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Discussion in 'Suggestions' started by twentyonechicks, Mar 12, 2019.

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    I would like to suggest that there should be a way to sell exp bottles on OPSkyblock and on Skyblock 1 & 2. On my partner and my island on OPsb, we have a villager farm with all level 5 villagers. Even with the 3-4 stacks of villagers we have, we bring in endless double chests of... EXP BOTTLES. There is barely any use for them except when we want to do some enchanting, but when we grind for mobcoins we already get enough xp for the enchanting we do. Obviously this will differ for everyone, but most players don't want to spend the time of dumping out all the exp bottles we get from chests.

    Hopper filteration systems do work, but not everyone knows how to create them. Many players might just want to have a simple chest system where the villager drops go to and then they can simply sell the items in the chest.

    I just feel like the fact that you can't sell exp bottles is mildly annoying. It isn't a huge problem that is urgent, but it's definitely annoying especially for those with big villager farms where you have to go and filter every single hopper.

    (they don't have to sell for a lot... even one dollar is fine. as long as they are sellable, it would be a great relief.)

    Thanks :D!
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