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    Mar 21, 2016
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    I wanted to bring up the topic of Mob coins since I don't see any suggestions about them at all. Right now mob coins are not very useful. There should be other things mob coins can be used for. Some ideas I had were; being able to upgrade spawners FURTHER with mob coins. the upgrade would cost 100k mob coins ( since they are easy to get ) the price could obviously be changed to balance everything out. you should also be able to purchase items with mob coins.

    Siding away from the topic of mob coins, I had another suggestion. There should be a way to get mob heads from killing different mobs. you could them use the mob heads to purchase buffs. one example of this would be; if you get 1000 blaze heads you could get double XP. the heads wouldent drop everytime you kill a mob but this would be a fun way to kill blazes and have people keep grinding.

    Please take these suggestions in to consideration. they could also be added to other servers like factions or survival!

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