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    These are some pointers to using the invisibility potion on servers like Skyblock and Factions. Feel like some people on this server are still a little confused as to how it works and stuff.

    Two different things.. Just because you are invisible doesn't mean you can't be damaged. Your hitbox is still present on the server and can still be attacked just like any other entity.


    Probably the main thing I wanted to bring up. Invisibility potions do not make you 100% invisible. Because it's a potion effect, you will produce particles almost all the time. By default, invisibility particles are pretty hard to see. However, there are some PvP texture packs which enhances potion particles, which makes invisibility particles a little easier to see. You really cannot do anything about these particles so you need to play smart.

    In addition, you can still create other types of particles from roaming around in invisibility. These are some things that can make you create particles:

    - Running/Sprinting
    - Falling in water
    - Falling from high place
    - Having other potion effects on
    - Being on fire

    If you get shot with an arrow, it sticks to your character for like a minute or so. Even if you're invisible, this arrow will still be present. The best thing to do is wait until it disappears on its own. It can take more time depending on how many arrows are on.

    And these are some things to keep in mind when invisible:

    - Don't be within 16 blocks around your enemy. If you're too close, it becomes easier for them to see you and your particles.
    - Don't sprint too much. As said sprinting creates particles, which not a lot of people realize. Try to walk/hold shift for most part.
    - Don't use invisibility potion when in range of any enemies. Make sure there's no one around you before you turn invisible. Using potion at spawn then teleporting to homeset or warp is fine
    - Don't hold items while invisible. Make sure your hotbar has at least one empty slot and that you're holding nothing. Also make sure you're not wearing any armor (if you intend on being completely invisible)
    - Attack from behind player. If you intend on attacking the player while invisible, do it from behind them, where it will be more difficult for them to find you unless they are in f5 mode.
    - Don't stand in same place too long. If you stand in same place for more than a minute while being a fair distance from enemy, it's likely they will start seeing your particles. If you are hiding in a hidden area where they normally can't see you, then it's fine.

    But yeah those are my tips. Even with these tips in mind you will probably be spotted some way or some how. My final tip is use invisibility smart. Don't use the potion just to run through 10 other players as you're more likely to be spotted by one of them
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