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Update 3.1.0 | New Maps, Anti-VPN, [Sell Chest] & More

Discussion in 'Announcements' started by Wazez, Jan 7, 2017.

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  1. Wazez

    Wazez Owner
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    Jan 6, 2014
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    Hey guys, 1st week into January and there's already lots to talk about and much more to come! As mentioned in CullanP's previous update post, we began January off with more work on optimizing the MineHeroes servers, especially Factions and SkyBlock 1 & 2 as all 3 servers are reaching the maximum capacity of 300 players almost every day! From changing spawner mechanics to cannon fixes and even modifying plugins like the Auction House and NoCheatPlus, more and more progress is being made, check the details below.

    Minigame Map Updates
    An EPIC new wave of minigame maps have arrived built by @TeamFractal (MineHeroes Build Team). Here are the new maps. Try them out and let us know what you think and what needs to be changed. Be sure to rate the maps at the end of each game.

    CogWoods Valley - Survival Games



    SkyGlass - SkyWars


    ElvenDome - SkyWars


    Anti VPN
    To further minimize ban evasion and abuse of the new alternate limit rule, AlexML has implemented an Anti VPN feature for MineHeroes. Simply put, while VPNs are good way to stay safe online, it is also more commonly used to ban evade and often used by hackers to return back to MineHeroes when banned and continue breaking the rules.

    This new feature will help minimize ban evasion. We do realize many players use VPNs for security or even performance reasons and as a result we will be accepting requests to join the Anti-VPN white-list (this is a list of people that are allowed to use VPNs). To join the anti-vpn white-list, simply submit a ticket at with sufficient reasoning.

    The image above shows the message displayed to users trying to connect via a VPN.

    [Sell Chest] Ability
    A new ability item is available to assist in selling items from your chest/grinders quickly.
    You can find the [Sell Chest] ability at our store or in-game from the /token shop on Factions, OPFactions, SkyBlock1/2, Survival1/2.

    To create a [Sell Chest] , shift + right click a sign onto a chest or trapped chest and type [Sell Chest] in line 1. Then click done. (You cannot use [Sell Chest] signs that have chest protection e.g a [Lockette], ChestShop or chests in other survival factions).

    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    The chest will then automatically be labelled as a [Sell Chest] and will be ready to use. All items that are inside the chest will be sell-able. Multipliers are also applied when using sell chest signs.


    Server Names and Server Themes

    You have noticed that we have multiples of the same game-modes e.g Survival 1 & 2 and SkyBlock 1 & 2. The staff of MineHeroes thought of a way to make the servers more personalized and have follow their own theme. Polls have been made around the forums asking you guys for your thoughts and names/themes to re-skin the servers with.

    Join in the discussion here: and

    Note: NO server is resetting, these are just re-names/re-skins/theme changes. There will be subtle changes like scoreboard colors, messages, holograms, and possibly spawns to match the themes BUT under no circumstances are we planning to reset any time soon.

    Please post name suggestions and theme ideas, there will be a global poll sometime next week with the best suggested ideas.

    Giveaway winners
    We held another forums giveaway on CullanP's previous post as well as on twitter
    The update post mentioned that just replying to the thread will enter you into the chance to win a Barn Yard pet pack or the Doom Squad pet pack.

    Our forums giveaway winners are:
    (The winners are chosen randomly, but I have chosen to include a link to their comments as well)
    1. @JustTiff - Barn Yard Pets Pack - Link to comment
    2. @BenAnderson16 - Dooms Squad Pets Pack - Link to comment
    Remember to stay active and read update posts regularly for a chance to enter more giveaways and be sure to follow us on twitter for more awesome events!


