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  1. H4RDC0RER34P3R
    H4RDC0RER34P3R BasicallyLouis
    Can you view my ban appeal
  2. kultrex
    kultrex kennethdogg03
    Peace of **** SCAMMER
  3. EZDeals
    EZDeals Wazez
    Is there anywhere that i can view all of my purchased /commands? It's been a long time since ive buckled down nand played on thos server, almost forgot how goos it is! Keep up The good work!
  4. RudeOps
  5. fairytears
    eek it's been almost a whole year ;-;
  6. FusKaiden
    FusKaiden SilverSkylos
  8. Sk8teMaster
    Still banned for a mistake on my part i under stand the ban and the device was deleted off my computer
  9. Sapher
    Sapher Nadela
    hello legend long time sir
  10. PotDropAndRole
    PotDropAndRole SilverSkylos
    I was talking about the part where he's hitting me without swinging. IT's fine though cullan already watched and said my video wasnt enough. Ty for responding to my report, which I could do it with you!
  11. baaanaaanaaa
    I hate that you are able to scam people for cross server trading... I have gotten 12 vkeys stolen trying to trade from factions to skyblock.
  12. ymazir
  13. xTehDevil
    xTehDevil SilverSkylos
    Hello there are some very rude members on op factions that told me and my friend to go die and **** ourselves plus way worse I have sceeenshots if needed my friend has just been banned he done nothing wrong I’m not saying that just because I’m his friend I did something wrong so did the other people please help us because I think they need to be banned
    1. SilverSkylos
      Please create a Player Report with Proof
      Oct 10, 2019
  14. xTehDevil
    xTehDevil Wazez
    Wazez there are some very rude members on op factions my friend has just been banned when he has done nothing wrong there are kids on there telling us to go die **** ourselves and are saying lots more things I have screenshots if It helps please message me back
  15. marcronnie
    My minecraft name is marcronnie and working for navyta get payed by navyta (minecraft money) u can come and like our island or ask for help.
  16. PlayStationUser
    PlayStationUser SilverSkylos
    is oftifine a bannable client
    1. SilverSkylos
      Oct 10, 2019
  17. ElectricUpriseYT
  18. hu7y
    Stop stalking me, literally fk off.
  19. ZiiTo
  20. someguyguy
    im not a ****en nonce