Update 6.9.1 | Factions Krypton Reset (September 2020)

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    6.9.1| Factions Krypton Reset (September 2020)

    Factions Krypton (Factions2) will be resetting on Saturday the 5th of September at 4PM EST
    (Click for countdown: https://itsalmo.st/krypton-reset-bm2i)
    (See what time it is for you here: https://everytimezone.com/s/bc95993d)


    Reset Info
    In order to make getting a corner as fair as possible we will be disabling the following things during the first hour of grace period:
    • /wild will be disabled
    • /fly will be disabled
    • Ender pearls will be disabled
    • Everyone will have speed 2 & No hunger loss for the duration of the hour to make getting to corners less annoying
    World Info
    • Main World (/spawn)
      • 5,000 x 5,000 (-2,500 to 2,500) - Spawn in the middle
        • Semi flat, Y height: 40
      • 1,000 x 1,000 warzone
    • The End (/warp end)
      • 5,000 x 5,000 (-2,500 to 2,500) - Spawn in the middle
        • Flat endstone from Y:1 to Y:60
    • Moon World (/warp moon)
      • 5,000 x 5,000 (-2,500 to 2,500) - Spawn in the middle
        • Flat sandstone from Y:1 to Y:60
    • Mars World (/warp mars)
      • 5,000 x 5,000 (-2,500 to 2,500) - Spawn in the middle
        • Flat red sandstone from Y:1 to Y:60
    • Nether World (/warp nether)
      • 5,000 x 5,000 (-2,500 to 2,500) - Spawn in the middle
      • Flat netherrack from Y:1 to Y:60
    • Pluto World (/warp pluto)
      • 5,000 x 5,000 (-2,500 to 2,500) - Spawn in the middle
      • Flat snow world with packed ice below y:60
    General Map info
    • Map Duration: 5 days grace, 9 days of TNT
    • Faction Roster Size: 15
    • Faction Invites at Start of the World: 25
    • Faction Size: 10
    • Buffer size: 20 Chunks
    • Shield Time: 16 Hours
    • Max base size: 6x6 (Max of 4 chunks off border)
      • (Updated: Bypassing this will result in an instant DQ, No warnings will be given)
    • Ocean size: 1 Chunk
    • Cannon speed: 3 seconds
    • Cannon box wall limit: 24
    • Anti-Patch cannons are not allowed
    • Cannon range limit: Unlimited
    • Left shooting is not ALLOWED (Left shooting a base will result in an instant DQ, Adjusting is allowed so long as you're not actually left shooting into a base)
    F-Top Rewards
    There will be 1 PAYOUT.

    • 1st Place: $400 PayPal
    • 2nd Place: $200 PayPal
    • 3rd Place: $150 PayPal
    Total Prize Pool: $750!
    Winners will be determined on Saturday at 4PM EST 9 days after grace ends.

    F Cane Top Rewards

    There will be 1 payout at the end of graceperiod for the top 3 players in /f canetop
    • 1st Place: $25 BuyCraft Voucher + CaneGod tag
    • 2nd Place: $15 BuyCraft Voucher
    • 3rd Place: $10 BuyCraft Voucher
    Total Prize Pool: $50!
    You will receive it through /bcredits which you can redeem to spend on the server store

    A new block has been added to the gen-bucket GUI - /genbuckets

    • [​IMG]
    • These blocks will act the same as regular gen-buckets, except in block form. You can change the block-type by holding the block in your hand and using /gb
    • A new gen-bucket type has been added (Block-Face) this will place your gen bucket in the opposite direction you are facing
    Raid Claims
    • The radius of raid claims has been increased by 2 (Changed from 9x9 to 13x13)
      • [​IMG]
    Cane Chunks
    • These are chunks that will stay loaded during grace and will grow crops without you needing to be in them (They will stop loading chunks 1 hour before grace ends)
    • A limit of 300 chunks has been set, however may be adjusted during the first week
    • This will be the command used to claim these chunks
      • /f cane <claim|unclaim|unclaimall|view> <#|player>
      • [​IMG]
    Mob Collectors
    A new item has been introduced, mob collectors collect loot dropped by spawners
    • [​IMG]
    This item will collect drops from all mobs that die within the chunk and will store certain valuable items such as god apples. You can find these in the /shop and the store.

