Update 4.6.2 | Survival + SkyBlock Reset!

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    4.6.2 | Survival + SkyBlock Reset!

    Survival, SkyBlock and OPSkyBlock will be resetting in under 24 hours! There are quite a handful of changes, game-play improvements and new features. We went through the community suggestions and went over each suggestion for these servers and picked many of your requests to implement.

    A new economy has been introduced to the server to encourage grinding and unlock new rewards! You can obtain MobCoins by killing mobs manually or setting up grinders.

    YES! Mob coins can even travel through hoppers and into chests.


    MobCoin Commands

    • /mobcoins balance - Check how many MobCoins you have
    • /mobcoins pay (name) (amount) - Send someone some of your mobcoins
    • /mobcoins upgrade - Open the upgrade menu to increase the amount of mobcoins you get from various mobs!
    What can you use MobCoins for?
    • Daily Reward Spins
      • You can spend the MobCoins on a daily spin to win epic prizes! You can win cash, exp, crate keys, spawners, boosters, custom items and much more!
      • There's a daily limit that can be upgraded with your rank
      • [​IMG]
      • You can find the MobCoin Spin at spawn. Just punch to activate!
    • Pouches
      • Buy pouches for extra inventory/space
      • Upgrade your pouch capacity with MobCoins?
      • What are pouches? Check down below!!
    Which mobs drop MobCoins and how many?
    You can view all the mobs that drop MobCoins with /mobcoins upgrade. That same command can also be used to improve the amount of MobCoins dropped from each mob!

    Pouches are a new physical and trade-able backpack system to carry lots of items! Blocks broken will be sent straight to the pouch saving you a lot of space!

    You can buy pouches with MobCoins using /pouch or you can find them in /crates or Supply Crates. By default, pouches come with 9 slots/stacks (which is 9 * 64 items). You can upgrade this by left-clicking a pouch with MobCoins. The maximum amount of slots/items per pouch is 2304 items (or 36 stacks)


    To make things challenging though, we have restricted pouches to 3 tiers.

    Miner Pouch
    - Collects blocks that can be sold to the /shop
    Hunter Pouch - Collects mob drops that can be sold to the /shop
    Farmer Pouch - Collects farm items that can be sold to the /shop


    Pouches receive storage priority which means blocks broken or items obtained go to the pouch first, before your inventory. When the pouch is full, the items are then sent to your inventory. Selling items to the shop will also check the items in your pouch.
    You can drop pouches on death, so be careful.

    Supply Crates

    Every 2 hours, 10 Supply Crates will spawn in /warp pvp containing awesome rewards. Fight against players to grab the rare loot but watch out, not only is PvP enabled, but Bosses can spawn when opening a Supply Crate to make your life miserable!
    /sct to find out when the next Supply Crate drop will occur or check the hologram at /warp pvp

    Boss Battles & Boss Mobs
    Our own Mob Arena like event system using Boss Mobs will be introduced to the servers for the first time! Fight against Evil Bosses that spawn every 6 hours at /warp boss and in return receive awesome prizes for your efforts. Watch out, these Bosses are very strong and often spawn minions to assist them.


    You can also find Boss Mobs in /crates, the /token shop or the store and fight them by yourself or with your friends.

    Shop Sell Filter
    Another heavily requested feature was to implement something that allowed players to toggle what they want sold to the shop with /sell all


    We've added a new sell filer which you can access with
    /sellfilter or click the icon in the /shop menu. Then simply go through the categories and DISABLE or ENABLE the items you want sold to the shop when you use /sell all

    Custom Enchants & Relics
    The Custom Enchants system on Survival and SkyBlock is now up to date and the same as the factions servers. There was a lot of suggestions to re-enable the PvP enchantments and therefore, they have been re-enabled.


    Enchantment Relics have also been added to the servers, these are items that you can apply to tools/armor to increase the amount of Custom Enchants they can hold. Simply drag and drop to apply a relic to an item. You can find relics from /crates or supply crates

    Heads merchant
    Another big request was to implement some benefits to grinding out and collecting MOB heads with the Berserk enchant. Lucky for you, there is now a new /merchant menu to trade in MOB heads for Cash and EXP.

