Update 7.2.2 | Factions Krypton Reset (February 2021)

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    7.2.2 | Factions Krypton Reset (February 2021)

    Factions Krypton (Factions2) will be resetting on Saturday the 6th of February at 4PM EST
    (Click for countdown: https://itsalmo.st/krypton-reset-xjt1)
    (See what time it is for you here: https://everytimezone.com/s/2da17972)


    Reset Info

    In order to make getting a corner as fair as possible we will be disabling the following things during the 30 minutes of grace period:
    • /wild will be disabled
    • /fly will be disabled
    • Ender pearls will be disabled
    • Everyone will have speed 2 & No hunger loss for the duration of the 30 minutes to make getting to corners less annoying
    • Click to claim on /f map will be disabled
    • Faction Bundles will be given to Factions that successfully claim a corner and have at least 5 members online. Staff will be monitoring the corners to see which factions are eligible. Simply ask for an admin online. Faction bundles include temporary ranks, trench tools, chunk busters and more to get you and your faction started!
    Factions Krypton Map Info
    • Map Number: #7
    • Map Duration: 1 Week (3 Days Grace, 4 Days Raiding)
    • F-TOP Prize Pool: $700 ($300 PayPal, $400 Buycraft)
    • Faction Size: 5
    • Faction Roster Size: 10
    • Faction Kicks during grace: Unlimited
    • Faction Kicks after grace: 5
    • Shield Time: 18 Hours
    • Cannon speed: 3 seconds
    • Breadcrumbs: Enabled/Allowed
    • Anti-Patch cannons are allowed
    • Cannon box wall limit: 24
    • Raiding Worlds: 6
    • Buffer size: 15 Chunks
    • Max base size: 6x6 (Max of 4 chunks off border)
    • Ocean size: 1 Chunk
    • Cannon range limit: Unlimited
    • PvP Style: Pot PvP
    • Left shooting is not ALLOWED (Left shooting a base will result in an instant DQ, Adjusting is allowed so long as you're not actually left shooting into a base)
    • Adjusting outside raid claims is not allowed
    • Visit wiki for more info: www.mineheroes.net/wiki/factions/
    Factions Krypton F-Top Rewards
    There will be 1 PAYOUT.
    • 1st Place: $200 PayPal + 250 Buycraft Credits
      • + Map 7 Winner titles for entire faction roster - /titles
    • 2nd Place: $75 PayPal + 100 Buycraft Credits
    • 3rd Place: $25 PayPal + 50 Buycraft Credits
    Total Prize Pool: $700!
    Winners will be determined on SATURDAY at 4PM EST 4 days after grace ends.

    Cane Top Top and LavaFishing Top Rewards
    There will be 1 payout for the top player in /f canetop and /lavafishing top
    All winners are determined at the end of graceperiod at 4PM EST

    • 1st Place: $15 BuyCraft Voucher + [CaneGod] - /tag
    • 1st Place: $15 BuyCraft Voucher + [LavaFishingGod] - /tag
    Total Prize Pool: $30
    You will receive it through /bcredits which you can redeem to spend on the server store

    World Info
    • Main World (/spawn)
      • 5,000 x 5,000 (-2,500 to 2,500) - Spawn in the middle
        • Flat, Y height: 40
      • 1,000 x 1,000 warzone
    • The End (/warp end)
      • 5,000 x 5,000 (-2,500 to 2,500) - Spawn in the middle
        • Flat endstone from Y:1 to Y:30
    • Moon World (/warp moon)
      • 5,000 x 5,000 (-2,500 to 2,500) - Spawn in the middle
        • Flat sandstone from Y:1 to Y:30
    • Mars World (/warp mars)
      • 5,000 x 5,000 (-2,500 to 2,500) - Spawn in the middle
        • Flat red sandstone from Y:1 to Y:30
    • Nether World (/warp nether)
      • 5,000 x 5,000 (-2,500 to 2,500) - Spawn in the middle
        • Flat netherrack from Y:1 to Y:30
    • Pluto World (/warp pluto)
      • 5,000 x 5,000 (-2,500 to 2,500) - Spawn in the middle
        • Flat snow world with packed ice below Y:30
    Faction Changes
    • Faction member limit is now 5 members
    • Roster Limit is now 10 members
    • The shield time has been changed to 18 hours
    • Added /f truetop (alias /f ptop, /f ttop) which sorts the Top Factions based on True Worth or Potential Worth
    • After F-TOP is calculated, a message will be broadcasted to alert which Factions have moved placements within the top 3 rankings.
      • [​IMG]
    The GenBucket system has been redesigned to support Gen-Blocks. They work the same way but instead of Buckets, you will now receive the Gen-Block.