    Changes and Bug Fixes
    Change-log entries are in date order from oldest to newest [Dec 26 - Jan 6]:
    • 26-DEC-2016
      • [Pvp] Disabled /kit and /warp GUI on the PVP server
      • [Teamspeak] scanning channels were added. Teamspeak is not required during scans but always available.
    • 28-DEC-2016
      • [Global] New server aliases added e.g /server sb1 will take you to /server skyblock1 - View full list here
    • 29-DEC-2016
      • [OPvP] Blocked /crates in combat
      • [Global] Multiple economy/item duplication issues have been patched.
      • [Global] Optimizations made to NoCheatPlus and fixed fly/removed false positives
      • [Global] Patched NoCheatPlus fly bypass and stained glass blocks being unbreakable
      • [Survival] Added sponges to /shop (blocks category)
      • [Factions,OPFactions] Added sell price to magmacream, adjusted buy and ftopvalue of zombiepigman, cow, pig, mooshroomcow, blaze and creeper spawners on both servers
    • 30-DEC-2016
      • [Global] /msg and /r sounds have been changed
      • [Creative] Sounds have been fixed
      • [Global] Patched NoCheatPlus false positives with certain potions such as jump 2/speed 2 and stairs/slab glitching
      • [Global] Fixed /link command not working
      • [Global] Saddle dupe with mob stacker fixed
      • [Global] Fixed issue with player shop multipliers sometimes being incorrect
    • 31-DEC-2016
      • [Global] Items with durability/damage will no longer need to separately be added to the item filter
      • [Global] Worldedit grief is now logged and can be rolledback on servers like creative
      • [Hubs] Swarm removed from the Beta Games menu and replaced with a minigame suggestion item/icon.
      • [Global] Fixed a money dupe in conflip
      • [Factions,OPFactions] Increased Zombiepigman spawner price and reduce slime spawner price in /token shop
      • [Global] Allowed /mission command in /warp xp region
    • 1-JAN-2017
      • [SkyBlock] Added sell price to inksacs in /shop
      • [Events|MobArena] Blocked building in mob arena regions completely
      • [Factions,OPFactions] Added Ghast Tear buy/sell to /shop
      • [Global] Add more to /help (statistics, vote, achievements and missions)
      • [Global] Add a message when there are no available /missions
      • [Hub] Removed Christmas changes and reverted to normal hub
      • [Hub] Added /vote command
      • [Global] Fixed false positives when walking on iron/gold pressure plates
      • [Global] All votes been reset due to the new month.
      • [Global] For the first week of JAN - vote rewards will be doubled, view with /vote
      • [Global] Vote messages have been disabled in public completely.
      • [Factions, OPFactions] Optimized TNT/Sand movement, fixed tnt sometimes getting clipped on slabs causing cannons to blowup
      • [Store] Corrected incorrect feature description for Manos+Gyra rank.
      • [Minigames] Fixed Hub Compass
      • [Minigames] Fixed Spectator chat
      • [Minigames] Fixed invisible issue on start
      • [OPFactions] Updated creeperegg value in /ftop
      • [Global] Fixed an issue that caused pvp knockback to act strange - these were the recent
      • knockback issues on factions
      • [Global] Fixed spawners turning back into pig spawners sometimes
    • 2-JAN-2017
      • [Global] When using a spawner, animals no longer need grass or light to spawn - More info here
      • [Minigames] Fixed nicks in chat
      • [Survival] Fixed cf max bet being $1
      • [OPFactions] Fixed incorrect sell prices of goldenapples and enchanted apples in /potshop
      • [Global] Fixed being able to rename withdrawn exp bottles
      • [Hub] Scoreboard updated to be more colourful
    • 3-JAN-2017
      • [Minigames] Slabs will no longer bug players out
      • [OPFactions] Sheep dupe/despawning issue fixed
      • [Global] Fixed comparators bugging NoCheatPlus out
    • 4-JAN-2017
      • [Global] When scanning players, combattag will now get removed no matter what preventing death - This will stop the issues with losing items when being scanned.
      • [Global] Fixed jumping onto the barriers and pvping from safezone in the pvp arena
      • [Factions, OPFactions] /f togglechat has been implemented, this will allow you to only see faction chat messages
      • [Global] Fixed silktouch (mining spawners) mission not incrementing or working
      • [Factions, OPFactions] Added page support to /f topvalues menu, this will allow more enchants to be added
    • 5-JAN-2017
      • [Minigames] Disabled /withdraw and /bottle commands
      • [Global] Blocked renaming paper, exp bottles and spawners - This is to prevent scamming.
      • [Global] Fixed colored glass pane false positives in NoCheatPlus
      • [Skyblock] Fixed lag spikes that caused the TPS to drop
      • [Survival,SkyBlock] Added the chairs feature to skyblock. Disabled sitting/chairs feature in the warps/pvp world (to prevent the pvp bug)
      • [Survival] Fixed crafting spawner permissions for all ranks
      • [Global] Auction House items will now show how much time is left
      • [SkyBlock, SkyBlock2] 1.7 clients are supported and working again
      • [Global] Network maintenance/reboot to improve network issues recently and implement this weeks updates
      • [Global] Added AntiVPN to prevent vpn usage. Staff members can be white-listed by Admins+
    • 6-JAN-2017
      • [Store] All payment receipts will now show as payments to "IMAMTECH" - The company name that owns MineHeroes. The MineHeroes details will still be displayed
      • [Store] eCheque/eCheck payments (bank transfer payments) are no longer supported - They take too long to process and don't always go through
      • [Store] The Commands and Bonuses category has been merged into 1 called Perks
      • [Store] New [Sell Chest] feature now available in store and the /token shop
      • [Global] Fixed Auction House sell/bid limits not working
    • 7-JAN-2017
      • [Cannon] Breaking bedrock on the cannon server fixed. Bedrock will always be re-spawned at y:0
      • [Minigames] New maps added to minigames (Survival Games, and SkyWars). Check above.
      • [Website] Update Changelogs will now display the dates of each update/bugfix.
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    HEAVENzGATE Royal Guard

