Factions Reenabling left-shooting and wraps

Discussion in 'Archived Discussions' started by Hakobate, Dec 6, 2018.

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    Apparently, the vote is in favor of re-enabling left-shooting. However, genning walls is a pain for smaller factions, and they are like paper to modern cannons already. Forcing people to build all the wraps just adds to this problem. Note, that on a full buffer 2x2, you have 4*2*20 = 160 chunks of walls along the axis, but 4*20*20 = 1600 chunks of wraps.

    Bigger bases, like 5x5, may have a "better" ratio, and so do bases at the edge or corner. These all have a simple problem though - they are easier to find, or are too lucrative targets. Many factions have times, when there is no one online. New bases producing without incidents, at least until someone found it, is a little bit of comfort. Corners are soon well known, and running along the edges doesn't take too long, compared to scouting the entire map again. Putting everything into a single, large base, e.g. a 5x5, means the position will eventually be known, and everything be lost at the same time, ruining the faction. Note here, that even for a 5x5 in a corner, it's still 2*5*20 = 200 chunks of walls along the axis, and 20*20 = 400 chunks of wraps - tripling the total amount of walls needed.

    Sure, a handful factions (optimistically) have so many active members, they don't care too much about this. For any small or medium sized faction, let alone a solo player, it effectively makes building defenses even more useless. Adding a full buffer is too much work, but e.g. six chunks of walls on a 2x2 (192 chunks of walls+wraps, more than a current full buffer) will fall very quickly.

    TL;DR; for almost all factions, this nerfs the defenses of bases (by like a factor three or more, as people can't gen a full buffer anymore). For the larger factions, it introduces a LOT of super monotone base work for some poor base builders.

    PS: More specifically, it nerfs offline-defenses. A topic this thread does not cover is, that it buffs online-defenses, by making e.g. 360 counters available. Together, it dramatically increases the spread between the few largest factions, and all others.
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