    Access GenBlocks with /gb and change a Gen-Block you are holding with /gb

    • [​IMG]
    You can still access Lava Bucket GenBuckets with - /gb

    Lava Fishing Revamp

    We've heard your feedback and have revamped Lava Fishing. Here's what's changed:
    • There are now 3 tiers due to the fast paced map. (Level 250, 500 and 750 LavaFishing rewards)
    • Rewards have been balanced for each tier.
    • Nerfed the money earned from Lava Fishing.
    • Added Rare Armor Box and P4 UB4 Bloom 1 Pieces in Lava Fishing (Tier 2)
    • Buffed Lava Fishing rewards (Added God Kit, Buffed Armor Pieces, Added Sharp 6 sword, EXP)
    • Added Human Torch I enchant to Lava Fishing Armor Sets
    • Removed shard keys from lava fishing rewards
    • Added /kit lfrod (2 hr cooldown) as a /castle perk for your faction
      • Gives you an unbreakable Lava Fishing Rod with 25% Reel Speed
      • [​IMG]
    • Lava Fishing will be disabled once the Grace period ends
    Bug Fixes
    • Fixed Throwable Creeper Eggs not working during Raid Event
    • Fixed wild fly working in the darkzone, events and pvp arena (you can no longer fly there)
    • Fixed bug with dealing damage when /cprinter gets disabled via combat
    • Fixed Chunk Buster no perm message
    General Changes
    • Allowed /f invite, /f kick, /f roster and /f loc, /f coords in the DarkZone
    • MagmaCube mob damage is now disabled in the DarkZone
    • MobCoins balance placeholder will now update after making a purchase in the MobCoin /shop
    • Added /corner and /corners as an alias for /f corner
    • Added /sandbots as an alias to /f sandbots
    • Removed Harvester enchant books being obtainable through /ce
    • Added Bloom I to ArcherClass kit /kp archerclass
    • Added Cannoner I enchant to Raid Kit /kp raid
    • Updated Global Ranks Faction Perks in the store
    • Friends GUI (/friends) no longer closes after accepting/denying requests
    • Raid Event rewards re-balanced. Removed useless gear, added more God set items.
    • Adjusted and re-balanced kits to balance damage
      • Max armor protection is now Prot 4
    • Updated server MOTD with more server info
    • Valentine Global Kit and Valentine Crate keys now available at store.mineheroes.net
    • Added all Global Kits to the store
      • This is to allow everyone a fair chance to have access to all kits at all times.
      • Bundles will be introduced with tag and token bonuses during special seasons.
    Rule Updates
    There will be several rule changes that will affect the factions expierence and how winners are determined. Please familiarize yourself with it.
    • F-TOP factions must have a total worth of 500m at the time payout winners are decided to qualify for payout.
    • Buffer countering while on shield is NOT allowed. (4 Warning Points)
    • You may not be on a faction's walls while they are on their grace period after a raid has ended. Check their grace timer by using /f who (1 Warning Point)
    • Allying during PvP is NOT allowed. Video proof may be required. (3 Warning Points)
    • Patching outside your buffer warning points increased from 1 to 2
    • AFK F11ing is NOT allowed. (Cane Amount Reset + 4 Day Ban + Balance Purged)
    Full Factions Rules: www.mineheroes.net/wiki/factions

    Last Season Change log
    Factions Krypton change log: https://www.mineheroes.net/threads/7-1-2-factions-krypton-reset-january-2021.47303/
    Factions Krypton change log: https://www.mineheroes.net/threads/6-12-3-factions-krypton-christmas-reset-december-2020.47126/

    Please report bugs and issues here: www.mineheroes.net/bugs
    Post suggestions/feedback here: www.mineheroes.net/suggestions
    Rules: www.mineheroes.net/wiki/factions/
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