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  1. Epic_Fantasy

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    I'm here to suggest a new challenge system in the form of the Quest Master

    This is a new and exciting way to earn gems on Survival through completing quests whilst preforming every day tasks
    such as Chat games,Building,Crafting,and much more!

    This system works very similar to the prestige system on Prison but when I was thinking of this concept
    I wanted to make it feel more rewarding yet grindy at the same time and try to encourage the community to be more active
    instead of lacking things to do instead of driving players to afking all the time

    .Quest Levels
    as you complete quests through the quest master you will gain quest xp as well as gems each
    quest can be leveled up to a max of 10 each quest will give you the default reward of 50 xp + 20 gem
    the gem reward amount will increase as you level up and the xp amount obtained will increase by x7 as you level up this effects all quests.

    .Note If you have maxed the level of all available quests give to you.
    you can unlock the next lot of quests by leveling up your player quest level these range between
    Level 1 - 10 your overall quest level will be displayed using /quest stats or /quest top [page number]

    .Note Player quest levels do not stop at Level 10 and can be leveled to your hearts content
    do note that rewards will not increase past level 10 and will remain the same as level 10's
    rewards listed below the xp value required to levelup will be x7 of the amount you needed to
    level up from your previous level example: [level 10] 2,017,680,350xp "x7" [Level 11] 14,123,762,450xp
    xp earned per quest will be the exact amount it took to reach the previous level you were at.

    .Quest Level % rates

    Quests level completion rewards for each time a quest is completed
    [level 1] 50 xp + 20 Gems
    [level 2] 350 xp + 20 Gems
    [level 3] 2,450 xp + 30 Gems
    [level 4] 17,150 xp + 30 Gems
    [level 5] 120,050 xp + 40 Gems
    [level 6] 840,350 xp + 50 Gems
    [level 7] 5,882,450 xp + 60 Gems
    [level 8] 41,177,150 xp + 70 Gems
    [level 9] 288,240,050 xp + 80 Gems
    [level 10] 2,017,680,350 xp + 100 Gems

    Players overall Quest level levelup %
    [Q1] 50 xp required
    [Q2] 350 xp required
    [Q3] 2,450 xp required
    [Q4] 17,150 xp required
    [Q5] 120,050 xp required
    [Q6] 840,350 xp required
    [Q7] 5,882,450 xp required
    [Q8] 41,177,150 xp required
    [Q9] 288,240,050 xp required
    [Q10] 2,017,680,350 xp required

    List of Quests "New quests will be added over time suggest some down
    below make sure to include a level range number to your quest suggestion"
    remember quests can't pass Level 10

    .Note some quests max out at lower values than others
    if confused what rewards match which level refer to the
    % charts listed above

    Miner lv1-10: mine 100 cobblestone increases by 100 level up
    Farmer lv1-5: Plant 100 seeds increases by 100 each level up
    Hunter lv1-5: Kill 100 pigs increases by 100 each level up
    Builder lv1-10 Place 100 Blocks increases by 150 each level up
    Crafter lv1-5 Craft 100 items increases by 150 each level up
    Facing Death lv1-1 kill an executioner
    Chat games lv1-5 Win a chat game "reward level random between level 1 and 5"

    Quests below unlocked at player quest level 6!

    Black Smith lv1-10 Smelt 500 Ore blocks increases by 500 each level up
    Armor Merchant lv1-10 Craft 500 armour pieces increases by 10 each level up
    Assassin lv1-10 Kill 500 Mobs with a bow and arrow increases by 100 each level up

    Quests below unlocked at player quest level 9!

    Hell Forge lv1-10 Smelt 100 Nether-rack increases by 100 each level up
    Playing with Fire lv1-10 Kill 500 Magma cubes increases by 500 each level up
    Fishing Lessons lv1-10 catch 100 fish increases by 100 each level up
    BBQ Delights lv1-10 Cook 500 steak in a furnace increases by 500 each level up

    if you made it this far thanks for reading my suggestion let me know if you feel it needs some tweaking I look forward to hearing your feedback on this idea
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  2. CookieZeFrog

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    Feb 23, 2015
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    I like the idea, i often find myself with a need to do something but dont know what, a few quests would help a lot
  3. Wazez

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    Feb 20, 2015
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