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    Basically i found a guy that advertised in chat for about 15 min and left. Then come back again still no staff member dealing with this case. Well i created a report on him hopefully he will recieve his punishment soon.

    The main problem

    1. Server already restrict players from advertising with a lot of plugins such as detect your chat which contains (dot), how are they still doing it?

    Firstly, you can see that they are using different fonts than all normal minecraft players. The Mineheroes network restricted us from advertising and yes it is true. But only the normal font we usually use will be included. Players using other blacklisted modification to modify their fonts while chatting, will cause this case.

    The font you can see above the evidence is the most common font for players who advertise in chat. In my opinion, Mineheroes should invent / ban the fonts which players usually advertise with. I've seen 10+ advertising players in chat in past few weeks, and almost 90% of them using this font.

    2. They already know advertising are banned from MineHeroes / most servers, why are they keep doing it?

    Firstly, you can see they are typing the advertisement for a long period with the same speed. That means they are bots. Bots mean they are not controlled by the real player. They are mostly controlled with a console client with modifications which can automatically type for you. Like i said, they can change the fonts with that too.

    The accounts which used to advertise usually are stolen accounts which you probably know like alt shops. They will probably bring a lot of accounts for advertising, whenever you see these kind of 'players' please /report them quickly and get them banned as soon as possible.

    3. There are a lot of discounts based on what the advertisement said, should i have a look on it or join that advertised server?

    Never join that server, and it is a MUST. Players who joined that server which means you were fallen into their trap! Since the server already did illegal things such as using stolen accounts for advertisement. They just want more players and it is a process of growing a server. However, they used a wrong way and we should never enter it!

    4. There are no staff members online, what should we do?

    Use /report (Advertiser) Advertising / Other reasonable reasons, and /ignore that player so you will never see his messages coming from pms and the global chat. Also, if you have time please enter the Mineheroes Fourms and report him, there are always active staffs on MH fourms and they are welcome to help you.


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