensive and has valueable drops. Then the spawner will drop less loot (checked and can confirm eco is pretty balanced) so you could use a hopper floor for collect the loot.
    the reason is because althought the hoppers are fast but they will still clog up with the amoun of loot being
    collected by them.
    Spawner mechanics: Spawners are not effected by light ,spawners have a 16 block radius spawn rate (from the feet)
    I would include all the drops for each spawner and their level. but whats the fun in that

    Crop Farms.
    Crop farms are the best farms if you dont have any money to invest.
    Sugar cane is the best farm to make. Although the price is only 0.5. The farmer Job
    (/jobs join farmer) can boost your earning.
    I recommend you get a sell hoe, and upgrade the "harvester" enchant first.
    Tis is because for 200k stored can you are able to 4x your efficiency just from breaking cane,
    and the enchant makes it easier for you to fly past the cane which allows you to harvest more cane.
    After the you have the "harvester" enchant on your hoe the next enchant to upgrade is "Farmer".
    This enchant gives you more cane for every cane that you break. it is not better to do it before the "havester" enchant as the efficency does not increase as much with the invested cane.
    (200k for over 4x efficiency, where as farmer is 7.5k per level (75k per 10) and does not give as much of a boost as harvester does)
    The echant has 100 levels so after getting havester and a decent sugar cane farm built it should take that long to upgrade the rest.
    Finally after upgrading the farmer the other enchant left (idk the name yet) will increase the selll of sugarcane, so you will make more money. upgrade this enchant last as before that the amount of sugarcane that you harvest is not significant enought. Time is spent for wisely upgrading the cane received first before the price of the cane.

    You are able to sell a lot of stuff this reset that can make your money with out having to invest into spawners, or having to spent ages building a cane farm.
    Selling Mobcoins can make you a lot of money. The price of the mobcoin constantly rises over the span of the map. (but dont try to over price too much as people wont buy)
    People that have lots of money but dont grind mobs will buy your mobcoins so they can buy stuff from the mcshop, or do their daily spins.
    Whiles you are grinding the mobs to get mobcoins you will also recieve EXP, which you are able to sell to pvpers that use it for custom enchants. (you could also use the exp on enchants and hope you get something good and then sell the echant book on ah.
    In addition saving some of the mobcoins and buy things from the mobcoin shop. Things like asc/abc/ or any other rare good deals. where you can invest and resell the item after the limit has ran out (10 per server usually for asc) and/or is no longer available to buy.
    Further more. selling the loot droped from the mobs can also make you a decent amount of money.
    Using a high looting sword can often give you more loot than an afk farmm with 10-20 spawners (could be 10's of millions worth of spawners.) You could use a auto sell chest to sell the loot right as it drop or make a collection system for the drops and then use a sell booster to make extra profit. (asc have a 20% you could make like 70% extra using a 1.25x booster.)
    Selling rewards.
    Selling rewards that you receive from crates , mobcoin spins, and bosses, can earn you a lot of money too. the boss event hosted 4 times a day (every 6 hours) is free and can earn you up to 10mil with in a matter of minutes.
    Voting on all 5 websites can get you 15 keys daily that you can open.
    You are also able to trade keys from other servers to get extra but i dont recommend as you could get scammed and lose the keys. (dont be fooled by top rank players they also scam, or any player with a rank)
    Voting on alts is legal as long as you dont abuse it (as a dev has told me)
    voting every other day or so should be fine on alts.
    Voting also gives you money.

    The main Goal/aim of survival is progress though all the /ranks. This feature is mainly aimed at non/low
    ranked players that dont have all the perk that ultimate/supreme players do.
    Some good perks that the ranks gives are.
    Kits.(Armour and tool equivilant to Supreme rank kit)
    chat command perks (/anvil,/echest etc)
    Upgrading your /ranks can be every expensive so its important to make a source of income to sponsor your the rank prices.

    Tiers are pretty self explanatory. Your grind a specific amount of heads for all the mobs.(Click the tier spawner in the gui to input heads). Once all the heads are collected the new tier will unlock. each teir will have an increase amount of heads. from about 500 heads to 2500 heads. Once unlocked all 4 tiers you are able to purchase from them anytime, and it will stay unlocked will next reset.
    you will NOT be able to change spawners if you dont have the tiers unlocked.

    Mobcoin is an extra currency use along side ingame dollar.
    You get them by killing mob, 1 mob killed is 1 mobcoins. You are able to increase this account
    with (/mc upgrade). this uses mobcoins not money to upgrade.
    1 extra level increase the mobcoin per kill by 1 and maxes out at 4 levels. (4mc per mob kill)
    You are able to withdraw them (/mc withdraw amount), you can list them on ah using /ah sell price.
    You are able to buy limited items from the Mobcoin shop which is located in the /shop Gui and is the sunflower. These 5 items rotate every 12 hours, some have limits on purchase. either a global limit or a player limit or both. You can buy things like Crates-spawners-blocks-wands and more, for a deduced price but in combination with ingame money and mobcoins.
    At spawn is located a Mobcoin Spinner where you pay 5k mobcoins to spin and get rewards.
    left click the spinner to see all available rewards. and right click to spin.
    there is a limit of spins per player player =1 supreme =6 and this resets every 24 hours.
    note: you can not place mobcoins in chests after they have been redrawn.
    /mc pay [name] to pay players mobcoins -
    there is no confirmation like with /pay so be carefull to not accidently pay people twice.

    Other usefull stuff to know :)
    Regen V from god apples is disabled when close to a boss.
    Slayer Pet will not increase the head drop count with stacked mobs.
    Minions do not drop heads.
    Minions do not use up durability on the sword/pick you give them.

    Newest changelog
    Wiki :

    If you have any question or want me to add something to this thread let me know on discord
    I will try to keep this thread updated ​
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    Fantastic guide! This will be very useful to players, old and new alike.
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    Thank you for making a new updated SMP guide. Great work...
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    /god to survive!
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