Global Boss Rewards Revamp

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    This idea was inspired by another server that I play alongside MineHeroes Skyblock

    Boss rewards are good as they are now. Though they can be quite OP at the start of any gamemode if you get them through tokens or even crate keys. While some may agree that this is fine, I feel that there should be more progression towards certain things that require activity (a good example of progression is lavafishing and in some way, sugar cane farms and sell hoes).

    An idea that I had was to add a unique leveling system to boss mobs. That's right. You would need to slay a certain number of a SPECIFIC boss in order to gain access to better rewards, or increase chances for certain rewards to be obtained through bosses. With this, players would have to grind out boss mobs if they want to get the best rewards possible.

    Read the spoilers/tabs below if you still do not understand

    Everyone will start out with the very basic rewards for each boss mob, or tier 1 for short. The rewards can range from cheap spawners to personal boosters that can last 20-30 minutes. To level up to the next tier you need to kill 3 of a specific boss. If you want to level up your rewards you get from executioner bosses, you will need to kill 3 executioner boss mobs.

    On top of this, to avoid players taking advantage of certain bugs/glitches with the AI of boss mobs in future (even though most if not all of them are patched already), players will also have to pay a fee in either in-game cash, exp or mob coins. Since I feel that EXP does not have much use other than buying custom enchants, I think the fee should be in EXP over the other two.

    To upgrade your boss tier rewards, you can use the /boss rewards GUI (which can always be revamped) then click on the boss mob you wish to upgrade your rewards for. Right-clicking the boss egg can show you what rewards you can currently earn from that boss, and left-clicking lets you upgrade your rewards, given that you met the requirements for leveling up.

    Tier 1: FREE (Everyone starts out at tier 1)
    Tier 2: 3 of a specific boss mob + 25k EXP
    Tier 3: 6 of a specific boss mob + 50k EXP
    Tier 4: 9 of a specific boss mob + 100k EXP
    Tier 5: 12 of a specific boss mob + 250k EXP

    As you level up, you can gain the ability to earn better rewards from boss mobs, which can be some of the top tier items for that game mode (Like iron golem spawners, silverfish spawners, auto sell chests, etc.). This will also slightly lower the chance of earning some of the lower tier rewards as you level up, so you will win at least one decent item from that boss mob. This does not mean you are always guaranteed something OP everytime you defeat a boss mob while at tier 5 rewards. This just increases the chances of earning such item(s).

    I realize that with something like this, it will be difficult to level up, especially with boss mobs being uncommon (some more than others). This is why I suggest revamping boss events so it can run every 2-3 hours (or every hour if you're feeling generous) and can spawn a RANDOM boss every time it happens. This can allow for everyone to level up their rewards, but this may also mean increasing the amount of boss kills you need to level up to next tier.

    Do I need to place 1st everytime to get a kill added towards my tiered rewards?
    No. As long as you are able to deal at least 20% worth of damage to the boss mob, then you will get a kill added (this will prevent players from going to the event to strike the boss 1-3 times then leaving for an easy kill).

    What happens when you max your rewards to tier 5?
    You will be able to obtain every reward possible from that boss mob. However, to make it more promising for players, the higher tier rewards should be a bit more common than the lower tier rewards, but not to the point where you are always getting something like an iron golem spawner or auto sell chest (RNG should still play a role somehow to keep it balanced, even though boss mobs can be difficult for players)

    Will each boss grant you different rewards?
    Yes, I feel that this should be the case. What's the point in having different boss mobs when they generally give you the same rewards. Here's what I think each boss could offer:

    Executioner Boss
    Blaze Spawner (Tier 2)
    Auto Bottle Chest (Tier 3)
    Endermite Spawner (Tier 4)
    Power & Mind Infinity Stones (Tier 5)

    Undead Horseman
    Zombie Pigman Spawner (Tier 2)
    Iron Golem Spawner (Tier 3)
    Auto Block Chest (Tier 4)
    Space & Time Infinity Stones (Tier 5)

    Wither Boss
    Creeper Spawner (Tier 2)
    Silverfish Spawner (Tier 3)
    Reality & Soul Infinity Stones (Tier 4)
    Auto Sell Chest (Tier 5)

    I know infinity stones don't exist on Factions, but maybe they can in future. They could possibly grant more faction worth than normal spawners but be hard to obtain
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    Do like this idea... even if I run from them like a stuck pig... Lol..
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    the boss gives pretty good rewards now tbh, and it shouldnt really be changed.

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