    PvP Scoreboard
    A new pvp scoreboard has been added (This will toggle whenever you eat a god apple, throw an enderpearl or get tagged in combat)

    • [​IMG]
    It will revert back to the regular scoreboard when all of the timers have ended. You can hide scoreboards completely using - /toggles

    Faction Skills
    Two new Faction Skills have been added - /f skills
    • *NEW* Retreat - Gives everyone in your faction Speed 3 for 5 seconds
    • *NEW* Grinder - Grants a 25% XP Buff for 1 hour
    • [​IMG]
    Faction Skills have also been rebalanced:
    • Increased Money Cost and Challenge point cost of the following skills
    • Resilience ($10,000 -> $100,000) (1 Point - 2 Points)
    • Recovery ($10,000 -> $100,000) (1 Point - 2 Points)
    • Blessing ($10,000 -> $100,000) (Unlock cost unchanged)
    • Warcry ($10,000 -> $50,000) (Unlock cost unchanged)
    New PvP World
    A new PvP Arena has been added - /warp pvp
    • [​IMG]
    Enderpearling is now enabled in the PvP Arena

    New Boss Arena
    The Boss Area has been updated with a new spooky arena - /warp boss
    • [​IMG]
    General Changes
    • Removed wither effect from bard (Only applies to this server)
    • Removed villager spawners from spawner hunt event
    • Removed 150 cannon chunk limit due to the other mentioned changes
    • Increased amount of spawners in spawner hunt event
    • Increased armor reduction (Makes armor break slower) from 25% to 35%
    • Removed spawner activation range upgrade, Increased spawner activation range from 16 blocks to 96 (6 Chunks)
    • Fixed expired raid claims not removing cannons
    • Fixed bard bug causing permanent mining fatigue
    • You can now use /sell hand in the Dark Zone
    • Tray picks can now break ice
    • Fixed reverse sand gen buckets not working
    • Water will now properly flow over redstone instead of stopping on top of it
    • Added glass panes to the raiding section of shop
    • Removed thorns as a possible enchant from enchant tables
    • Improved Mob Coin spin rewards
    • Updated LMS kit
      • [​IMG]
    • New Fall themed spawn and warzone.
      • [​IMG]
    • 4 New koth builds added
    • Tracker Items Kit added - /kit tracker
    • Buffed magma cube spawn rates and fire charge sell prices
    • Added throwable creeper eggs to the mobcoin shop
    • Removed creeper spawner levels, all creeper spawners now have a drop rate of 50% tnt
    • Disabled knockback enchant in darkzone
    • Chunkbusters can no longer be used when players are in your chunkbuster chunks
    • Sand gen blocks will no longer drop the first sand allowing you to repeatedly place sand blocks in a straight line (Floating sand)
    • Fixed sand gen blocks not always genning to the top from max height
    • Increased sand tool uses from 250 to 25000 in /shop
    • F map will now auto-update when teleporting if toggled
    • Increased sand bot limit from 6 to 10
    • Added faction names above player heads
    • Increased armor durability by 10% for all armors
    • Alts can no longer break ice
    • Alts can no longer use genbuckets
    • Alts can no longer spawn mobs with mob eggs
    • Fixed neutral players not being able to be hurt in own territory
    • Fixed mob coin shop reset message being sent when no items are there
    • Blocked alts from using monster eggs
    • Added challenge-points to /f who
      • [​IMG]
    • Fixed bug causing enderpearls to go on cooldown on login
    • Added /raidevent command to show which boxes are available or already raided
      • [​IMG]
    • Archer/Bards will now be shown next to the players name
      • [​IMG]
    • Added new Boss Rewards:
      • God Armor Box
      • 1 Hour Mob Slayer
      • Mob Collectors
      • Burst 4 Book
      • Burst 4 Pickaxe (Wither King)
    • Added Blaze Spawners to the public grinder - /warp mob
    • Added alias for factions2/krypton called /server krypton
    Rule Changes
    • Interfering with raids will result in 3 warning points. This includes the following, however depending on what you do, it is at our discretion on whether or not we will warn you. This rule obviously does not apply to the actual raider/defender
      • Countering another factions raid claim who is actively raiding another faction
      • Standing in a raid claim simply to block people from patching their cannon box
      • Intentionally disabling a players fly in their cannon box so they cannot fly/patch/adjust quickly
      • Trying to kill members of the raiding faction on their cannon box
    • You are now limited to 2 counters per side on the Krypton server.
      • If caught breaking this rule, we will give 1 warning point for every extra counter + extra points per day if not removed.
    • You are now allowed to have 5 anti-nuke walls per side on your base max
    • You are no longer allowed to adjust outside of your raid|counter claims (This means you are no longer allowed to adjust in wilderness or your claimed faction land)
    • You are only allowed to counter from the same side you are being raided from (This means you cannot left shoot to counter someone, Only adjust)
    70% Store Sale
    Enjoy the Factions Krypton reset with a 70% sale - store.mineheroes.net

    Last Season Change log
    Factions Krypton change log: https://www.mineheroes.net/threads/6-8-3-introducing-factions-krypton-august-2020.45299/
    Factions Mars reset change log: https://www.mineheroes.net/threads/6-8-7-factions-mars-reset-august-2020.45643/

    Please report bugs and issues here: www.mineheroes.net/bugs
    Post suggestions/feedback here: www.mineheroes.net/suggestions
    Rules: www.mineheroes.net/factions
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    do higher cane top payouts !
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    i like hitting cane.
    So i will hit even more cane.

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    Factions Krypton got the new version of sandbots. Increased range and they now print under the bricks instead of the old placement method. They can now place 8 blocks away from the block the sandbot is standing on

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