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Feb 20, 2015
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Jan 26, 2020 at 8:04 AM
    1. Wojtzzz
      Really would like to talk to you about someone stearinet almost everything i own on skyblock1
    2. xXSkullzXx
      I would appreciate if you could check my ban appeal.
    3. lLuminz
      I would really appreciate it if you could check my ban appeal. The only one who replied on my appeal is MINEHEROES and I believe that is a bot.Please help me,
      Thank you
    4. zReacon
      Would be very thankfull if you could check my bugg support ticket, thankss
      1. lcid
        Hey! Support Tickets usually take up to a week or two to be looked at in the meantime try to find a way around the bug so you can play functionally! Goodnight.
        Jul 14, 2019
    5. DeduleStapa
      Hey wazez its been 3-4d since i made a ticket about grinder kit that gone after survival reset still no reply from your staff, would be nice of you to check it out. Thanks in advance
      1. lcid
        Hey! Sorry about you having to wait, most tickets can take up to a week or so, but as only devs and wazez can look at tickets it’s very hard for them to get through all them after 2 weeks I suggest re sending the ticket, Goodnight!
        Jul 14, 2019
        DeduleStapa likes this.
    6. Hizuki_Kun
      Hey, I come from Originmc. Can we talk about the server?
    7. Noticed_2

      Why is _xgodpvpx_ banned he is a good player supporterd alot on Mineheroes you got the wrong member
    8. StuntManPapi
      hey can you help me I get banned for nothing maybe is it a mistake I bought yesterday kit mars and apollo. And I have rank ultimate my username is: _xGodpvpx_
      1. Noticed_2 likes this.
    9. Josh_20_20
      its been pending for 5hrs.
      1. BlahBlah7137
        lmao 5 hours? posting on a staff member's page won't make it go any faster and makes you look immature. just wait it out
        Jul 7, 2019
    10. Josh_20_20
      hey i put a ban appeal up because of yor stupid anti-cheat but and now my ban appeal has been up for 5 hrs and i have no clue what to do and im mad cuz u have no staff.
    11. ManosG7
      Hi i had ban and in factions i post 2 sell chest in ah shop when i join back after ban those 2 chest had disapear and i didnt get any of money
    12. TornadoZW
      Sup ive been around since august 2015 wbu?
      1. ItsKawa
        2016 :D
        Jun 21, 2019
    13. TheOnlyChungus
      Hey Wazez, I was recently banned for... "hacking". I made an appeal but it was rejected because of "lack of effort in the ban appeal." I didn't realize ban appeals were a one shot thing. I have no idea why I got banned, I was never told why. I don't know how to prove I wasn't hacking other than my word. If you could get back to me and we could resolve this that would be great!

      Thank You,
      1. BlahBlah7137
        Wazez doesn't respond to comments on their profile, additionally, it would have been your responsibility to create a well-written appeal.
        Jun 19, 2019
      2. TheOnlyChungus
        Oh ok, yeah I realize that now. I thought I would actually talk to someone, so I figured I wouldn't have to be super descriptive in my appeal. It's just lame that you can be falsely banned and can't do anything about it. But whatever I don't really care at this point...
        Jun 19, 2019
    14. P0TTINGS
      Hey Wazez, I have been false banned on a raid on MH factions. I was raiding and all the sudden i got banned. I would really like this to be resolved, May you please check my ban appeal if you could that would be wonderful.
    15. _XxRedHunterxX_
      Hey, Wazez Can You Check Ban Appeals I Made One?
    16. AnEnchilada
      Hi Wazez,

      A few days ago my island on Skyblock1 was griefed and I had made a report. The report was accepted by SilverSkylos. I was told to make a bug support ticket in order to get my 61 Iron Golem Spawners back which I did. So far my support ticket has not been awnsered. Can you take a look at it.

      Thank you,

      I have commented both reports.
      1. AnEnchilada
    17. zReacon
      Check My General/Bug Report, your staff isnt replying to it, Thanks Wazez
    18. KFCKunde
      Hey wazez i didn't hacked and my ban appeal get denied
      that's not good Discord Sct_Knuddl#4998
    19. SyntaxGamer
      Can you view my ban appeal as I feel like i've been mistreated and please let me explain to you what happened via discord. Thanks.
    20. Yuhway
      Hey Wazez,
      Can you please take a look at my ban appeal : ). It would be greatly appreciated! Thank you.
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