    Just type
    /merchant to access the head trading menu and begin selling those valuable heads!

    Custom Items & Wands
    This reset comes with many custom tools and items that can assist you with many trivial tasks but also enhance game-play. You can find almost ALL of these new custom items in the /shop (under misc section) or in /crates, supply crates or the /token shop

    Sell Hoe Improvements

    • Breaks entire grown stack of Sugar Cane and Cactus.
    • Can break/sell wheat at any growth size
    • Can now be used to break/sell Carrots, Potato and Netherwarts
    • SellWands - Sell items in a chest to the /shop
    • SmeltWands - Convert ores in a chest to ingots
    • BlockWands - Convert ingots in a chest to blocks
    • SlayTool- Kill up to 100 merged mobs in 1 shot
    Custom Items
    • Break Tracker - Track how many blocks broken on a tool
    • Kill Tracker - Track the amount of players killed by a weapon
    • Mob Tracker - Track the amount of animals/mobs killed by a weapon
    • Rename Scroll - Rename tools/armor with colors
    Auto Sell Chest
    • This is a new item that you can place in your base and will automatically sell items in it to the /shop
    • [​IMG]
    Spawner Upgrader
    • Click a spawner to upgrade it quickly. Can be found in /shop or crates
    Spawner Changer
    • This new item allows you to bind a spawner type (left-click) and then quickly change spawners just by right clicking them.
    • [​IMG]
    • You will be charged the cost to change a spawner and the exp needed. Get Spawner Changer items from the /shop or crates.
    Personal Boosters work by applying boosts to you only and not the entire server. The following boosters have been added to the servers and are now available:

    • Shop Sell Booster - Increase sell profits to the /shop
    • McMMO Booster - Boost the amount of McMMO EXP gained
    • EXP Booster - Multiply EXP earned from killing mobs
    • Mob Spawning Booster - Increase mobs spawned from a spawner
    You can find Personal Boosters from bosses, events, /crates, the /token shop or the store

    Crates & Nova Crate

    With the addition of all these new custom items, boosters and tools we've revamped the current creates to include the new items. The Nova Crate has made a return to the server and of great value. These keys can be obtained through bosses, events, /crates, the /token shop or the store


    Kit Changes & New Kits
    Kits have been organised into categories.

    • [​IMG]
    Kit balancing and tweaks applied for the new season
    • Strength removed from kits
    • Bows added to ranked kits
    • Farmer kit improved to come with more farming supplies
    • Assassin kit improved to come with crate keys
    New kits added to the free section
    • Monthly Kit
    • Rank #19 Kit
    New kits added to the Special section which you can buy from the store
    • Knight Kit
    • MHSupply Kit
    • Ores Kit
    • Grinder Kit
    Token Shop Additions
    A few changes have been made to the /token shop
    • [​IMG]
    • Replaced old spawner items with new custom spawners
    • Added more kits, Sell Hoes, Boosters and more
    In-game Ranks & Abilities
    Rank Price Changes

    We've tweaked the rank prices due to how fast/easy players were able to fly through them.
    Use /ranks to view ranks, the perks and rank prices

    +5 New Ranks
    To make things even better, 5 NEW ranks have been added with even better perks! The highest rank will have permentant /fly access.

    Farmer ability
    Added a new ability for the higher ranks called Farmer. When enabled, you will receive rewards while harvesting farm items.

