Update 8.1.1 | 1.18 Vanilla Beta (January 2022)

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    8.1.1 | 1.18 Vanilla Beta (January 2022)

    First of all, the MineHeroes team wishes all of you a happy new year 2022. We are happy to have you here for another hopefully exciting year and appreciate your continued support <3!

    Our goal for this year is to advance our server version from our almost 6 year old 1.8 to a modern 1.18.1. This change requires a lot of work, but has many advantages like new features, creatures, blocks, items and world generation (etc.). It also allows us to create more modern, exciting content for our gamemodes and therefore new opportunities for a fun experience.

    To kick things off, we are having our own 1.18 server on the main network to test the new base of future gamemodes. This test server includes almost all basic MineHeroes functionality for you to use. What it does not have is gamemode specific features you normally find on smp/skyblock/prison/factions/...
    We encourage everyone who is interested to check it out, spend some time there and explore the world. You can find it in the /server menu, or visit it using the command /server 18


    !Details, Things to consider and Rules!
    • We are playing pretty much vanilla with basic MineHeroes features
    • Supported Version is only 1.18.1. Older versions starting with 1.8.9 might be added in the future.
    • We created a simple protected spawn island. Jump down and start your journey
    • No economy
    • No rollbacks
    • No grief protection
    • Nether and End are enabled
    • Frequent crashes and restarts expected
    • World could reset at any time
    • Our rules and punishments still apply. This is not an anarchy server!

    To thank you for your help we have created the exclusive 1.18 Beta tag that you can earn with some playtime.
    Together with the tag, you will receive a total of 250 Tokens.

    How to report problems
    Since this is meant to be a test environment we expect many things that don't quite work like expected. If you find something that seems off, is bugged, throws error messages, is missing or looks funky, please report it to our forums bug tracker, so we can take care of it. You can find it here: www.mineheroes.net/bugs
    Additionally you can use this thread to discuss and suggest things. We are also on Discord.


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