    Mar 29, 2014
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    1st and Nice Updates
  3. Rembulan

    Rembulan Builder
    Builder Ultimate

    Jan 11, 2014
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    Hey! That's pretty good!
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  4. Jimyn

    Jimyn Royal Guard

    Aug 19, 2015
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    the new skywars maps are honestly so pretty. i cant wait to play on them!!
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  5. AbandonedShadows

    Ultimate Gyra Manos

    Oct 23, 2016
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    Awesome updates! I am glad that the VPN blocker was added, that should help a lot. Oh, and... happy birthday.

    Edit: Are twitter winners of the giveaway the same as forum winners?
  6. BearGoesRawrr

    BearGoesRawrr Warrior

    Sep 11, 2016
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    Nice Updates looking forward to play the new maps! Happy Bday btw :DDD
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  7. Keury

    Keury War Hero

    Oct 22, 2016
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    I'm really looking forward to the Anti-VPN as people won't probably agree with me or understand but it'll reduce hackers by quite a bit.
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  8. PotDropAndRole


    Jan 21, 2014
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    Nice updates! The skywars maps look amazing!
  9. epicmursek

    epicmursek Dragon Slayer

    Jan 16, 2014
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    now I can say that this vpn blocker will stop the same hackers coming back with infinite alts....

    I still feel that some vpns can bypass this though.
  10. Dinhole

    Dinhole Recruit

    Nov 27, 2016
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    Wow Great,This is going to be awesome :D
  11. 4v4s

    4v4s Recruit

    Jul 2, 2015
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    I can't believe you guys added my somewhat chest sell Idea! Thanks!
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  12. LastDust

    LastDust War Hero

    Oct 8, 2016
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    Yay more updates :)
  13. AbusiveBaby

    AbusiveBaby Scribe

    Nov 17, 2014
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    Ok,,,, so I can't play at a hotel or something if I wanted to cause the ip would be banned most likely :/
  14. MotorCraft

    MotorCraft War Hero

    Jan 17, 2015
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  15. Melanosoar

    Melanosoar Royal Guard

    Jun 30, 2015
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    Oi love the updates and maps! Keep it up!
  16. ImScurred

    ImScurred Warrior

    Nov 7, 2016
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    Happy Birthday Wazez btw how comes /d dont work in facs
  17. ImScurred

    ImScurred Warrior

    Nov 7, 2016
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  18. McFluffinstein

    McFluffinstein Administrator
    Staff Member Admin

    Jul 1, 2016
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    We'll quickly be able to track the common ones that bypass it and add them to the filter. Takes time, but we'll root alot of them out.
  19. Darkstar2508

    Darkstar2508 Moderator
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    May 7, 2015
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    Some cool updates, look forward to playing the new maps.
  20. Eternalism

    Eternalism War Hero

    Jan 21, 2015
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    Great updates as usual, the new maps look amazing. also happy birthday Wazez!!!
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