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Feb 20, 2015
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Aug 11, 2020 at 6:13 AM
    1. Adondis
      Can u look at my ban appeal. I need to grind factions.
    2. Recalling
      Do you mind checking out my Paypal Scam Forum? I contacted AlexMI and he told me to contact you because you were the only person that could check Purchase Support. Thanks
    3. Macanism
      I understand that you most likely don't look at profile comments, but I was "falsely" banned for ban evading yesterday and was wondering if you could check out my appeal that I posted last night. Thanks mate
    4. Futuriize
      Hey Wazez, I was wondering if you could look into my ban appeal. It would be much appreciated as I would like to continue playing on this server... Thank you!
    5. BarryGotYa
      hey I made a ban appeal about 3 days ago and it hasn't been checked out yet so if you could I would appreciate it.
      1. TranquilizerDart
        Mate I made one 2 months ago, you're lucky,
        Apr 27, 2020
    6. 64GigRam
      Hey Wazez! I was just wondering If you could help me. I made a ban appeal earlier this week. I was Ip banned for hacked client 2 weeks ago. I dont know why as I was not hacking. I have played 2 seasons of factions and wasnt banned. If there is any way you could help me with this that would be great!
    7. TheRockstarHD
      Hi, i was just banned for running in spawn and jumping please help???
    8. zebublast1234
      hello I got banned for my mouse sticking in spawn after winninng 8 throwable ceggs and the stuck mouse threw them all after winning and I got banned?? pleaseee help me 2 appeals sent
    9. VaporWolf06
      Hello, my account name is VaporWolf06 and Today I was banned because I was using auto click and I had NO IDEA you could get banned from it. I played about a year ago and players were using it all the time for grinding so I thought it was okay to use auto click. I’ve learned my lesson and I’m so sorry for that. Please unban me, I would really appreciate it. I also made an appeal recently.
    10. Rifflettn
      can i pls get unbannt i have send a bann appeal
    11. TeaRex06
      hello i would like to get unbanned im making this months after i got banned and i no longer have the hacks and i would never hack again on your server it is my favorite server please unban me it would mean a lot to play on it again i have no intent to hack ever again after getting banned from this server i hope you understand please forgive my wrongful actions
    12. iJudged
      Hey man, I can't seem to be able to purchase the reset pack for survival, any idea why?
    13. XX_Emperor_XX
      Hello Wazez, my account was banned for 2 weeks for no reason I think, I thought at first it was because I didn't update my Minecraft launcher but idk. I went on my alt account to tell CullanP what happened and now I am perm banned for evading and this is my first offence, please give me a second chance or unban me, thank you! please check my appeal too.
    14. TheRockstarHD
      wazez my accounts were banned when i was flying in the boss arena i did /fly and then lifted off and got banned
    15. CookieCutter94
      please pm me
      1. Nitricity
        He won't do that, sorry
        Mar 23, 2020
    16. TheRedVacktor417
    17. gruhaved
      hey wazez can you message me, for some reason my ign is banned on the mineheroes store even though I have never scammed /or refunded anything. I would really like this to be removed ASAP. Also if you can, try to message me on discord gru#1256
    18. DarkSoldier0238
    19. Michael_the_bot
      can u check my ban appeal because the other owner legit is lying he said i didn't know the server rules when i legit read every single one of them and i marked me knowing the server rules as a yes on my appeal. this would mean a lot to me because of the effort i put into this server and (i wouldn't mind if i had to pay $ for an unban) this can happen as a worst case senario.

      thank you.
    20. Michael_the_bot
      can u read my ban appeal because the other owner guy isnt reading.
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