    • New command added to check which mobs have custom spawners and their custom mob drops - /mobdrops
      • [​IMG]
    • Enabled spawner stacking in inventory. Spawners from shop will stack as well
    • Withers have been disabled completely
    • Mushroom spawners have a chance to drop wheat
    • Creeper spawners have a chance to drop music discs
    • Nerfed villager farms/emeralds
    • Added ghast spawners that drop diamonds
    • Added silverfish spawners that drop emeralds
    • Iron Golem spawners have a chance of dropping iron blocks
    • MHAC - Our Anti-Cheat system has been implemented on both Survival and SkyBlock in PvP/PvE related worlds.
    • CombineEXP - New command for Manos+ ranks called /combineexp which merges EXP bottles in inventory into 1 EXP Bottle
      • [​IMG]
      • [​IMG]
    • Fixed slow mining bug while flying
    • Added droppers to lockette ([private]) protection
    • Decreased auction sell time to 12 hours
    • Increased collection time to 2 days
    • Increased coin-flip daily limit to 5 per day
    • Chestshop toggle improved - /cstoggle
      • Hides out of stock messages
    • New Toggles - /toggles
      • Chestshop message toggles added globally to /toggles menu
      • Lockette TIP messages can now be toggled
      • Scoreboard on the right hand side can now be toggled
    • /party chat command added to /party help commands list
    • Supreme now appears higher than the EULA ranks in the TAB list
    • /block command can now converts prismarine, snowballs, wheat
    • /WARP XP - All commands can now be used in /warp xp
      • There's a new way to make sure only VIP members can access /warp xp
    • Ultimate rank now has access to /top
    • Silktouch and flame signs added to /warp xp
    • Regular buckets, lava, water and milk buckets can now be stacked upto x64 times
    • You can now place spawners underneath someone elses' locked spawner
    Survival Specific
    Custom World
    A custom world has been prepared for the Survival reset. The world size is 25,000 x 25,000 and contains various structures, new mountains, hills and unique biomes!

    The nether world will no longer reset and claiming and placing spawners has been enabled in the nether.

    Faction Improvements
    • Teleporting into a faction with lockded enabled will no longer teleport you back to spawn but instead outside of the claims
    • Faction Vaults - Faction vaults have been redone to fix previous issues. Share items with your faction with /f vault
    • Faction Announcements - Set MOTD or alerts on join for your faction
      • /f announce (message)
    • Faction Access - You can now give players or factions access to chunks in your faction.
      • /f access (p|f) (name) - Use at your own risk
    • Colored Faction Titles - You can now use color codes in /f titles
    • New faction settings to disable/enable the Owner Claim Messages - /f settings
    • Enabled slime blocks to be pushed by pistons
    Faction Upgrades
    • Faction Vault - Increase the storage size of your faction vault with /f upgrade
    Faction Perms
    New permissions have been added:
    • Faction warps
    • Faction vault access
    • Faction claims command
    • Allowing sethome in claims
    • Allowing teleportation to homes in claims
    • Faction owner command
    • Faction announce command
    • View faction announcements
    • Higher ranks get more plots
      • Hero = 1 -> Supreme = 6
    Economy Changes
    • Spawner prices increased
    • Prismarine, Dark Prismarine added
    • Custom Items and Tools added
      • Sell Wands, Block Wands, Smelt Wands, Sell Hoe
    • Cake, Pumpkin Pie, Cactus Green, Enchantment Tables, Eye of Ender are now sellable
    • Nerfed emeralds
    • Added silverfish and ghast spawners
    • Flint and steel added
    • Soup and Cooked meat added
    • Mushrooms, glowstone, flowers, wooden planks added
    SkyBlock & OPSkyBlock Specific
    Top Island Rewards
    We will be trying out IS-TOP rewards for SkyBlock1, SkyBlock2 and OPSkyBlock

    • #1 Island - $300 Buycraft Voucher + TopIsland Title + A Unique Spawner
    • #2 Island - $250 Buycraft Voucher
    • #3 Island - $200 Buycraft Voucher
    View the top islands with /is top

    SkyBlock Island Levels & Block Values

    • Tweaked island block values, view with /is values
    • Blocks placed in the nether now contribute to your /is level
    • Haybales have a higher island value to encourage crafting them
    • EnderDragon eggs are a new special item that contributes very highly to Island leader boards
    • Gold block values increased
    • Made nether challenges harder
    • Different spawners will have different island level values based on their value in the /shop
    Island Settings
    • 1.8 world border around island added, you can toggle with /is settings
    • Added fly toggle in /is settings to disable for non-island members
    • Added /is trusted command, this lists all the islands you are trusted on
    • Added banned players to /is info
    • New /is sc - To see the outline of a chunk you're standing in
    Harvester Chest Revamp
    Harvester chests have gotten a face-lift to encourage players using them again. Harvester chests if you didn't know are chests that you can place in a chunk to collect farm items once they have grown, the upgrades available were to just increase the storage size.


