Update 7.4.4 | OPSkyBlock Destiny Reset (April 2021)

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    7.4.4 | OPSkyBlock Destiny Reset (April 2021)

    OPSkyBlock Destiny will be resetting on Sunday the 25th of April at 4PM EST
    (Click here for countdown: https://itsalmo.st/opskyblock-reset-fltc)
    (See what time it is for you here: https://everytimezone.com/s/d2f60ce7)


    Island Top Rewards
    There will be 4 WEEKLY PAYOUTS on OPSkyBlock Destiny (which starts after the Cane Top week).
    All winners are determined on Saturday @ 4PM EST

    • 1st Place: $50 PayPal Cash + [TopIsland] /tag (tag is after the 4th Payout)
    • 2nd Place: $30 Store Credit
    • 3rd Place: $20 Store Credit
    Total Prize Pool: $400!
    Set your paypal email with /is setpaypal (email)
    You will receive Store Credits through /bcredits which you can redeem to spend on the server

    Mob Coin Top Rewards

    There will be 1 payout for the top 3 players with the most Mob-Coins earned on the same day as the last /is top payout. Track your Mob-Coins earned with /stats. See the top MobCoins grinded with /mobcoins grindtop

    • 1st Place: $30 Store Credit + [MobCoinGod] /tag
    • 2nd Place: $15 Store Credit
    • 3rd Place: $5 Store Credit
    Total Prize Pool: $50

    Island Cane Top and LavaFishing Top Rewards

    There will be 1 payout for the top player in /is canetop and /lavafishing top
    All winners are determined on Saturday @ 4PM EST

    • 1st Place: $15 Store Credit + [CaneGod] /tag
    • 1st Place: $15 Store Credit + [FishingGod] /tag
    Total Prize Pool: $30

    Island Value Revamp
    The Island Top Block Values will now be based on both spawners and blocks placed in your Island. The spawner values are based off the prices in the /shop
    • [​IMG]
    These values are subject to change and be tweaked during the first few days of the map

    A new interactive quest system has been added to teach new players how to play. Everytime you complete a quest you will receive a reward and information which teaches you about the server and the reward is linked to the next challenge!
    • [​IMG]
    There are lots of quests to complete! How many can you complete? Use /quests to try them out!

    Island Challenges and Shop Revamp
    New Island Challenges have been added to the /challenges rotation. The current challenges have been tweaked and balanced.
    • [​IMG]
    Along with the challenge changes, the challenge shop has been revamped due to popular demand.
    • [​IMG]
    Island Shop Changes:
    • Reduced Shop Booster price
    • EXP amount increased from 5000 to 7500
    • Death message removed
    • Blaze Spawner Removed
    • Random Block Spawners added
    • OP Pickaxe replaced with OP Tools Pack
    • Random Personal Booster price reduced from 3 to 2 points
    • Removed Random Island Top Block Item
    • Random Crate keys added
    • Reduced mcmmo credits from 100 to 75
    Spawner Changes
    • Removed useless spawner drops - /drops
      • [​IMG]
    • Spawner Changing prices rebalanced to match new spawner economy
    • Increased block spawner rates
    • Islands can now have upto 10 Block Spawners by defult and upto 100 through /is upgrade (previously it was 5)
    Economy Changes
    • Spawner economy redesigned with reduced prices.
    • VIP spawner prices rebalanced
    • Sell Tool is now free for all players in the starter kit (can be bought for cheap in /shop if lost)
    • Mob-Coin Shop now has a Mystery Spawner
    • Sponges can still be mined at /warp training but now can be sold (/sell)
    • Rebalanced Daily Mob-Coin Shop Spawner prices
    • Cane sell value nerfed
    • Multipliers re-added
      • Anyone that had multlipiers will still have it
    • Reduced spawner prices from /token shop
    • Reduced Item Spawner Prices
    • Added Block Spawners to the /shop
    • Island Pickaxe challenges are now much harder and take longer to progress
    • Token Shop prices updated
    • Enchant Relics added to Mob-Coin Shop
    General Changes
    • Lots of spawner meta changes
    • Lots of economy changes to /shop
    • Crates and Bosses buffed
    • Added Sell Hoe to weekly and starter kit /kits
    • Spring Global Kit & Spring Crates out now - https://store.mineheroes.net
    • KOTHs will now run every day instead of every second day - /koth schedule
    • April Monthly Mega Crate Added & Buffed - https://store.mineheroes.net/category/specials
    • Added /faq menu for new players
    • Updated /payouts command
    • /party (/p) now allowed in the DarkZone
    • Fixed pboosters activating when stepping on pressure plates
    • Enchant Relics can now be applied to bows
    • Increased default hopper limit to 500 and max upgrade to 1500 hoppers
    • Legend+ ranks now have a bypass on the /feed command cooldown
    • Wazez Skull removed from /crates
    • Over 35 new FREE /tags added - Unlock with /chests (GEMS)
    • Players with the Zume rank now have access to the /thru command
    • Increase crop growth rates
    • Challenge, mission, battlepass and rankup skip orbs chances and amounts reduced
    • Gems re-added to crates
    90% Store Sale
    Enjoy the OPSkyBlock Destiny reset with a 90% sale - store.mineheroes.net
    There are new items and kits available!

    Last Season Change Log
    Check out last maps reset change log here: https://www.mineheroes.net/threads/7-3-1-opskyblock-destiny-reset-march-2021.47691/

    Full SkyBlock Guide/Wiki: https://www.mineheroes.net/wiki/skyblock/
    Please report bugs and issues here: www.mineheroes.net/bugs
    Post suggestions/feedback here: www.mineheroes.net/suggestions
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