    Harvester chest level system redone:

    • Level 1
      • 1 Rows of storage - Carry 1 rows of item
      • No-Water required - No water needed for sugarcane
      • Auto-Harvest Enabled - Collects crops once grown
    • Level 2
      • 3 Rows of storage - Carry 3 rows of items
      • No-Water required - No water needed for sugarcane
      • Auto-Harvest Enabled - Collects crops once grown
      • Auto-Replant Enabled - Replants seeds/crop after harvested
    • Level 3
      • 5 Rows of storage - Carry 5 rows of items
      • No-Water required - No water needed for sugarcane
      • Auto-Harvest Enabled - Collects crops once grown
      • Auto-Replant Enabled - Replants seeds/crop after harvested
      • Quick-Sell Button - Sells ALL crops collected to the /shop quickly
    Collection Chests
    A new item to SkyBlock and OPSkyBlock is now available, found through crates, boss mobs and supply crates, this new item is a Chest that you can place in your island to collect any valuables that may fall off your island and into the void!


    You can only place 1 Collection Chest per island.

    Economy Changes

    • Bulk buying feature added to /shop
    • Spawner prices increased
    • Prismarine, Dark Prismarine added
    • Custom Items and Tools added
      • Sell Wands, Block Wands, Smelt Wands, Sell Hoe
      • Cake, Pumpkin Pie, Cactus Green, Enchantment Tables, Eye of Ender are now sellable
      • Nerfed emrealds
      • Added silverfish and ghast spawners
      • Flint and steel added
      • Soup and Cooked meat added
      • Mushrooms, glowstone, flowers, wooden planks added
      • Colored wool, clay, stained glass, glass panes and banners added
      • Bulk buy for iron, lava, water and milk buckets added
      • Iron golems spawners have a chance of dropping iron blocks
      • Pigman buy price reduced

    [OPSKYBLOCK] WorldEdit for Supreme
    Supreme ranked members can now use worldedit on their islands or islands they are a member of. This works by using the resources/blocks in your inventory.

    This feature can also be bought separately from the store if you don't want to buy supreme.

    Store Updates
    • A reset bundle is available for both Survival and SkyBlock for a limited time.
    • New kits added to the store
    • New items added to the store
    • New bundles added to the store
    • Summer Crate Key will be added soon, what rewards would you like to see?

    Please report bugs and issues here: www.mineheroes.net/bugs
    Post suggestions/feedback here: www.mineheroes.net/suggestions
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    GGs, Can't wait for the reset.
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    Third, and can’t wait for the updates! I’ll be checking them out!
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    can pistons push slime blocks now tho?
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    Looks Interesting o_O
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    I read it all and I’m hyped. I like how they added some faction things
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    Really impressed with all features and add-ons. Great job
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    Can't wait for the reset! Love the new ideas for survival!! :)
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    Nice! Ya Added SupplyCrates
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    Added now
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    Ghast and silverfish spawners though. Speaking of which, what are the drop rates on those? Those are probably still going to be pointless to get if the rates are bad. (I heard on factions silverfish drop one emerald per kill)

    But cant wait for the reset to happen!

    EDIT: Btw I noticed a thing that says you can upgrade your spawner limit. Whats the default limit for how many spawners you can have on your island with this in mind? And having cactus near the harvester chest in one of the screenshots. Is this implying that cactus (when its grown) will now be collected by harvester chests? (So its like a crop/cactus hopper)
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    GG, keen to try out some of this stuff :)
    Excited to see how the new world looks.

    Emeralds (Economy SMP & SB area)
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    Excited to see the new survival world!! Time to take over pvp again :p
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    Glad to see sb is getting all of the things the community wanted :)
    GGs and thank yous to all of the Sr. Staff that made this possible <3 <3
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    Welp, time to quit my job and play survival all day!
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    So much hype for this :3

    @_Kron hahahahahaha <3 best post
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    excited and scared for the new season, all this new stuff is gonna come slowly to me. Lovin all the new features tho. Even more excited to get that great island going on sb2. guess i can stop playing factions now. GL to all my friends going for top island cuz i dont think i will make it that far. Overall love the new additions and changes
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